#Cubs Rizzo to host Walk-Off for Cancer Nov. 15

Anthony Rizzo will host his fourth Walk-Off for Cancer on Nov. 15 at Pine Trails Park in Parkland, Fla. The family friendly event consists of a 5K walk, entertainment and refreshments, plus there will be a raffle and special guest appearances. Net proceeds will benefit the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, family research, and families battling cancer. If you can’t join in the walk, you can be a sponsor or make a donation. Go to http://www.rizzo44.com for more information on the walk and the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation.



Rizzo excels on and off the field! πŸ˜€ No word from Carrie today. She may be off to the game! πŸ˜€ Any predictions?

Thank you for all you do for the kids.
Wish we could join you but our son continues his struggles.
Maybe next year!

It`s unacceptable that Fox lost the signal when tonight`s World Series game was in progress. Fox should not be given consideration when future WS contracts are opened to the highest bidder. I go back to the 50`s watching WS games, a time when television was in its infancy, and do not recall such incompetence. Did I mention this is an outrage and unacceptable? It does not look as if Daniel Murphy is likely to continue his remarkable postseason consecutive home run streak. The five day layoff must have taken a toll on the man. Nevertheless, Daniel is deserving of the highest praise. That critical error by Hosmer was very out of character for the young man. He`s one of the very best defensive first baseman`s in the game, on a par with our Anthony Rizzo. Trust me. Gordon just went yard to tie the game. Gordon has one of the best arms in the game, and he had no chance at throwing out Cespedes running from third on that sac fly earlier from medium left field. It speaks volumes of the foot speed Cespedes possesses. The Cubs should seriously consider signing Cespedes, if indeed he becomes available over the winter. The man is a five tool athlete. A vey impressive baseball player!

Also, ESPN Radio`s Dan Schulman reported that K.C.`s starting pitcher Volquez`s father expired Tuesday before tonight`s game ever began. Fox did not report the same news until the eighth inning of their coverage of the game. And how valuable is Ben Zobrist?

Hi jhosk, Apparently Volquez’s family asked that he not be told that his dad had passed away until after he had pitched last night. I think the announcers were trying to honor their wishes by not saying anything until his innings were over. Condolences to him and his family!

Yes, White, I see your point. There have been two separate versions of what transpired. We`ve been told Edinson had knowledge beforehand that his daddy at age 63 had indeed passed in the Dominican Republic earlier in the day, and still chose to go ahead with his scheduled start. The other version is that Volquez`s wife asked the organization to withhold the news from her husband until he had exited the game. I believe the latter version to be false. Dan Schulman not only reported correctly before the game even started that Volquez`s father had died earlier in the day, but that Edinson knew of the passing before he took the mound. Pedro Gomez on ESPN today reported that Volquez`s demeanor when leaving the mound after each half inning of his stint, was very `telling.` The pitcher was `solemn.` Normally Edinson is `animated` after leaving the mound under normal circumstances, and interacts with his teammates. There is no doubt in my mind that Volquez knew about his father before choosing to pitch last night. And that`s as it should be. Withholding such news is `unseemly,` in my humble opinion. I`d be furious if anyone withheld such news from myself.

Hi jhosk, I wonder why we would be told that he didn’t know about his dad until after pitching. Makes no sense! But I do think that his dad would want him to pitch that game no matter what!!! And I think Volquez knew that! Many of his teammates spoke about his dad’s death and it was heartwarming to hear how they think of themselves as family and will be there for him.

Yes, White, I`m liking this Royals` team more and more with each game I observe them play. They have excellent team chemistry, and they are hungry for a WS championship, after coming ever so close last season. You`ll recall they had the tying run on third base in the seventh game when the contest ended with a pop up to `Panda` in foul territory. Had it not been for MadBum behaving as a `one man wrecking crew,` the Royals indeed would have been `World Champs` last season.

Since Mark Carlson umpired at first base last night, means he`ll be behind the plate tonight. You`ll remember he called balls/strikes for a recent Cubs` postseason game, and he did not distinguish himself. He missed several `calls.` As I recollect, we won that game in spite of Mr. Carlson. Tonight`s pitching matchup favors the Mets heavily. Jacob deGrom is one of the best arms in the game, and is reliable. The Royals` Cueto is inconsistent. He could be superb, or he may `stink it up.` And have you noticed the Royals have arranged things so that Cueto will only work games at home in this Series, this one tonight, and Game 6? Cueto has a history of letting `road` crowds get into his head and rattle him. Recall what happened at PNC Park a few years ago for a postseason game. Cueto became so `unhinged` by the crowd chanting his name, he dropped the baseball in the middle of a delivery. Did I mention I hope the Cubs do not pursue Cueto in the off-season when he`ll be a free agent?

