#Cubs Tuesday WM roundup

*The Cubs made two deals Tuesday, and they are connected. They signed free agent Ben Zobrist to a four-year, $56 million contract, and also traded Starlin Castro to the Yankees for pitcher Adam Warren and a player to be named later.

The player was expected to be Brendan Ryan, and will likely be announced on Thursday following the Rule 5 Draft at the Winter Meetings. The Cubs’ 40-man roster is at 40.

“We couldn’t have made this free agent signing without this trade, and would not have made the trade without the free agent signing,” Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein said.

Zobrist is project to bat at the top of the order. That means the center fielder they add does not have to also be a leadoff man.

*The Cubs also formally announced John Lackey signing, giving the right-hander a two-year, $32 million contract.

“It’s really exciting to get John,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said.

Lackey, 37, will be slotted in behind his former Red Sox teammate Jon Lester and National League Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta.

“He’s one of the best competitors I’ve ever been around,” Maddon said. “He demands a lot on a daily basis when he plays of himself and his team, and I love it. I really believe the particular kind of edge that John provides is really going to be helpful for us moving forward.”


— Carrie Muskat


Aloha folks, what day! Looking forward to Zobrist and Baez at certain positions. I wish Castro the best in the Big Apple. Am glad for today that Soler is still a Cub. You all take care and let’s see what comes next! Mahalo!

Wow! I like what’s happening. Next, I guess, is a CF? What about Schwarber? Will he mainly catch in 2016, or are they planning on him to play LF? Like to hear everyone’s thoughts. Summer is coming here. Today’s high 86F.

With Montero and Ross still in the lineup my guess is Schwarber will spend most of his time in left field. He’s too valuable offensively to just sit on the bench. Just hope he’s not traded. He was easily one of my favorite players to watch last year.

Also, I hate you. I haven’t even seen the sun in like a week.

Don’t know where you are a.j. But we here in Oregon are experiencing massive floods! So, yes, Bruce from Brazil is on the hit list! Com certeza! πŸ˜„πŸ˜³

Actually not too far from you White. Moved to northern California earlier this year. Sorry to hear about the flooding. Stay safe. It can get pretty dangerous out there.

Grats to Barney, though not sure what Pelosi and Reid have to do with Oregon?

Hi a.j. Some people just don’t like that my granddaughter is Barney’s wife. We are glad to see Barney go to Toronto as it is a lovely city and the great grand children will enjoy it all. I am a happy great-grandma? πŸ˜„

Aloha White-san! The Lord is blessing us with some rain too! Not sure where a.j. is but it is awesome to see things growing and our reservoirs filling up! Thank you for sending some South to us! Do not worry a.j. we will get to see the sun soon! By the way White- I wish the Giants would have signed Barney as a utility person because then he would be in our area and I bet he would like Japantown and the events we have, plus the food! I have family coming from the islands soon so looking forward to that as one of them is my father a ball player himself and former collegiate coach so we talk shop a lot; especially right now since his Yankees acquired Starlin. It will be interesting to see what, if any comes next as I think this FO, management-coaches and ownership have a done a tremendous job in this off-season. I have to thank my father’s Yankees for going along with the Starlin trade because they knew what was up, meaning the Cubs needed to move Castro’s contract/money in order for the organization to try and bring in Zobrist and others. Of course the Yankees needed an infielder and Castro comes at a good cost for them but they could have turned it down and then no Zobrist. So, I have softened a bit towards the Yankees and do hope that Castro continues his comeback and has a nice career there. So, because Zobrist can be a lead-off hitter, most likely Fowler does not come back which is not bad because the Cubs get back a draft pick. And they do not have to sweat about the first position in the batting order. So, do they try to go after Heyward? Or give Baez a shot and work in Zobrist and others when Baez plays in the infield? Also, does the FO still try to trade for more pitching, place a bid for Maeda or just work with what is in the fold now? I have to say I like what I see in terms of the rotation and bullpen as well as the position players we have. I think it buys Jed & Theo time for when they approach Beane and company about Sonny Gray next July! Take care now. Mahalo!

Castro is in for big changes K.g. Recently at a AFL game, I was able to speak with Corey Black. As you know he came to the Cubs in exchange for Soriano.
I asked him to compare the Yankee Organization to the Cubs. He thought about it a couple seconds and stated: there is no comparison, the Cubs are the best by far.
So my thoughts are. will Gerardi and Coaches be as patient and understanding with Castro as Maddon was?

Hi k.g. You are welcome to our rain! πŸ˜€ People are canoeing on their streets! I too would love to have seen Barney go to the Giants. Much closer to home and he and The Shark always worked well together. What a week this has been for trades! I think Castro will be fine in New York but can imagine he must be quite sad to leave rhe Cubs and Maddon’s guidance. (Maybe 2nd base at Yankee stadium will sprout some of his famous sunflower seeds! 😳) I always enjoyed rooting for Starlin and hope he will do well in New York!

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