Thanks, #Cubs fans



Thank you Cub’s players! πŸ˜€ You gave us one fantastic fun summer of baseball. You have shown talent and courage and determination. Very proud of you!

Thank you Cubs for a great season and thank you Carrie for your wonderful blog and all the commentary you’ve provided this year.

Aloha Cubbies, can not wait for 2016! Domoarigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much)! Thank you Carrie for this blog, allowing us to connect. Hope you enjoy a well deserved break! Mahalo!

Yes, Carrie, you’re the best. So are the insightful fans’ comments posted here. This blog is the first thing I go to every day. We all know things only can get better for Cubs baseball in the years to come. Obrigado por tudo, e atΓ© o ano que vem: Thanks for everything, and we’ll see you next year.

Aloha Bruce- please do not be “stranger” now! Yes there is a little bit of a break but there will be a lot happening once the WS is over. There has been a lot of talk about free agent signings, especially starting pitchers but I think the FO may pull off an amazing trade to get some folks that could help next year and beyond. I know Carrie will keep us posted over this period. By the way, do you get to the states often? I forgot if you said you still see a game from time to time at Wrigley. I hope to again, it has been a few years. Plus I have to check on our little red brick that was on the outside, I think it was moved. Take care now..”Jya matta ashita..”Japanese for see you tomorrow! Mahalo!

Hey, there, k.g. During the 1990s and early 2000s I used to go from Brazil to Chicago for an entire home stand every year. Golf at 6 a.m either at Waveland or Jackson Park and then out to the ol’ ballpark. Drinks with fellow bleacher fans afterward in Wrigleyville. Unfortunately, age and some health stuff caught up with me. So for now it’s baseball via the internet or TV from far away. I think I told you that when I was a kid, I could walk to the games. Ah, well…

Aloha Bruce, that is cool, I was envisioning you and my grandfather together on Clark & Addison Streets! Though my grandfather would be a 115yrs old if alive today. He grew up on the South Side but faithfully went North to see the team he loved! I have a good friend from the Midwest whose grandmother used to own one of the buildings across from Wrigley, I bet they wish that was still in the family! Amazing the amount of time you have spent in Brazil. There is a sizable Japanese population in Sao Paulo and Parana. Years ago, Hawaii had the single largest concentration of Japanese outside of Japan but now your area has the largest community. I am sure many there enjoy baseball too, maybe you can convert some of them to be fans over a bowl of noodles! Well, now we get to enjoy the off-season and see what the front office can put together in the way of trades and free agent signings. Take care now! Mahalo!

Hi Bruce, I can sympathize with you! I too am old – 80 – and homebound with multiple sclerosis. I have a large TV and can see every game – what a blessing! πŸ˜€ I am way out in Portland, Oregon. As k.g. said, I hope you will stay with us during the off season. Lots will be happening!

White, sorry to hear about that, but glad you’ve got that TV. I lived and worked in Portland before life took me to South America 47 years ago. Small world. Will I be with Cubs fans on this page during the off season? Com certeza, which means “Absolutely!”

The home plate umpire in tonight`s Royals/Blue Jays contest is the same one who called balls/strikes in the Cubs/Pirates WC game, Jeff Nelson. He`s a good one, unlike Phil Cuzzi.

Hi jhosk. Any preference on who you want to see play the Mets? Good game here! πŸ˜€

Aloha jhosk & White, I am happy that the Royals made it too. In fact I was hoping it would be the Cubs and Royals. So now I am hoping the Royals can take the series. I think they play the fundamentals well, have a stronger catcher behind the plate (will throw out runners) and they have more disciplined hitters. Well, we have a little time until next Tuesday. Hope you all get some good rest. Mahalo!

Yes, White. I commented earlier this week I`d like the Mets` opponent to be the Royals. Said I wanted to see each team`s outstanding closers perform, Wade Davis for K.C., and the Mets` Familia. Some observers have said Familia may be better than Davis, but I disagree. Let`s find out. A Mets/Royals WS should be very competitive and exciting. Btw, David Price may very well lose his eighth postseason start in eight tries, but he`s pitched superbly thus far. Which club would you prefer play the Mets? Is it the Blue Jays because Darwin is part of the organization? I surely understand.

Hi jhosk, I would like to see K.C. play the Mets. And I would like to see K.C. win the WS.

