#Cubs reportedly sign Lackey

The Cubs filled a hole in the rotation Friday, agreeing to a two-year, $32 million contract with free agent John Lackey. The deal will be finalized pending a physical. FOXSports.com’s Ken Rosenthal first reported the deal. The club would not confirm.

Lackey, 37, was 13-10 with a 2.77 ERA in 33 starts with the Cardinals in 2015. He is close friends with Cubs starter Jon Lester and knows Chicago president Theo Epstein from their days together in Boston.

The contract with the Cubs comes six years after Epstein signed Lackey to a five-year, $82.5 million deal in December 2009 with the Red Sox. That deal included a 2015 club option at the Major League minimum salary if Lackey missed significant time with surgery for a pre-existing elbow injury in 2010-14. Lackey did undergo Tommy John surgery after the 2011 season, and missed all of 2012.

The Cardinals will receive a Draft pick as compensation for the Cubs signing Lackey, who received a qualifying offer from St. Louis. Chicago had the 28th pick in the first round.

— Carrie Muskat


Aloha folks, that is neat. A good veteran, good for young folks. Now do they trade for a Gray/Miller/shields? Mahalo!

I`m liking this Lackey signing also, and have been wanting it for a long while.The money is less than anticipated. Yes, k.g. I like those three pitchers and in that order: Gray, Miller, Shields. But have read A`s have said Gray is not available. Am wanting Shark to go with someone other than Cubs. Who saw Greinke going to Snakes? Certainly not this fan. The Giants are going to be most disappointed, with the Dodgers a close second.

Aloha jhosk, yes to what you said. I hope the Giants pick up Shark, they have the funds and an organization that can absorb a personality like his. Bochey has been there a while, it is his team and he will not let a player get out of line or disrupt “his-family.” I think Maddon has done well with this young team and another year without too big a “person,” is good as Maddon is molding this team. I have liked how Lackey carries himself and feel he will fit in well with this organization as well as another vet that the younger folks can look to. Arizona is going to be good and the Dodgers will be hurting, but life goes on. We understand as Cubs fans. Take care now! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. One can easily make the case that the Cardinals do not win the division in 2015 without Lackey`s contributions. His numbers across the board were very impressive. Also, he has a history of success as a postseason performer. In fact, he`s pitched more postseason innings (127) than any active hurler one cares to name. Sabathia is second at 107. I detect you are not inclined to shed any tears for the Dodgers, and I feel likewise. I read this week that the Dodgers` 2015 payroll was ever so close to $300M, by far the highest of any MLB club, and as a result, must pay a luxury tax penalty of well over $40M. The Giants are in need of bolstering their starting rotation, even moreso now that they`ve missed on Greinke, as you`ve hinted, and would love to see that organization pursue Shark aggressively. Lackey is still very effective even at age 37; not sure about Shark after last season`s struggles.

Pitching workout question— Given the supposedly unique and innovative way that Jake Arrieta works out (yoga, diet, etc)… has anyone thought to implement some sort of similar regime for the likes of Lester and now Lackey to improve their endurance and health over the course of a season?? It would seem to me that any player on the team should be wanting to work out with Jake and see what he does to help themselves!

Players did watch Jake up close, but his program is not something that one could start mid-season. I know some of the players — and not just pitchers — are incorporating some aspects of his workouts into their routines. We’ll find out more in spring training

I hope that Joe Maddon and Chris Bosio make it clear to him that when an umpire calls a pitch a ball then the pitch was a ball. He looked like a petulant child complaining when umpires called his pitches that were ten inches outside balls against the Cubs in the playoffs.

Lackey will probably be No.3 with the Cubs` rotation. One can make the case that he could be a solid NO. 2 with many clubs.

I just read Shark indeed signed with the Giants today for five years at $90M. Give credit to k.g. for `calling` that. I`m thinking it`s a gamble for the Giants, one I`m ever so pleased the Cubs did not choose to take.

Aloha jhosk- I do wish the Shark well out here, am sure will get to see him pitch a lot. There was a time I thought about his possible return to the Cubs but felt when Jeff turned down the offer last year to stay with the Cubs, the FO had to make a decision and in what direction they were going in. I like what I saw and did not see him back in the picture; I could have been dead wrong but again, just my limited experience with the game. Once your Maddon came available and Theo/Jed jumped on that opportunity and allowed him to also have a say in what might work in the here and now as well as in the future, Jeff no longer seemed a good option. So, I am happy that the FO did not cave into the folks in the mainstream media/agents trying to urge a reunion with Jeff but rather made a decision that was best for the organization. And let me say outright, so no one gets the wrong impression, this is nothing personal against Jeff. I think and hope he does well with the Giants, they have a good team and need a few pieces to get them back up to the top. I would love a League Champion series against them and this time, the Cubs prevail! I really like the Lackey pick up and if he can stay healthy, could have a really nice couple of years with this team, possibly longer! My father said if Austin Jackson could make the adjustments at the plate-k’s, he could be a good and affordable solution in CF for the time being; he is an upgrade defense wise until a decision would be made on Baez or Almora. And by getting Lackey at such a good price in today’s market, it allows the team some time to put together a package at some point for someone like…Gray! A lot of folks may think the Cubs did not do anything major in this off-season but I see it differently. Take care now! Mahalo!

Just saw that with the money saved by signing Lackey, Cubs are now pursuing Heyward or Gordon. I’d prefer Gordon myself. Not sure why, but he just seems like more a team oriented player to me.

Aloha a.j., well if things are not crazy now, they will be soon…Supposedly, Ben Zobrist just agreed to a 4yr deal. So what happens now with Castro & Baez? Is the FO still going after pitching and a CF? Take care now! Mahalo!

Aloha Folks! Wow, now Castro is gone to the Yankees for pitcher Adam Warren! Just amazing as I thought possibly Castro would be back for ST. I guess we know where Zobrist is playing. So does Baez stay a Cub? And is the FO still going after a CF? Have to get used to some new names on the roster! Mahalo!

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