#Cubs Arrieta a Gold Glove nominee

Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta is a nominee for a Rawlings Gold Glove award. Major League managers and coaches, voting only within their league and unable to vote for players on their own team, account for 75 percent of the selection process. The other 25 percent goes to the sabermetrics community. The winners will be revealed Nov. 10 at 6 p.m. CT on ESPN.

Arrieta led all NL pitchers in assists (49) and putouts (33), and was second in double plays (five). He posted a .953 fielding percentage in 33 starts.

The NL Gold Glove nominees include:

Pitcher: Arrieta, Gerrit Cole (Pirates), Zack Greinke (Dodgers)

Catcher: Yadier Molina (Cardinals), Buster Posey (Giants), Wilson Ramos (Nationals)

First base: Brandon Belt (Giants), Paul Goldschmidt (D-Backs), Adrian Gonzalez (Dodgers)

Second base: Dee Gordon (Marlins), DJ Le Mahieu (Rockies), Brandon Phillips (Reds)

Third base: Nolan Arenado (Rockies), Matt Duffy (Giants), Todd Frazier (Reds)

Shortstop: Brandon Crawford (Giants), Adeiny Hechavarria (Marlins), Andrelton Simmons (Braves)

Left field: Starling Marte (Pirates), Justin Upton (Padres), Christian Yelich (Marlins)

Center field: Billy Hamilton (Reds), Andrew McCutchen (Pirates), A.J. Pollock (D-backs)

Right field: Curtis Granderson (Mets), Bryce Harper (Nationals), Jason Heyward (Cardinals)

*In case you’re wondering, the Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo ranked seventh in fielding percentage (.994) among NL first baseman with Belt No. 1, the Mets’ Lucas Duda second, followed by Goldschmidt, the Brewers’ Adam Lind, the Braves’ Freddie Freeman and Gonzalez.


Arrieta!! 😀 Let’s get him that glove! I see that Carrie was in Arizona. Probably ran into some goofy weather they have had down there. Glad she got some time off and we did just fine while she took a break.

He is deserving of recognition for an even more significant achievement, White, the Cy Young Award.

Hi jhosk, Let’s make a clean sweep of it then! 😀

Hey, Cubs fans. Good to be back in touch. I offer this: The World Series is on TV here, on MLB International, with Matt Versergian and Jon Smoltz leading the announcing team. (I also could watch on Fox over the internet, but turning on the television is easier.) Anyway, the announcing makes me realize how lucky we are to have Pat and Ron, and Len and JD, doing the Cubs games. The TV coverage so far has been a nonstop barrage of statistics: “Thirty-seven percent of his breaking balls with runners in scoring position and fewer than two outs are off the plate inside.” Every pitch. Every play. It sounds like a math symposium. Sure, there’s a place for analysis, but baseball is a game. Our guys make it fun — for me at least. Go, Royals!

BINGO. 😀 Bruce you are a breath of fresh air! Could not agree with you more! Baseball is so much more than statistic after statistic. Vin Scully is one of my favorite announcers because he looks at the players as real people, tells us about their youth, their funny stories, how they arrived at the MLB level, etc. He gives statistics while at the same time adding colorful information. Cub’s announcers are also good at showing and describing their ballpark meals! 😀 Always get the juices flowing. Some of our commenters delight us with memorable stories about the players, the games, etc. k.g. told just such a story about Strawberry the other day. jhosk does the same. You have done the same! Keep those stories coming! Go Royals!

Matt Versergian and Jon Smoltz should make an excellent team broadcasting tonight`s game, Bruce. I`ve seen each in the past, and each knows the game very well and will provide valuable commentary. I was in awe of Smoltz when he pitched for the Braves, and he knows how to communicate to his television audience better than most former athletes. You will be in good hands. And I agree with what White said about Vin Scully, the national treasure. It`s a pity he has felt it necessary to bow out of delivering his sage commentary this postseason due to his medical issue.

What a beautiful tribute to Billy Joel – an entire stadium singing his song – and he was beaming! 😀 I have never seen that happen at a ball game before. Mets fans are roaring now – they just won. On to a Halloween game tomorrow!

I have been trying to find a replay of the entire stadium singing “Piano Man” at last night’s game. Has anyone seen a replay? Should be an interesting Halloween game tonight. Trick or treat for the Royals?

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