Looking for #Cubs Schwarber’s HR ball?

The home run ball that Kyle Schwarber hit on top of the right field video scoreboard during the  is still in the plexiglass case, but it’s now located on a shelf near the Cubs Authentics booth at the Cubs Convention, which opens Friday at the Sheraton Grand. Schwarber hit the ball during the NLDS against the Cardinals, and it was preserved on top of the scoreboard in a plexiglass case. No word on it’s future, although Schwarber said he’d like it back.




Schwarber hit it — so let’s give it back to him! 😀 He can add it to his trophy room at home and tell his kids about the day daddy hit the big one!!

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There sure has been a lot of talk about where Schwarber will play and how much playing time he can get. Of course we need that bat at the plate as much as possible! The great thing about Schwarber is his ability to wear more than one hat. Catcher, outfield, 1st base, 3rd base—- Maddon has the luxury of being able to give someone a day off and getting Schwarber in the lineup.

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