#Cubs notes: arbitration, Baez & meatballs

*NL Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta was one of seven Cubs players to file for arbitration on Tuesday. The salary proposals between the players and teams will be made public on Friday is no agreement is reached before then.

Other Cubs players to file for arbitration on Tuesday included Chris Coghlan, Justin Grimm, Hector Rondon, Pedro Strop, Adam Warren, and Travis Wood. Hearings will be held in February if the two sides do not settle on a salary figure.

The Cubs have talked about the possibility of signing Arrieta, 29, to a long term contract. The right-hander is coming off a stellar year in which he went 22-6 with a 1.77 ERA. He will be a free agent after the 2017 season.

*Javier Baez went 1-for-4 with a double in Santurce’s 3-0 loss to Mayaguez in Puerto Rican round robin playoff action. With the loss, Santurce now is 2-5 in the playoffs; Mayaguez is 5-2. Santurce’s next game is Thursday against Caguas (3-3).

*The Cubs Caravan kicks off Wednesday with manager Joe Maddon serving an Italian dinner to folks at the Chicago Help Initiative in Chicago. The Cubs Convention will begin Friday, and if you can’t go, you can watch opening ceremonies on Comcast Sportsnet. Comcast also is showing a feature on Maddon and his hometown on Thursday night.0112Joe

(Photo courtesy of the Cubs)


Please include strikeouts and men left on base when you mention Baez. On the other hand, I just had the pleasure of reviewing the Cubs 2015 stats and discovered the Post Season page. Baez definitely contributed his fair share. Sharing time with Zobrist at 2B (and elsewhere) should bring continued focus in Baez’ plate appearances. And to keep Lester focused, you know he will prefer Baez defensively at 2B along with Ross behind the plate. Ironic, isn’t it, that the Cubs could add several pitching prospects in trade for Baez and Soler, but with Chef Joe Maddon (he really should be wearing a hat or hair net when handling food), Baez, Soler, Zobrist (and Coghlan) are certainly spicy ingredients. Thanks for the report!

Aloha Dan- I would love to see the current “team” go to ST and let them play it out. You know there will be a lot of “rumors” or stories about possible trades. I sometimes think the folks that write “trades that the Cubs should make…” really do not want to see this organization do well but take away the tremendous farm system and young folks that have now come through in the past 4 years and have them dispersed. I agree that Lester would probably like a Baez at second though Zobrist is no slouch. I also hope that Lester is working hard this off-season with his move to 1st. This is imperative for him to grow and take his game to the next level, he has to hold runners and learn how to “deal with adversity,” meaning you are not going to throw a perfect game every time, there will be base runners. Lester getting that “monkey” off his back will increase his game many fold scare opposing teams! I also hope since Ross has announced his retirement after this 2016 season that Schwarber/Montero are allowed to catch a portion of Lester’s games because he will have to get used to a new backstop(s). Anyhow, I apologize for saying this but I am not paying attention to football, though I like that game I love this one and am looking forward to the beginning of the season! Mahalo!

K.g., reading yours and Dans comments above makes me wonder?
With all that’s happened the last 4 years, mainly the Organization rebuild, then the influx of successful Rookies in 2015, are Cub fans fixated on youth?
Zobrist is a very welcome addition in my opinion. Yes, Lester needs to work on a pickoff move, but he did well last year. Do people overlook the leadership and tutelage of Ross? What about the contributions of Coghlan?
Would the Pitching staff have done as well as they did the last half with out, Cahill, Richard and Rodney? All Vets.
What about Motte the first half?
I am very excited by the youth movement, but the mixture of a few very good, professional VETS is paramount.

Aloha jasper- Yes to Vets! You look at the past WS winners and what do you find, a mixture of players who just began their MLB careers as well as those who have been in the league for a few years+. I was so happy with the addition of Lackey and Zobrist. One of the reasons I was excited at the prospect two years ago about catcher Martin was that he could help with the “managing” of the bullpen and at the time was hoping that the young hitters would gain some incite from a backstop such as him. I think Ross has been valuable and will step up his mentoring game this coming season because he has said it is his last. This is why I also think for Lester and his “health” on this team, it would be prudent for Ross to step aside for a few games to let Montero/Schwarber catch for Jon. Also, let us not forget Montero: he made the overture during the season to Schwarber that he would be willing to come to ST early and work with him. Veterans are a very important part for any team and I think this coming season we will see the fruits of these relationships as it relates to this organization. You brought up another good point about the veteran presence in the bullpen, that was crucial as well along with the moving of Wood to the bp. I think if everyone stays healthy the bp could be a real “star” for the entire season. This leads me to the other part that you implied, “the youth movement.” We both know that you can look over the years at “prospects” and the majority of them do not pan out or have long successful careers in the majors. It is amazing the size of each organizations farm system and in the end only a few get to be on the 25-man roster. Having said that, the FO has done a very good job in “producing/acquiring” high caliber talent the past so many years so I hope if any trades are made in the future for Cubs current players and/or prospects that a lot of discernment goes into the decision because not only our we as fans blessed but this organization is in a tremendous point in its history, to have a run of success for years to come. Take care now! Mahalo!

Well stated Kg. and there are many more prospects on the way.
AAA & AA will be very competitive as well with prospects like McKinney, Contreras, Candelario, Almora, Zagunis and so many more. Zagunis and McKinney are On Base Machines. Zagunis walked over 20 times in the short season AFL.
All of the above have a very good shot at the Majors, there is just no where on the 25 man roster for them. Maybe Contreras come June or July.
Another two years and we will be talking about many of the Pitchers ready to make an impact.

Aloha Jasper and folks, I hope now that Upton has been signed and he got a large contract to boot from the Tigers, that someone will sign Fowler as he could come as a discount. Maybe he only signs a 1 year contract because this year will be a better “market” for outfielders since this past year (2015) was a big year for FA pitchers. As it stands right now, the Cubs first pick in the 2016 draft, I believe is in the 3rd round, #104. If for example the WSox signed Fowler, we could get their “second” pick which is a comp from the SFGiants who signed the Shark. So the Cubs would at least get one pick, #27, in the first round. One can wish as they say! Take care now. Mahalo!

There is also a problem developing with Villanueva who had a monster season in Winter Ball. As I understand it, he has to be added to the 25 man Roster out of Spring. With Bryant & Rizzo fixed at the corners and Baez backing those positions up, there is no where to put Villanueva.
If not on the 25 man Roster out of ST, he can be claimed by another club. So he must be traded or lost for nothing.

He has to be added to the 25 man roster? Where did you get that?

Check it out. Of course it came from another link, I do not want to put on your site. If that News link is wrong, then I am wrong. I sure hope they can keep him at AAA and Candelario at AA.

Aloha Carrie, I am curious about this too because I was reading on another site what Jasper mentioned and the commentators compared Villanueva to a “Rule 5” out of options, not saying he was but “functionally” like a rule 5. So any clarification would be great. Take care now! Mahalo!

They don’t have to add him to the 25-man roster by Opening Day. The Cubs would have to make a decision by late November as to who to add to the 40-man roster to protect them from the Rule 5 Draft (not the 25-man active roster)

Is this a question that will be answered before Opening Day?

No. Cubs don’t have to make that decision until late November, and the decision is whether to add him to the 40-man roster, not 25. The 25-man roster is the active in-season roster

According to the Roster on this site, Villanueva is already on the 25 Man Roster and has been.
So that decision was made awhile back, unless the INFO is incorrect?

That’s subject to change

Villanueva is out of options. He must be kept, traded or waived.

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