#Cubs marquee removed as part of Wrigley renovation

The famous Wrigley Field marquee was missing on Tuesday. The sign, first installed in 1934, was removed on Monday as part of the renovation and restoration work that’s ongoing at the Cubs’ ballpark.

This offseason is the second phase in the team’s $575 million ballpark renovation plan. Because the plan includes structural work in the concourse area near the main gate at Clark and Addison streets, where the marquee was located, the sign was removed. The work includes improving the ticket office near the Clark and Addison entrance. Cubs officials said the marquee will return in time for Opening Day, April 11, against the Reds.

The majority of the renovation work at Wrigley this offseason will be on Cubs’ new 30,000-square foot clubhouse, plus the open air plaza and office and retail building on the property adjacent to the ballpark.

The Cubs also are replacing the sod at Wrigley, and were giving away chunks of grass to fans on Monday and Tuesday.

— Carrie Muskat


So if someone gets a chunk of grass from Castro’s position will they have some sunflowers growing by Spring? 😀

Why don’t you go to Bleacher Report and read (you can read?) some of the other jokes they are cracking about getting a piece of Wrigley grass? Carrie DID mention getting a piece of grass did she not? Therefore my response was related to the subject presented by Carrie. And, by the way, the snow deepens on Mt. Hood and there are 108 days until Soring Training.

I love how some of them just throw handfuls of sunflower seeds at their face. Wonder if the grounds crew ever had to deal with any flowers sprouting up along the infield.

Yes, a.j. Last season when Castro was at SS it was stated that a few seeds sprouted! 😄

Not sure if that’s the insult you mean it to be. Mary Poppins was awesome. I wish I had a nanny with magical powers, though she probably just slipped those kids some LSD with their spoonful of sugar. Come to think of it, I bet she was a commie.

My response to go to the Bletcher report was directed to a post that Carrie has since deleted. Hope this lands in the right spot as my other one did not. 😀

My above response was to someone’s remark that Carrie has since deleted. Thank heavens for the delete button! 😄

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