#Cubs Contreras shutdown for rest of AFL season

Cubs prospect Willson Contreras will miss the rest of the Arizona Fall League season after suffering a mild left hamstring strain running to first base on Thursday.

Contreras, ranked 10th among the Cubs’ top 30 prospects, was batting .283 with three homers, five doubles and eight RBIs in 14 games with the Mesa Solar Sox. He was named to the AFL Fall Stars Game, which will be played on Saturday, but will not participate.

The catcher felt his left hamstring pop as he ran down the line to first on Thursday, and an MRI revealed a mild strain. The Cubs have decided to take a conservative approach and shut Contreras down.

Contreras, named the Cubs’ Minor League Player of the Year, is coming off a stellar season in which he hit .333 with eight homers, 34 doubles, four triples and 75 RBIs in 126 games at Double-A Tennessee.

— Carrie Muskat


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This is unfortunate. Willson was the principal player I was looking forward to seeing perform in Saturday`s AFL All Star Game, given there is a high likelihood he`s the Cubs` future everyday catcher.

Aloha jhosk- it is too bad. At least Jasper got to see him play and see what he can do and what he can become. Having said that it has been interesting reading some of the chatter out there since the Free Agent market has officially begun. Some folks brought up interesting points on other sites. One is if the FO goes after Price, you know he is going to want a 5-7yr contract (closer to the longer length) and it will cost more than Lester’s. If this takes place, then there is a higher chance that the organization does not extend Arrieta’s contract. On top of that, if they go after a T. Ross in a trade with the Padres, he would become a FA the same time Arrieta does. Just as an aside, Ross grew up in the area I now live and played for a private high school known for good academics and athletics. I have often wondered why the Giants or A’s have not tried harder to go after him but it is probably a “fit” thing for their organizations. Anyhow, if the team did not get Price but a Zimmermann, or Lackey/Shark, that would open up funds to extend Arrieta and possibly go after Gordon or someone else, CF being the need that is said often. I also think if the FO goes after Ross in a trade, I hope they do not have to give up a Baez or Soler and there is still the subject of Castro and where he ends up. Starting pitching is probably the main focus but outfield defense is up there too and if Fowler is not resigned, could Addison become the lead-off hitter followed by: Gordon, Bryant, Rizzo, Schwarber, Soler…That would be a scary lineup! There would be a lot of juggling if no signing of a CF but just maybe a Baez/Almora is able to fill that spot soon? Ok the wife asked me recently, are you still commenting about the “Cubs?” I know she may not understand but baseball does not end just because the regular season is over. You all take care now. Mahalo!

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Yes, k.g. That `s Max Scherzer money some see Price getting, $210 million. On the MLB Network today, some of the the personalities suggested some mock trades involving the Cubs. Eric Byrnes likes Baez, Castro, and Strop for Matt Harvey. Jon Heyman came on shortly afterward and said that would not happen. Tim Flannery suggested Schwarber for the Indians` Danny Salazar. Tim`s argument is the Cubs are ready to win immediately, and may not want to wait the long while it could take Schwarber to develop as either a catcher or good defensive outfielder. You mentioned Shark. I would like to take a pass on him. Once was enough. Aside: now that Dusty Baker was named the Nats` manager, there are just two minority skippers in the majors, the other being Gonzalez of the Braves.

Aloha jhosk- I would agree with Heyman that would be too much for Harvey. Now if they would like Castro and Strop?… In regard to the Shark, I only mentioned him because he had such a down year and if he were given an incentive laden contract (so the team would get him cheap) he might go for it plus mature but I am with you. Again only for cheap. On Schwarber- this is a hard one. You almost wish he was not brought up during the regular season and stayed in the minors, could have been an option for next year. But he is most likely up to stay so with Ross coming back, Schwarber is going to get limited time behind the plate. The other situation is his defense in the outfield, we need to upgrade the whole outfield in that department. So, what to do with Schwarber? I wish a Gordon could play CF, I think he can. You need a strong CF to help out the two corner positions. One of the things I learned about Lou Brock was that he was not very good defensively but because the Cardinals had Curt Flood in CF, they knew he could compensate for Brock’s lack of defense. So, if the team is going to try and have a Schwarber/Soler combination out there, they need a “Flood” in CF. Fowler is not that person if you keep the two young guys on the corners. Again, could Gordon do it? And when Schwarber gets to start behind the plate Alex could be in Left. Some say Zobrist could play CF, only thing there is he turns 35 next year. This maybe an off season whereby the FO has to trade some folks in order to get other pieces that are needed. Take care now! Mahalo!