Jacob deGrom reminds me a lot of Lincecum. Of course the long flowing hair before Tim cut his, but he seems to have the same sort of delivery. I think he has the edge on Cueto tonight. Please, no lights out and try for 9 innings only. πŸ˜€

Yes, White, deGrom is taller than Tim, 5` 11” to 6` 4″‘ and both weigh about the same, 175 or 180. Makes one wonder where each derives his power from. Jacob was a ninth round amateur draft choice who was taken 272nd overall. Means he was not all that highly regarded out of Stetson in 2010, but look where he is now, one of the very best in the game. Let`s hope some of the pitchers our Cubs have drafted in recent years, many late rounders like deGrom was, can similarly blossom. I find it curious that you and I seem to be the only contributors who are interested in the WS. Where are you others? Are you just interested in the Cubs? If that`s so, you are unnecessarily limiting yourselves. You are missing the forest for the trees.

Aloha jhosk & White! I have to say I am happy the Royals won. But give props to those Mets, they are playing inspired ball plus when you have good pitching there is a lot that can be made up for. I was hoping there would be a thread on the WS from Carrie, maybe about former Cubs with them, like Sveum. So, jhosk I had shared with you that on that weekend that the Cubs and Mets series began that Darryl Strawberry was in town. In fact the event I helped to run in San Francisco went til almost 1am, I got home about 3am and had to get right up to pick up the nephews and niece so we could hear Darryl at 9am! I am not sure what you have heard. As Darryl said, just “Google” his name and all the “crud” will come up but that is not the end of the story… I can tell you it is about redemption. A hard story because of how it began but as he put it because of grace he was afforded a second chance. He came from a tough home life where one of his parents was an alcoholic. Eventually for the safety of the family, his mother and siblings broke away from his father. But as he said because of the pain it drove him do things both industrious (playing sports) and destructive (“sex-drugs-rocknroll” is how I would summarize it). He grew up in a tough area known as Crenshaw, a district in Los Angeles. Not sure if you have been; I have. Some of our best athletes at the college I went to came from Crenshaw, I think same high-school as Darryl. Darryl said things happened fast as he was taken out of class in the Spring and told he was the number 1 pick in the draft by the Mets. He rose through the ranks pretty quickly to get to the show. Was introduced to some bad habits early on once he got to the majors and with his history of pain would use them as a “vice.” It is amazing to know that he has been on 4 WS teams (Mets, Yankees x3). Going through marriages, his finances and ended up in the slammer deep in debt. That is when grace stepped in (his faith today) and worked with him over a period of time to work through his pain; bless him with a wife (not perfect herself) that hung in there with him. He was very humble and brutally honest and pointed out that he was not always this way but was thankful to have it now. I now understood why baseball was not that “big” in his life or should I say paying attention to it because of the reminder of the pain he has gone through. He and his wife Tracy have a ministry geared for folks that need freedom from drugs and alcohol. He feels that he can communicate to folks in need because he has been there too. No “finger-pointing,” instead a helping hand. It was a very inspirational message that he delivered and a timely one. My nephew is pretty good as a ball-player and in high school now. He was blessed to hear Darryl’s story and to learn from it. Darryl is not the only one that has struggled with vices in the MLB or life in general and now is going out there and wanting to serve and help others. I hope that gives you a good overview. I know this is Carrie’s blog and for us Cubs fans to discuss things related to the North Siders, so I do not want to wear out my welcome. I hope you have a blessed week and will catch up about this WS, the off-season, Spring Training and the 2016 season! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Thanks for updating us on the Strawberry circumstances. I now understand why Darryl revealed to Chris Cuomo that he does not follow major league baseball these days. He has `bigger fish to fry,` if you like. It is comforting to know he has turned his life around and has a message for those who may want to avoid some of the bad choices Darryl has made in his life. Another alumnus of Crenshaw High is Kevin Ollie, former basketball player and now head coach of the UConn Huskies. You mention Dale Sveum, and it looks as if he has found his `niche` with the Royals as their hitting coach. The club makes contact,as we saw last night, and good things happen when that`s the case. Sveum was quoted in Tuesday`s `USA Today,` “It is a big difference putting the ball in play, and not striking out. I`ve never seen a strikeout hit the outfield grass. I`ve never seen somebody make an error on a strikeout. I`ve never seen a strikeout go over the fence. Making contact is huge.” I think we can all agree with those words. {Aside: you`ll recall Carrie embarked on an overseas trip this time last year after the Cubs` season had concluded. I`m surmising that`s the case these days, and is why you have not seen new threads in a spell.} If the Royals win just one game in Queens this weekend, they will be in excellent shape to polish off the Mets back home in Kaufman Stadium next week. And wasn`t Darryl Strawberry, along with Doc Gooden, part of the last Mets` team in 1986 to win a WS?

