Holiday update

Folks,  I’m taking some time off, so any Cubs news — Jason Heyward signing, Minor League staffing — will be posted on and not here. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your comments and contributions over the year. Leaving you with one more look from the NLDS celebration.



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Thank you Carrie! 😄 You have covered Cub’s news with meticulous detail and due diligence. Time now for you to rest, relax, put your feet up and eat holiday cookies! 😍 Don’t be away too long – you will be missed!

Would have been nice to have an article put up before taking Vacation. Something Baseball/Cub related we could have chatted about. The last article was Maddon Celebrates Thanksmas posted at 8:30 AM on Friday Morning.
Happy Holidays.

You are tough audience, Jasper. Lighten up! Carrie has paid assiduous attention to detail with all things Cubs ever since spring training, if not longer, and for our edification, and is deserving of a long respite. If one can`t `mellow out` at this time of the year, when can one? By the way, I`m wanting your loved ones and yourself to enjoy a happy and healthy 2016!

Have a great holiday Carrie! Thank you for your thorough & timely writing and analysis of all things Cubs!!!

A happy & healthy new year to you & yours.

Aloha Carrie, thank you for the service you provide to us. Melekalikimaka! Mahalo!

Hi k.g. What does Melekalikimaka mean? 🤓 Hope we can all stay in touch here while Carrie is taking a break.

Aloha White, Melekalikimaka is Hawaiian for Merry Christmas, which I hope you and everyone here has. Take care now! Mahalo!

Happy Holidays Cub fans,take a break Carrie,the future is indeed very bright,the front office,including ownership has made in a baseball sense a very Merry Christmas!

Aloha Ken, hope you and your family have a blessed Melekalikimaka and New Year. 2016 is going to fun! Mahalo!

Carrie…Enjoy your time off and Happy New Year! Presume you will be back before Spring Training? The news just keeps getting better. With Heyward added, the Cubs’ lineup looks formidable. Can’t wait for 2016.

Hi Bruce, Yes, counting the days to Spring Training! 😀 Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo.

Thank you Carrie. I’m really not a blog person, but yours has been enlightening, classy and full of all things cub fans crave. Enjoy. Ciao

Dave Henderson passed today. He was 57. In the 1986 AL playoffs, Henderson hit a momentous home run versus the California Angels which led to the Red Sox advancing to play the Mets in the WS that season. That home run came at the expense of one Donnie Moore, a former Cubs` pitcher whom I had the good fortune to meet in Montreal along with infielder Manny Trillo in 1978. (They were close friends.) Moore suffered depression for a long while afterward, and eventually died by his own hand. Sadly, many close to Moore believe his actions were largely due to never `getting over` that meaningful homer he surrendered to Henderson.

Aloha jhosk- Was just wondering if any heard the news about “Hendu..” I remember him playing for the 88′ (against the Dodgers) and 89′ “earthquake” series against the Giants. Yes, that home run by Henderson against Moore was tough when you think about it…RedSox get into the WS, former and beloved Cub Buckner has an error that “goes through the legs,” the Mets live to play the 7th game. I was so sad for Bill B, my only consolation was that for us from Hawaii, Sid Fernandez was one of the “heros” for the Mets in that WS. Back to Henderson, he was always talked about in a real positive way here in the Bay Area; good fielder too. One of my teammates would end up having the pleasure of making it to the show and played some cf for the A’s. Anyhow, too young. By the way, I am sure you have paid attention to the fact that the Cardinals have 3 picks in this next draft! We gave them 2 of the picks! My father wonders if K. Wong will be able to keep his spot on the roster or be moved. Hope you are doing well and have a Happy New Year! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. Your response is welcome, as I was beginning to wonder if anyone was reading the comments. Wong is an excellent player in my estimation, and the Cardinals would be foolish to permit him to become expendable. I`ve heard Henderson had a kidney transplant in October at the same hospital in Seattle where he passed from a heart attack. I recall Sid Fernandez very well. He enjoyed several successful campaigns at the major league level. My brother was one of Fernandez`s biggest admirers. It`s good to have Carrie`s input back. Have a happy and healthy 2016, k.g., and everyone else!

carrie enjoy your time off. will be waiting for your spring training news hope you have a great 2016 and most patiently the cubs

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