#Cubs announce spring broadcast sked

Cubs fans will be able to watch or listen to nearly every Spring Training game this year via television, radio or internet radio broadcast.

The Cubs announced Wednesday that a Cubs game will be available every game day of the spring schedule via one or more broadcast mediums, and 30 of the 32 games are scheduled to be available overall. The only games not available are road split squad games, March 7 against the Rockies and March 12 against the Dodgers.

The schedule features nine games to be televised by Cubs broadcast partners, including six by Comcast SportsNet Chicago and three by WGN-TV. Nine games will be broadcast on 670 The Score Cubs Radio Network, and 21 will be available via internet radio broadcast on http://www.Cubs.com. Fans can access the Cubs webcasts on Cubs.com and MLB.com for free by registering for a log-in account with the website.

Two games will be broadcast on ESPN: March 17 against the Diamondbacks from Sloan Park in Mesa, Ariz., and March 24 against the Giants from Scottsdale.

670 The Score, the team’s new radio rightsholder, will broadcast its first game on March 5 when the Cubs play host to the Reds. Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer return as the radio voices of the Cubs.

Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s first game will be March 16 when the Cubs play in Surprise, Ariz., against the defending World Champion Royals. WGN-TV’s first game will be March 20 when the Cubs play host to the Royals in Mesa. Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies return to call all Cubs TV games.

Kasper will join Mick Gillispie, radio broadcaster for the Cubs’ Double-A Tennessee affiliate, for most of the Cubs.com internet radio broadcasts. They will kick off the Cactus League season on March 3 when the Cubs travel to Maryvale, Ariz., to face the Brewers.



Re: WGN TV games; will they also be on WGN America?

No. That’s WGN-TV’s decision, not the Cubs.

Nice call, leaving the one who brought you to the dance……. Before Cubs baseball I’d never heard of WGN. **DUMB MOVE**

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Candelario 7th best 3B prospect according to MLB Pipeline.
Villanueva not listed in the top 10.
Happ 3rd best 2B prospect by MLB pipeline, even though he has not played a professional game at 2B. Now that’s funny, lol.

Aloha jasper- it is very neat to see all of these folks in the farm system doing so well. I think you mentioned last fall that you had the pleasure of seeing Candelario play. You can see the great problem the Cubs have with all this talent and no where for these folks to go. Of course some of them might be a year or two away, whereas others could be coming up later this year. I would not be surprised if Theo/Jed gave Beane a call come July and asked about Gray again! By the way, in the past I would pre-order some A’s tickets, I think I will just follow the schedule and see when Sonny is pitching and get those games! You take care now. Mahalo!

Jasper- forgot to mention that some other sites are discussing the Fowler situation with some thinking he returns to the North Side. I hope that does not happen; no disrespect at all to Dexter. I think if Heyward or another option did not pan out, one could see the organization possibly bringing him back for say one year (this of course assumes that Lackey/Zobrist are signed). Now, I think it would not be prudent fiscally speaking, unless and I only throw this out if by resigning him, they can immediately flip him to another team, whereby taking the “qualifying offer-clause” off the table making him more “attractive.” Then I could see the FO signing him to a one year deal (hopefully cheap with the option to trade him) and package him with some other players to say the A’s for Gray!!! At least in one year, Fowler would be back on the market at a great time as it will be thin on outfielders. Well, enough of the dreaming, I hope another team signs him soon and this topic will be closed. Mahalo!

K.g., always good to hear from you. My thoughts on Fowler resigning, I just don’t see it. The Cubs are already short on RH Hitting, Bryant, Russell, Soler and Baez when he plays. Of course Fowler is a SH, however you would almost have trade Soler if you sign Fowler.
That’s fine if you want to lose years of Soler, for another season of Fowler. Then again you can make the Soler trade for another needed piece or two. Use Fowler in CF, 2017 trade for a CF, sign a FA, hope that Almora is ready or put Heyward in CF and promote someone like McKinney.
As good as this Organization is, there are so many options.

Aloha jasper- I hope you are right. Because my concern is that by bringing him back that means Soler is traded. You also brought up another very good point and that is RHD power hitting. It has been hard to come by lately. On the team now: Rizzo-Schwarber-Montero and Heyward; all from the left side. So I think it is tremendous that they have two potential sluggers from the right side in Bryant and Soler, I say potential only because Soler did not have a full year in 2015. Plus as you say, do you want to lose the years with Soler over the signing of just one year with Fowler? At this point it does not make sense because you now have Heyward who is willing to play CF and he is a huge step up I believe, defense-wise from Fowler. And if the Cubs want to give Soler some time off to rest him, Heyward can always go over to right and Baez or Zobrist to CF. Again, I feel that Zobrist is an upgrade to Fowler in CF and I bet Baez would be too. The White Sox first round pick is protected because it is one of the first 10, so I am hoping they come to an agreement with Dexter. Take care now. Mahalo!

K.g., I think Baez or Soler would have been traded by now if not for the fact they both have power & bat RH. Management did a fantastic job the last 4 years finding LH Power/OBP Bats.
Heyward and Zobrist should make the lineup more productive with contact & OBP. The big problem now, is the Cubs don’t have that Leadoff hitter and, heard recently, Heyward does not like hitting leadoff.

Aloha jasper- I heard that too about Heyward that he does not like to lead-off. I think Maddon has options with Russell-Zobrist-Baez in regard to the 1st slot. Maybe we see Zobrist up there at the beginning. What a lineup: Zobrist-Heyward-Schwarber-Bryant-Rizzo-Soler-Montero-Pitcher-Russell. As you say options, all kinds of scenarios there! Your other post about pitching is also a valid one in that this is a great problem to have for this organization. I still like Hendricks in the starting lineup if it can work out. Of course Cahill/Warren maybe Richard and Wood will also compete for a starting spot. Hammel has to really prove himself, in that he starts off well but finishes weak. He has to go the whole distance; I hope he can. Take care now. Mahalo!

Hendricks fan here also K.g.
If Hendricks idea of the sophomore jinx is 180 IP, 1.16 WHIP, 167 K’s and a 3.95 ERA, I cant wait to see how he does after the jinx season.

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