Report: #Cubs, Yanks talk trade

The Cubs need someone to play center field. The Yankees are examining their second base options. But apparently a trade of Starlin Castro for Brett Gardner is not going to happen. The New York Daily News reported Friday that the two teams were talking about a possible deal which would send Castro to the Yankees in exchange for Gardner.

But later Friday, NY Daily News reporter Mark Feinsand posted an update on Twitter, saying the Yankees were not interested in such a deal but may consider Castro at another price.

CBS Sports and MLB Network’s Jon Heyman also posted on Twitter Friday that there had been no talk of Gardner for Castro at this point, saying the Yankees were seeking pitching.

The Cubs need a center fielder with Dexter Fowler’s departure via free agency.

Castro made the move from shortstop to second base in August to clear a starting spot for Addison Russell. If they move Castro, the Cubs have Javier Baez and Tommy La Stella as options at second base.

The Yankees’ in-house options at second base are Dustin Ackley and Rob Refsnyder, who could form a platoon.’s Bryan Hoch is among those who have reported Yankees GM Brian Cashman is open to an upgrade at the position.



Hope there is more to it than Castro for Gardner, the money is the same, however it don’t help the Pitching and the age difference is huge.

Not going to happen. Yankees want pitching and the Cubs don’t have pitching to give up. Sounds like someone at the NY Daily News was speculating and that speculation got shot down in a hurry.

You are correct

We don’t need Samardja (sp) back as a Cub!

On another interesting rumor note, Ken Rosenthal tweeted that the Cubs are “doing background work” on a dozen or so starting pitchers, and specifically mentioned the Braves’ Shelby Miller and Julio Teheran. He also states that the Braves would want “young position players” for Miller, so I’m guessing that Castro or Baez could be in play there. With all of this trade talk, Jeff Samardzija sightings, and big free agent discussion, it’s clear that the Hot Stove is heating up right now! I know that big trades and signings usually don’t happen until the Winter Meetings in December, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens before then, like in November, 2003 when the Cubs made a move to get Derrek Lee right around Thanksgiving.

If it`s a straight-up exchange of Gardner for Castro, it`s a steal for the Cubs. I`ve observed Gardner closely since he played at AAA. He`s a decent defensive outfielder with speed, and he hustles 100% of the time. Sending Starlin to the Yankees or any team, for that matter, amounts to addition by subtraction. Gardner has a positive attitude and is the kind of player Joe Maddon covets. Did I mention he always hustles? {He respects 90.} If this deal does not get done, it will not be because of pitching needs or age differences. It will be because the Yankees realize they will be getting hosed.

Pretty sure that’s already been debunked. Was noted that ‘there’s no talk of Castro/Gardner at this point, as the Yankees’ preference would be to add pitching if they’re to part with Gardner.’

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