Yes, jhosk, I enjoy ALL the games. I subscribe to the MLB package and am able to see any teams play all season long. As for the World Series, we are watching the best of the best – what not to love? πŸ˜€ As I said before, when the season ends I have withdrawal symptoms and have to fill the void until Spring Training rolls around. Lots of changes will occur during the off season and it will be interesting to see who ends up where in 2016.

Good morning k.g. I have been waiting anxiously for your Strawberry story and it did not disappoint! A beautifully written story of one MLB players life and of his beating the odds to become an outstanding player and an outstanding man. Thank you for writing such an inspirational piece. As a Cub’s fan AND a baseball fan your story should surely be welcomed on Carries Ramblings.

I guess you have to read all this ho ho hum stuff, because nothing has been put up in awhile.
The Cubs lost Turner to the White Sox.
Today some reporter named Joel Sherman said the Cubs are interested in Gordon. Where he got that, I don’t know, Sounds like reporter gossip to me.

Sorry for the lack of posts, Jasper. I was allowed a little break after the season ended. Went to Arizona to see some Fall League games and will provide some stories on the Cubs prospects soon.

I think there is more to this than idle gossip. Alex Gordon is a solid veteran major league player. We would not need to be concerned about defense in left field as was the case versus the Mets recently, were Gordon to be patrolling there. He has the best arm of the current Royals` outfielders, and it is not a stretch to see why the Cubs` FO may be interested in Alex Gordon, if indeed he`s available after this WS.

Aloha jhosk- I was just reading about a possible interest from the Cubs for Gordon. The only thing with him, is the cost if they try to go after a Price. As much as I like Price, I think for the funds if they can get a Zimmerman that would allow for a Gordon. I also think the FO could put together a trade with the Padres for someone like Ross or even Kimbrel. Things are heating up for 2016! Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk, White & jasper- Good to hear from all of you. I can tell you that all of us were so blessed and encouraged by the honesty with which Darryl told his story and how it flowed from his heart. I will leave you with this about that day, as he shared his pain and overcoming it, including the breakup of his family as a child. That grace that was given to him, he freely gave to his father years later and how the two of them reconciled. One of those moments where they say “not a dry eye in he house.” We have to remember, all of us ballplayers or not are affected by the human condition and what a blessing it is when graces gives us a second chance and a new life. Mahalo!

For those few on here who are paying attention to the WS, I`d like to call attention to some things to look for tonight. Yorlando Ventura is starting for the Royals, and he has a volatile personality, and becomes easily `unhinged.` I admire most of the Royals` players, but that does not apply to Ventura. If you recall the final game in the series versus the Blue Jays, Ventura had issues with not just some of the Toronto batters, but also the Blue Jays` first base coach. That was `beyond the pale.` It could be to the Mets` players` advantage to `get under Yorlando`s skin.` and perhaps the crowd will attempt to do that as well. It will not take much to do so, as Ventura can `fly off the handle` at the drop of a hat. Syndergaard (Thor) is starting for the Metroplolitans, and his best pitch is the fastball, and he has had much success thus far in his short career getting punch-outs with that fastball. But the Royals feast on fastballs. I look for the Royals to make contact with Thor`s best pitch, and we know Kansas City batters fan the least of any team in all the major leagues. If Thor is indeed successful tonight, I predict it will be because he throws effective `secondary` pitches, like the hook, the slider, the change up, and cutter, if he has one. Did I mention Yorlando Ventura has a proclivity to become emotional when he pitches? And I`ve heard it said Billy Joel will sing the national anthem in Queens tonight.

Hi k.g. and jhosk, I see that you are looking at Alex Gordon as a possible LF for the Cubs. He is impressive but I would also like to mention Conforto as another LF Cub. jhosk mentioned him the other day as he is an Oregon State product! After last night’s game I am even more impressed by his power – 2 home runs in the game as a rookie. It is predicted that he will become more and more powerful. Any thoughts?

Aloha White, I too am impressed with Conforto. Smooth swing; looked effortless. I am curious about his overall play in the field. As you know, Maddon likes versatile players (multiple positions) and Gordon is strong both in the outfield as well as the infield. Besides pitching, the team needs to grow defensively. I am sure fundamentals will be stressed in this off-season leading into Spring Training. Take care now. Mahalo!

Hi k.g. From what I understand of Conforto’s athletic background and stunning ability I would imagine he could learn or perhaps has already learned various positions. His mom was an Olympic Gold Medalist in synchronized swimming, his dad played football at Penn State – so they are a sports oriented family. Spring Training can’t come soon enough! πŸ˜€

Aloha White- that is true about Conforto and he is only 22yrs old! So, I do not think the Mets want to part with him, just like the Cubs do not want to part with Bryant-Russell-Schwarber-Soler if you know what I mean! The Cubs need pitching and I wonder what the Mets would want in return for a pitcher and a Conforto? Well, do not want to think about that as I think the price might be too high. I hope Conforto continued success as you never know, one day he could end up in the friendly confines! Mahalo!

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