#Cubs Baez winter league update

The Cubs’ Javier Baez went 1-for-4 in Santurce’s 3-1 loss to Caguas on Wednesday night in the Puerto Rican league round robin playoffs. Baez, who has played second or shortstop during the playoffs, was batting .222. Santurce faces Caguas Thursday night.


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I would have preferred to have Castro at 2nd base, sunflower seeds and all.😀 Just don’t see Baez improving enough to claim the base.

Even if he did improve enough, Zobrist will be the regular at 2B. Or had you not heard they signed Zobrist?

Yes, I knew they had signed Zobrist and then forgot. I am sure Joe will be happy to be reunited with his Tampa Bay 2nd baseman.

I know Zobrist will get plenty of playing time, but I like Baez’ upside. I liked Castro too, but don’t think he’s going to reach his potential consistently. When he focuses he’s terrific. But it seems he doesn’t keep his concentration as he kept making mental mistakes & muffed routine plays. Plus his value was at a peak after his great second half. Baez may have the same issues, but I believe his offensive ceiling is higher than Castro’s. Hopefully he matures & develops patience at the plate, which Castro didn’t have either. I wish him well in New York. Soler’s the guy I really have high hopes for. He’s got the tools and looks ready to have a break out year. Hopefully he stays healthy. I think Heyward will be a very good influence on him. Can’t believe the Cardinals didn’t sign Heyward to a long term deal midseason, though I’m not complaining!🙂

Anybody hear anything about Theo signing on for another term??

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