#Cubs Bryant wins MLB Players Choice rookie award

Kris Bryant’s breakout rookie season with the Cubs was recognized by his peers as the third baseman was named the Major League Baseball Players Association National League Outstanding Rookie for 2015 on Monday night. Bryant, 23, was voted the award by his peers, winning over the Giants’ Matt Duffy and the Pirates’ Jung-ho Kang. The winner was announced on MLB Network.

Bryant led all rookies in RBIs (99), doubles (31), and runs (87), and was second in walks (77) while batting .275. The only player in Major League history to reach 26 homers, 99 RBIs, 31 doubles, 87 runs and 77 walks in his rookie season was Boston’s Ted Williams in 1939.

The Players Trust will donate $20,000 to the charity of Bryant’s choice, and he picked the Wounded Warriors Project.

“They’re fighting for our freedom,” Bryant said Monday. “Baseball puts you in a position to give back, and to be able to do that means a lot.”

Bryant will find out on Nov. 16 whether he’ll be honored by the Baseball Writers Association of America as the top rookie. Monday’s prize came courtesy of his peers.

“It’s a huge honor for guys you play against day in day out, to vote for you,” Bryant said. “My goal was just to play and help the team win, and I wound up being Rookie of the Year. It was a lot of fun.”

In his rookie season, Bryant was named a National League All-Star, and his 26 homers set a Cubs rookie record, topping Billy Williams’ mark of 25 set in 1961. Bryant also now holds the franchise record in RBIs, extra-base hits, and total bases.

— Carrie Muskat


Congrats to Bryant. He picked a good charity! 😍

Aloha White- Yes, I am so blessed by Bryant. He could have chosen any organization but to pick the WW group and support our men & women who fight to protect our freedoms, is just awesome. Congratulations Bryant. Mahalo!

Brightest comment you ever posted White. Maybe by Bryant doing this, it might bring more attention to the Wounded Warrior Project throughout all Sports.

Who doesn’t like Bryant? But for sake of the team, he must start in rotating outfield assignments, and Joe could platoon LaStella at 3B vs RHSP, and Baex vs LHSP. Comments?

Maddon could platoon La Stella & Baez at 2B, should they trade Castro for a starting Pitcher. Bryant surprised everyone with his defense at 3B his first year.
Rotating in OF assignments? Why not try Baez in CF, rotate with Szczur against LH Pitchers. As well as Schwarber hits LH’ers, why Rotate him? Who will be in RF if Soler gets traded, that might be Scharber and a FA in LF.

come one jasper…. you bash white for her bright post then you bring up Szczur…. not real bright my friend he is not good. Not worth the 25 man spot on a contending team. COME ON MAN!
I like Baez trying out CF. Schwarber won’t be “rotated” into anything but he will be in the everyday lineup. He is our most productive bat. You don’t take that out of the lineup. The leadoff spot is going to be our biggest problem. We have guys who can handle CF but we don’t have that leadoff hitter that Fowler was. Remember how bad the offense was when Fowler was in his slump? That could potentially be the Cubs most of next season. NOT GOOD!

My dream offseason= Price for 7yrs195mill… Shark1yr15mill (prove it year)… Trade Soler, Torres, Edwards and filler for Kevin Keirmaier from TB. Then potentially trade Hammel for salary relief.
Im not saying this is all feasible. I think the two signings are possible. The trade is a LONGGGGG shot and probably no way it happens BUT I would love love love it

Aloha Petrey- those are interesting folks you bring up. I was fine with Shark being traded two years ago as I felt he did not help his case at the time by “talking openly” when he did not get a contract extension to his liking; remember he turned down $85mil. In return for him we were blessed with Russell, McKinney. I think the Shark could fit in now and hopefully has matured. Who knows, the team might get him cheaper than the $15mil/yr say a 1yr with an option. But it would be like you said a prove it season for sure. I also think Keirmaier is a neat option for CF, he had a good season in the field and would be an upgrade from Fowler in that regard, plus he is only 25yrs old and from the Midwest. I think he BA will only get better as he matures at the plate too. I wish but it may not happen for the FO to chat with the team out my way for Sonny Gray! I think he would be nice fit in the rotation, 26yrs old and not a FA until 2020! But as one A’s person said to me back in September, sure give us back Russell! LOL! Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, it seems like we cannot escape talk of the great Matt Szczur on here. We finally got past the whole Junior Lake is the next Andre Dawson if only the Cubs would give him a chance talk, and now it’s Szczur’s turn. Maybe we should include Szczur in any trade discussions, just in hope that the Cubs get rid of him so we don’t have to talk about him anymore! Baltimore seems happy with taking our good-if-only-they-played prospects off our hand (don’t forget Steve Clevenger!) so maybe they’ll be interested in Szczur too!🙂
But seriously though, I wouldn’t want the Cubs to risk their first round draft pick on a “prove it” year for Samardzija. Plus, despite his struggles with the Sox, I think he’ll still get a multi-year deal from someone. And that’s a lot to give up for Kiermaier. I know that he’s young still, but 47 walks and a.305 OBP in two seasons doesn’t exactly say leadoff hitter to me. I know that his WAR was very good and that he’s a plus defender, but I’d still like to see a higher OBP from a potential leadoff hitter. Plus for Soler and two of the three top prospects currently for the Cubs, I would hope you could get more than just Kiermaier.

Aloha Doug, not sure if Petrey was looking at Keirmaier as a leadoff hitter, but one that could fill in a spot left by Fowler, though that still leaves open the leadoff spot, does a Russell get a chance at it in 2016? I think if the looked at Gordon, he could possibly be a leadoff person or #2. I still hope the FO can trade for a good SP and then picking up a FA that does not cost the team a pick, though I thought Petrey’s suggestion was interesting about the Shark as I read online there could be interest in bringing him back. Take care. Mahalo!

