#Cubs issue 60 full shares

Several of the Cubs got a nice holiday present on Monday. MLB announced the Cubs’ full share from the 2015 players postseason pool was $122,327.59, and that the team issued 60 full shares, the most of any of the playoff squads.

Besides the 60 full shares, the Cubs issued a total of 8.25 partial shares and 13 cash awards.

The players’ pool is formed from 50 percent of the gate receipts from the Wild Card Games presented by Budweiser; 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first three games of the Division Series; 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first four games of the League Championship Series; and 60 percent of the gate receipts from the first four games of the World Series.

The 2015 players’ pool was a record total of $69,882,149.26, topping the previous high of $65,363,469.22 of 2012. The money is divided among the 10 postseason teams.

The World Series champion Royals’ full share was worth $370,069.03, while a full share for the National League champion Mets was $300,757.78. The average share value for the Mets was a record high for a World Series runner-up, eclipsing $291,667.68 for the 2006 American League champion Tigers.

The Cubs reached the NL Championship Series, but were swept in four games by the Mets. Chicago’s share of the players’ pool was $8,385,857.91.

— Carrie Muskat


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Whats going on with the Cubs that is not being discussed?
(1) Cubs have a reported 25 Million to use this winter.
(2) Cubs reportedly interested in Miller of the Braves.
(3) Interest in Leake?
(4) Yesterday Bryant rated 5th best third Basemen in Baseball.
(5) Today Russell rated 9th best SS in Baseball.

Many things could be discussed, to include this article, how were the 60 shares distributed?
Instead we get: Christmas tree lighting, Rizzo kicks off Christmas, Cubs add 4 to 40 man Roster,
Wheres the real going on’s Carrie?

Vacation maybe? And I don’t think she ever blogs about the trade rumors. She reports the deals as they happen. It’s just that most of us are so deprived of baseball during the off-season that we spend a good amount of time checking out trade rumors so now we’re getting some of the information first.

If you’re not happy with the coverage Jasper, I suggest you find another outlet. There are a lot of stories on Cubs.com that address some of the topics. You can post comments there

Already have Carrie, thanks for the suggestion though.
There is still a couple people here I enjoy chatting with.

And there goes Price. 7 Years, 217 Million with an opt out in 3 years.
Sure glad the Cubs didn’t give him that, could have been a very long 7 years.

Aloha jasper, I am very happy the FO did not engage in the Price wars, that was crazy, just like what Boston gave up for Kimbrel. I hope the other main FA SP sign else where too, the cost is too much. It hopefut comes down to a good trade to land another SP. Trade for one good one now….Gray. Then let Hendricks, Grimm, Hammel, Cahill if brought back fight for the other spots. If by June of next year it is deemed necessary to get another starter then you can trade again before end of June. Take care. Mahalo!

I agree 100% K.g., not disappointed at all, especially with a 217 Million price tag.
Management will find another way to shore up the rotation.

Don’t forget C.J. Edwards should be up sometime next year too. And if Johnson performs as well in Iowa as he did in Tennessee, we’ll probably see him as well. Definitely going to be some good competition for the end of the rotation during spring training.

Aloha a.j.- Yes looking forward to Edwards at some point soon and as you said, Johnson as well. Good for the future! Jasper, jhosk and I were having a back and forth on another one of Carrie’s stories and one person that he and I had been iffy about that my father thinks could be a good fit and back with Maddon is Shields. The Padres want to slim down their payroll and I am sure the Cubs could pull off a prudent trade for him. He as my father said is a workhorse, gives you innings and gets you late into games, which this team needs. He also keeps runners on base and the same for Sonny Gray. I know there has been talk about a trade with the Braves for either Miller or Teheran as they are interested in Soler. Just me, I would rather see a trade with the A’s or Padres. I hope after seeing what Zimmermann & Price got that the FO will just back away from the FA market for pitchers. Shields’ contract is reasonable-doable and gives the FO extra funds if they want to extend Arrieta or need to get a CF if Fowler does not come back. Take care now. Mahalo!

Thank you Carrie for EVERYTHING that you write about the Cubs! Hope you will post a picture of the beautiful Christmas tree when it is lit on Thursday! 😀. Hope you will continue to keep us posted about all he charitable events our Cubs players create. Rizzo looks good in his Santa suit and his spirit of giving is remarkable! Baseball is about stats and averages and is also about building memories for our young ones! You cover the entire spectrum of the game. Thank you!

LMAO at White. I was waiting for that, glad you are predictable.

The Price was not right. I agree with all those who asserted it was prudent of the Cubs` FO to bypass David Price. Keep in mind this guy`s teams have lost every blessed postseason game he`s ever started, and it is not a small sample. The Cubs need to develop and cultivate hurlers in their own system of the quality of David Price, and utilize those pitchers` talents early in their careers when they are affordable. Come on! $217 million. That`s obscene. The Red Sox are going to regret this; I`m confident.

Aloha jhosk- will be interesting because if Boston cannot move Hanley, boy they are stuck with some big contracts: Panda and now Price! Those contracts sure could buy a lot of chowder! Mahalo!

Very happy they saved that money, it is needed. In my opinion and of course I expect most to disagree, but that’s not a concern:
I think signing Epstein and extending Hoyer is more valuable to the Organization and team than a David Price.
Remember that first year of Epstein & Hoyer, most were unhappy and complaining? Now most of us understand what all they have accomplished in a short time.
Forget Price, Greinke, Leake, Heyward and any other FA. How about signing Epstein?

Keeping Epstein should definitely be a top priority, but that shouldn’t get in the way of a FA signing. Just don’t break the bank. Even if he gets a 100% raise, which he might get, that would only be 5 years at $40 million. Plenty left over.

AJ, what do the Cubs really need? To me its a #3 Starter or better.
They could sign Samardizja, Leake or Lackey, but why waste that money there?
Everyone keeps saying that Gray will not be traded. Would Soler, Baez and Vogelbach make them think about it?
How about Soler, Castro, Edwards and Vogelbach? It would clear up some 40 man Roster spots and get that Starter that is needed.
After that Either Castro or Baez is still available, package that the other with Hammel or Hendricks, maybe Szczur and Candelario and go after A Cleveland starter, Carrasco, Bauer or Salazar.
Now you have a backup Infield problem, use the money to sign the aging Zobrist and OF Gordon.
Look at the starting staff with Gray, I am sure it can be done, no matter what the nay sayers have to add.

Aloha folks, agree that the ownership needs to secure Theo&Jed and CO for another block of years. I just read where the Shark’s reps are saying he was offered $100mil! I hope that is not from this FO, not worth it. Trade for Gray, Shields, agree with you jasper in regard to a trade with the Indians too. The meetings will take place soon and we will see what trades if any come about! Mahalo!

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