Ryno to join #Cubs as ambassador

Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg will rejoin the Cubs as an ambassador to the team, with an official announcement expected this weekend at the Cubs Convention.

Sandberg, 56, who played 15 seasons with the Cubs from 1982-94 and again from 1996-97, was on the list of attendees at the Cubs Convention, which officially opens Friday. A team official said details of Sandberg’s role would likely be announced at the fan fest.

A nine-time Gold Glove winner and Most Valuable Player with the Cubs, Sandberg was back at Wrigley Field last October when he threw out a ceremonial first pitch before Game 3 of the National League Division Series against the Cardinals.

— Carrie Muskat


Awesome; the return of the Prodigal Son!

This is wonderful news! Ryne Sandberg is one if the finest human beings you would ever want to know. A true gentleman, he will be an awesome ambassador for the Cubs. He not only gets to know every player very well but also includes their wives and kids, their families and circumstances. Welcome back to Wrigley, Ryno! 😀

Where do you get that White? Their wives and kids? Got a link on that?
He may be a gentleman, but what will his job details be as an Ambassador?
Its a new year and you still have no clue.

I have a picture of my greatgrand daughter sitting on his lap and having breakfast with him. Is that a good enough link for you? I have no clue? Think again! You want details about his being an ambassador – why don’t you ask him or do you want me to?

Please don’t put up the pic, please! I cant wait to see Ambassador Sandbergs getting to know player and their family schedule. Lets see, how long with the Ross’s? It depends on how many kids he has. Will 15 minutes apiece be enough time? Do I buy them gifts or does the club provide them?
Wow its so great to be an Ambassador. Just think a few years ago I had my picture taken with Whites great grandbaby, maybe White will invite me to a tea party or a lobster dinner, I know she likes to entertain politicians? I am a Ambassador now.

Sandberg’s official job description has not been released to me, but he will likely meet with fans, appear at events, and most likely talk to Cubs players/families regarding the team

Aloha White- I am happy to have Ryno back too. Isn’t he from your neck of the woods? I have one of his bats as a Cub player, I think it is from the 1984/85 season. He fouled a fastball off of Gooden I believe, so it was cracked. He was nice enough to sign it for me. Always loved his play and I think jlums below said maybe he could give some advice to infielders like Baez. Not a bad idea. Take care, we are getting a ton of rain right now! Mahalo!

This proves two things: 1) Sandberg does not hold a lifetime grudge against the Cubs and Theo for not hiring him as manager in 2012. 2) Sandberg cannot get and/or did not want another managerial job after being fired from the Phillies. So all of those people who thought that Sandberg would forever hate the Cubs and that he would go on to become a great manager elsewhere, care to admit that you really had no idea what you were talking about?

Aloha Doug- I did not know that there were folks that thought Sandberg was so adverse to his old organization? I am sure he was disappointed at the time not to be chosen as manager. I for one am very happy that he is back in the fold. I think this FO has done a great job reaching out to former players and finding a place for them given their gifts. Mahalo.

Hi k.g. I too never thought that Ryno would ever hold a grudge against his Cubs! He is a man of maturity, a gentleman, who probably understands by now that one cannot always choose how each chapter of life will occur. The old saying about how when one door closes another one will open comes to mind. His door has opened to being ambassador for a team that holds his heart hostage. I think this is absolutely the right job for him at the right time! Deluges of rain in Oregon – hope you are enjoying the same. The lakes are filling! 😀

Aloha White-san- Yes, we are thanking the Lord for this rain! I know it was hard up in your area with the flooding and I hope things are better now by you. I know Sandberg is not considered “demonstrative” like other figures are, maybe more quiet/subtle but I think that as you point out is perfect for the position that has been given to him. He along with Banks, Fergie, Williams, Santo have been among my favorites. I wish I could go to some of the events that the Cubs put on. As a child spending time with my grandparents in the Midwest, I remember having the chance to go to a Cubs Caravan in frigid January in the Central IL area. There I met a rookie name Shawn Dunston. I was so looking forward to that 1985 season, coming off of their 1984 campaign. Again, glad Ryno is back with the organization and I know I gave kudo’s do the FO but the ownership has to sign off on this and I am so happy that the Ricketts are at the helm as they endorse all these relationships with the former players. Take care now. Mahalo!

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