I also read that K.g., but bringing back Shark makes absolutely no sense to me. The last two years as a Cub, all he did was whine about his contract. Even with out him in 2014, the last 55 games the lowly Cubs played one game over 500.
Why give up a Draft Pick? I think the Cubs interest is driving up the price for other teams.
Signing Samardizja makes as much sense as platooning Szczur in CF against LH Pitching if the Cubs dont sign another CF’er.

Aloha jasper- I feel the same about the Shark but thought it interesting that Petrey said something. I say this because Petrey fought hard for Castro, even when he was demoted and Castro turned things around. I still want Russell at SS as I feel he is a better defender but Castro played a good 2nd and his bat came back. I am not saying this happens with the Shark but I felt like you, I was tired about hearing from him and his contract, that is supposed to be left up to ones agent and the FO and the player goes out there and does their job. If the FO ever thought about bringing him back, I think he gets no more than $5mil for 2016, even if he does win the CY award. Or better yet, he gives the organization the Kerry Wood discount! I say all of that because the lost of the draft pick and the what-ifs with Jeff, it has to be a sweetheart deal to even consider him coming back to the Cubs. Doug also brings up the point that he will most likely get a multi-year contract, so I do not think he comes back. But to your other point and I did not want to voice it but you brought it up…The FO mentioning they are in talks with certain agents/players. In the past I would ask folks in the know/game if this were a practice. Meaning a team knows they cannot afford or does not need a certain player but they get into the bidding wars just to drive up the price. So, it could very well be that front offices are playing this game so even though it is stated that Greinke probably stays a Dodger, if the Giants and other teams can make the Dodgers pay heavily for him, that takes away resources for other opportunities. I think the FO has to use discernment in regard to Price or any high profile FA in regard to the cost. That is why I am hammering the point of trying to make a trade for a really good SP with control for so many years. We will see. Take care now. Mahalo!

Agree with your point about trading for a Starting Pitcher K.g.
I dislike guys like Samardizja. Before he left, he was not about wanting to be part of something special, as he was about show me the money.
If he would have just Pitched and shutup, I would have no problem with him, nor would anyone else.
Still not worth a Draft Pick, especially to the White Sox.

Why would we want Samardzija? He`s coming off his career-worst season: 4.96 ERA; he surrendered the most hits, homers, and earned runs in the AL. Are y`all forgetting why the Mets dominated our lineup in the NLCS? We have starting pitchers of Shark`s ilk now; it should be apparent we need to upgrade our starting pitching, not find more of the same. Crikey!

Shark was not only upset about his contract but that the Cubs were bad…. .very bad. He netted us Russell so lets not forget we may need to thank him for being that way. Because now we have a chance to have Shark and a top 5 SS that is 22-23. SOOOOO you’re welcome
My Keirmaier idea was not for leadoff but for a super special defensive CFer who can help Schwarber and Soler not suck as bad at the corners. All while being around average offensively with potential to get better.
Is losing a draft pick for one year of Shark so bad? We will be picking what 28th? We will be getting a pick for Fowler… possibly not far behind 28. So it really may not hurt us. Also that could potentially save us money that we could allocate to paying Price/Shark. Gone are the days that the Cubs spend 8-12mill in the Amateur Draft. We will splurge when we can in IFA but we will be restricted on funds

Well someone’s going to have to hit leadoff, and if it’s not the CF then who? Maybe Addison Russell could do it one day, but he doesn’t seem ready to do it just yet. I wouldn’t mind someone like Kiermaier joining the team, but not at the expense of Soler and two of the top three prospects, unless Jake Odorizzi was also coming over in that trade. There are rumors today about the Cubs being interested in Jackie Bradley of the Red Sox, another young plus defender who has been inconsistent on offense, so we’ll see if any names start to surface in a potential deal. One thing about Bradley is that he does seem to have a better walk rate than Kiermaier and a little more power too, so he seems like he’d be a better fit at leadoff, although his average would need to come up as well.
As for Samardzija, Jon Heyman seems to think that Samardzija could get a contract in the same ballpark as what the Cubs were offering him before they traded him, so Samardzija at one year could very well be a moot point. Still, if I’m going to lose a first round draft pick, I’d rather lose it on someone who would give me more than one season and would be a little more sure of his production than asking for a “prove it” year. Late first round and supplemental round picks can still turn out to be something, so I’d rather have two shots with those picks than just one. And if I’m going to have just one, like I said above, I want to make sure that the reason I had just one is going to give me solid production for a few years and not hopefully somewhat decent production for just one year. With that being said, I would much rather see the Cubs break the bank for Price and then sign, say, John Lackey to a 2-3 year deal than ask Samardzija to “prove it” for just one season (which if Jon Heyman’s speculation is correct, isn’t even a possibility anyway).

Its funny how shark could be upset about the Cubs being bad, yet they were better after he was traded to a contender. It kinda tells me that things were much better in the clubhouse, after he was gone.
I would never thank Samardizja for Russell, that thanks goes to Management.
Once again, no matter how much we speak of it or debate, in my mind, Samardizja is not worth the money he will command for the year or years, nor is he worth a 28th 1st Round Draft Pick. Why?
Just today it is announced the cubs may be interested in Jackie Bradley Jr. Hoping that’s not true, however look where he was Drafted under Epstein. That will give you a very good idea what that 1st Round Pick may be worth, compared to signing an overpriced FA Starter like Samardizja.

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