#Cubs, Arrieta avoid hearing

The Cubs and NL Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta have reportedly reached an agreement on a one-year, $10.7 million contract, avoiding arbitration. Arrieta’s deal is a record one-year contract for a second-time arbitration eligible pitcher, topping the $10.1 million David Price received in 2013.

Arrieta and the Cubs were scheduled for an arbitration hearing on Tuesday. The right-hander had filed for $13 million, while the Cubs countered at $7.5 million. The difference was the largest of any arbitration case this year. The right-hander made $3.63 million in 2015.

The Associated Press first reported the settlement. As of early Saturday, the Cubs had not confirmed.


Good for Arrieta! 😀 All is good – let the games begin!!

I’m glad they avoided the hearing, but I’m still hoping they get a long term deal done. But I always hold my breath when Boras is the agent. Whatever happens, this has been a great offseason. More stellar work by Theo & Co.

Could work out to the Cubs benefit also Judson. There are two more years of Arietta, if he gets hurt, it would save the Cubs between 160 to 200 Million.
Boras is gambling with Ariettas future. That also is on Arietta, no reason for Management to push for a deal.

Aloha Judson, like you I am not a fan of Boras but as jasper mentioned and I forgot, the Cubs have him for 2 more years. I do not want anything bad to happen to him and hope he continues to pitch like his 2015 campaign but things do happen. Look at Tim Lincecum of the Giants. They are happy now that they did not give him a long extension. I am not saying this is in Arrieta’s future. I see him as a different pitcher but as Cubs fans I do not think we have to sweat it just yet. Take care now. Mahalo!

A young man filling his car with fuel was asked a question on the NBC Nightly News this evening. The reporter asked did he expect to possibly see 99 cent per gallon gasoline ever again? The man replied that he never thought it likely the Cubs would win a World Series, but both those things seem possible these days.

Possible and probable, jhosk. Looks like Cub fans and non Cub fans and everyone in between are all watching and expecting big things from Maddon’s “new” team! 😀 In my 81 years I have seen the impossible beat the odds over and over again! Why not now?? 😀

Aloha jhosk & White: I just hope and am sure that Maddon has said to this wonderful team of veterans and youngsters, “take it in stride, do not let the outside noise – media – get to you.” Meaning just go out there and enjoy yourselves, do not let the pressure get to you. Of course I would love for them to win the WS this year but I can say, I and many others have waited a long time. I like what I see and as we all know, it takes time to build a team and to build it with a strong foundation. You get that part wrong (foundation) and it affects everything else. As an aside, my father felt that the Cubs got Arrieta for a great price this season, just seeing what it costs to get good pitching. I wonder if the “extension talks” will resume after this upcoming season? You both take care now, Spring Training is upon us! Yes! Mahalo!

Aloha k.g. Those are good points. I`m certain you are elated the Super Bowl has concluded, and traffic is back to normal in the Bay area. In addition to your observation on Arrieta, Cubs` fans should keep in mind both Zobrist and Heyward chose to come to Chicago for less than each was offered to play elsewhere. The college baseball season officially opens Friday, February 19th. I`m planning to see Virginia versus Kent State that day here in Myrtle Beach, and the venue is Pelicans` Park, home of the Cubs` Advanced A minor league affiliate. The following day Virginia will play Appalachian State on the same field. Those two schools are among several participating in a tournament that weekend at the invitation of Coastal Carolina, the host school. Virginia will play Coastal Sunday, the 21st, on the Chanticleers` campus. Virginia won the NCAA Division I national championship in 2015, but there were many schools which were more talented, in my view. There is a lesson there for major league clubs, I suggest. There are factors in addition to talent which determine champions. Chemistry is one.

Aloha jhosk- Yes, thank you for the reminder about college baseball! I do still love it as well and remember your Virginia last year and their quest! We have discussed it many times here before but the best team on “paper” does not always win. Your points about Zorbist and Heyward are well taken. I hope that Arrieta wants to be a part of this organization like the two named above. I believe he does, it is just that his agent may have other ideas if you know what I mean. But, Arrieta is the client and can tell his agent what direction he wants to go. Heyward not only took less money, he also agreed to a position change! I am not saying that Arrieta needs to give the Cubs a Kerry Wood home-town discount. If he produces say an 18-8 record with 33 starts and a 2.77era, which would be 1.00+ compared to 2015, this year, then the Cubs need to take a chance I feel and make a good faith offer. Maybe it is only a 4-5yr extension but my hope is that all this restructuring and rebuilding is not to just win the WS once but to be competitive for a good string of years. Just like what was seen in the Super Bowl, defense wins. Well in baseball, pitching wins. I am looking for Lester to have a break-out year for his overall game (includes keeping runners at bay), Hendricks to settle in and give 6/7 strong innings, Arrieta to continue his ways but give him some rest if possible (meaning he cannot always go past 7/8innings), Lackey to continue his comeback and mentoring of the young folks and so forth. Then from there you have Hammel, Warren, Cahill filling in as 5th starters. Bullpen will be very important this year and hopefully Bosio is working with them on conditioning so as to keep the injuries to a minimum. Take care now and enjoyed your games! Maybe you will see Gleyber Torres again too! Mahalo!

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