Ned Yost made a poor decision when he did not bring Wade Davis into game at beginning of eighth, and I said so at the time. I recall Madsen with the Phillies back in the day and was never impressed. Davis has not worked in 5 days, and there`s no good reason why he could not have pitched both the eighth and ninth. He was once a starter and knows how to throw multiple innings. Joey Bats made Madsen and the Royals, and especially Yost pay. If it comes down to a seventh game, it`s advantage Blue Jays, in my opinion, because it means Cueto starts for the Royals and he`s been unreliable ever since he was acquired in middle of season. He`s been a major disappointment, and the Royals surrendered multiple prospects to the Redlegs to get him. Now we have rain.

Umpire Nelson did miss a call on Revere in his ninth inning ab. The second strike call on Revere was clearly high and outside, and Ben Revere was right to protest. Revere and the Royal were hosed there. That call changed the entire ab, just as Harold Reynolds alertly pointed out. Cain scoring from first on that single to right was an amazing play. He ran on contact. I commented during the 2014 WS that I loved Cain`s game. He can hit, and has foot speed. He`s an outstanding defensive player too. Cain is able.

Meant to type Revere and the Blue Jays were hosed in that ninth inning at bat.

I really didn’t care who won the AL. But I’m glad it’s the Royals so we won’t have to watch the WS on that stupid turf field in Toronto. Other stadiums with a retractable roof — Milwaukee is the closest example — use grass. Why not Toronto? Does anybody know?

Note for k.g. Despite one opinion to the contrary, my experience as an adult returning over the years for some100 games, in the left-field bleachers near the indentation of the well, is that Cubs fans can talk about baseball and other stuff at the same time. So here we go: Brazil’s team in the last World Baseball Classic, managed by Barry Larkin, had many players of Japanese origin. It got knocked out in the first round. But as this is soccer country, most Brazilians didn’t even know the WBC was going on. I try to tell my friends here about the Cubs, but I have to be careful not to bore them to death. The Royals have a (non-Japanese) Brazilian, reserve outfielder Paulo Orlando. He made a couple of appearances in the playoffs as a late-inning defensive replacement. I hope they put him on the WS roster. Let’s go, Royals! Beat those Mets!

Aloha Bruce- that is very cool! I am hoping that the Royals win this series too! Maybe one day Carrie can work with the Ricketts/FO and we can all meet for a game at the friendly confines! Mahalo!

Is Toronto the only field with turf! I can’t think of any other one. I would imagine the players don’t like it when they hit a ball and it just plops on the turf and stops. Why is turf allowed? Seems to me all fields should be regulation grass.

It`s my understanding there are just two major league parks with artificial surfaces, and both are in the AL, Rogers Centre in Toronto, and Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays. I have read that the plan is to convert Rogers Centre to natural grass by 2018. Last night`s Royals/Blue Jays contest offers proof that baseball is the best sport of all; sorry football. I agree with Howard Bryant on this matter. When the game is played the right way, and is competitive, baseball has no serious rival. As I`ve suggested before, the 2015 World Series has the potential to be a very exciting one. That impressive Mets` starting pitching versus the high contact rate bats and stellar relief pitching of the Royals. The Royals batters are the antithesis of our Cubs, meaning the Cubs batters led all major league teams by far in strike outs. The Royals were at the other end of the spectrum. Their batters struck out the fewest times, a rate of just 15%. The major league average is 23% or so. One more thing: Joey Bats (Jose Bautista) is the most exciting batter a fan can observe in all the major leagues. It`s a pity his season is done. It`s not his fault that his team was eliminated. He had no help last night from the rest of the Toronto offense.

Hi jhosk. Thank you for answering my question about fields with turf! Your baseball knowledge is astounding and appreciated when you share it. I learn something from you every day. My eyesight is compromised from the MS and I have a hard time deciphering columns of stats, etc. You provide me with info I am unable to read for myself and you never belittle me for asking such questions. You, sir, are a true blue Ernie Banks kind of Cubs fan.

Aloha jhosk- hoping for a new thread by Carrie so I can write out the Strawberry story for you. I am sure we will have our back and forth during the WS! Mahalo!

Thanks for the praise, White, and I recommend the MLB Network and their excellent 24/7 coverage of the WS. It`s where I get much of my info. To k.g., Tim Flannery, whom I know you are familiar with, has been one of the contributors on the MLB Network this weekend, and he has praised highly that Royals third base coach who `sent` Cain home on that single by Hosner Friday night. It was the `game winning` run, and it took Cain just 10 seconds to travel from first base to home. Cain is a big man and his foot speed is a thing to behold. As you are well aware, Flannery has been a third base coach for years with the Giants, and is in awe of what the Royals coach did in that circumstance. {Remember there were no outs at the time. Most coaches would have held the runner because of that.} Yes, I look forward to hearing about the Strawberry experience, and to discussing the WS games with you the way we did last season.

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