I am hoping the Cubs go with FA Pitchers traded during the season, so as not to lose a Draft Pick next year. Well know from the last few years how important those Draft Picks are.
Of course there will be some that argue: the Cubs won so many games, their Draft Pick wont be that important because it will be 26th or lower. My argument there is, this Scouting staff will find a player everyone else has missed.
As far as FA, there is Price, Leake, Cueto. If you guys could see what I have seen in the AFL this year, you would know there are three players very close to ready. Contreras could very possibly force Ross off the Roster come May or June.
Zagunis Catcher playing RF, has 17 walks and hitting only 270 something with an OBP over 525. Playing RF very well and was the leadoff hitter last regular game.
Candelario has been fielding his position very well and made a spectacular catch in the AFL All Star Game. Hitting well with power and driving in Runs.
Candelario is a very good prospect, with no position to be promoted too in the Majors.
The Cubs have plenty to trade for that 2nd starting pitcher that is needed.
Sign one, trade for one, don’t lose a Draft pick.

Aloha jasper. I like that idea, it might be possible for the FO to work something out with the A’s for Gray! Then only need to sign one FA like a Price or Leake, so as not to lose that draft pick. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk & jasper, was reading Bruce Levine’s column about a possibly trade between the WSox for Quintana and Baez to them. I do not like that scenario. I still think the FO could work out a package with the A’s for Sonny Gray. That would be worth trading a combination of Baez/Castro (not sure on both) a prospect possibly and/or draft pick. Gray will not become a FA until 2020 which would be nice. If they could pull off the getting of a Gray, then they can go into the FA market for the other starter. We will see as things heat up! Mahalo!

If we could acquire Gray, k.g., that would be ideal. Also, if it came to a choice of outfielders, both Heyward and Gordon are excellent choices, and if I have to choose, I give the edge to Heyward. Have heard he could receive a contract as high as $180 mil. Heyward is 26, and Gordon 32, and the former`s contract offer would be for more years.

Aloha jhosk, well if Fowler is not brought back and a successful trade made for Gray, then possibly one could entertain a deal with Heyward! Maybe sign a Leake for a short contract. I think getting Gray helps not only on the financial and starting pitching issues but could afford the team more options like Heyward and pitching. Take care! Mahalo!

Some laugh at me when I mention Gray elsewhere. They say Bean would never trade Gray. My argument is: he traded Donaldson for practically nothing.
Bean and the A’s need young talent, with a VET to help. They had a terrible fielding SS last year. The Cubs would have no problem putting a package together for Gray, in my opinion.
I also hope they sign a FA Pitcher, who will not also cost a Draft Pick. Forget Zimmerman, Grienke or whoever. Not only do you have the cost and years of the contract, you lose a Draft Pick.
If not Gray, there is a package for a very good Starting Pitcher in there somewhere, would not take as much for T Ross.

Aloha jasper- no one laughing here! But yes, I chat with Oakland folks, feel like contacting my friend who works for them and say hey “would you take Castro (maybe the Cubs FO offers to pay some of his salary for 2016) and say Travis Wood” because they are always wanting pitching and I think Wood did a good job turning around his season when he went into the BP. I am sure they would say Castro and prospect for Gray. You are correct, after last season it was amazing how Beane just had a “fire-sale,” but many A’s fans think the folks they got (prospects) from the WSox for Shark may turn out well for them. So, I think a Castro is definitely an upgrade from Semien, Sogard. Though Semien did hit 23 dingers and drove in 80rbi’s his average was .251. Castro plays a better shortstop but has shown he can play second and if he can build on this past September, he would help the A’s out immensely. With Wood, the A’s might see if he could start again. I have to give them credit, they have done well with pitching and getting folks to achieve more and that could help Wood. I do think Gray would fit in nicely with Arrieta, Hendricks, Lester etc.. Then as you say, if the FO needs to they can go after a SP that was traded during the season so a draft pick is not lost. The A’s will have a high draft pick in 2016 because of where they ended up for the 2015 season. I thought it was interesting that jhosk brought up Heyward as a possibility instead of Gordon. Heyward can definitely play CF and help the corners out. Again, this is if the FO can pull off a trade to get a Gray, then it leaves some funds available to get Heyward. I still would not mind Gordon as I think he can play CF when needed but the team could also have Baez/Almora in CF too plus he is a good steady veteran bat that the young folks can learn from. Lastly, if the FO goes after another SP, how about Mike Leake who was traded to the Giants in mid-season. He did not have the best year but I think with Bosio he could rebound, I did like watching him when he was here in SF. Maybe it is a mechanics thing but I think the FO could pick him up for a reasonable price and no lost of draft pick! I am sure what I brought up would not make a lot of fans happy because it does not include the names: Price-Zimmerman-Greinke. Gray and Leake both will give you innings and have pretty good command of the strike zone. I am also hoping that Lester has a banner 2016! Take care now! Mahalo!

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