#Cubs claim LHP Riefenhauser

The Cubs claimed left-handed pitcher C.J. Riefenhauser off waivers from the Orioles on Friday. To make room on the 40-man roster, left-handed pitcher Edgar Olmos was designated for assignment.

Riefenhauser, 26, has spent parts of the last two seasons at the big league level with the Rays, going 1-0 with a 6.30 ERA in 24 relief appearances. He was acquired by the Mariners as part of a six-player trade last Nov. 5 and acquired by the Orioles as part of a three-player deal on Dec. 2. He was designated for assignment on Feb. 4.

With Triple-A Durham last season, Riefenhauser went 4-2 with one save and a 2.86 ERA (11 ER/34 2/3 IP) in 29 relief appearances. He struck out 34 while walking only seven batters in 34.2 innings pitched, turning in a 0.92 WHIP.



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Another name to earn to spell! The Shark’s was bad enough! 😀

Aloha White- LOL! Yes, we have to brush up on our Deutsche! I hope he is a “diamond,” in the rough as they say. Could be another Oriole that blooms in Chi-Town (eg: Arrieta…). Take care now. Mahalo!

Learn to spell. 😀

I wonder what Managements plan is for Villanueva? We know he plays 3B and is pretty good defensively, but also play 1B and some OF. I thought they may keep his as a RH Bat of the bench and backup 3B/1B, but that thought changed with the signing of Murton, who can platoon with Schwarber in LF.
Also if Baez makes the team, sure he will, it will be difficult to find At Bats for LaStella with Zobrist signed. The Cubs have some talent to place or lose, they have to do something with Villanueva.

Aloha jasper- yes, what a problem to have! Too many folks that can play in various positions! I am still bothered by the fact that Fowler is out there in “un-signed” land as they say. I would rather have Villanueva over him for a whole host of reasons: control, costs, play positions and so forth. When Schwarber plays backstop they can have as you mentioned, Murton or someone else play LF. Not sure if you recently looked at the 25-man roster here on the site, it lists Schwarber as an outfielder but for the 3rd backstop…Contreras. Now, when Soler needs a day off, they can put Heyward in RF. When Heyward needs a day off they can put Zobrist/Szczur/Baez out there and there is still Coghlan too. There is the issue of SS & 2nd. If we assume that Russell & Zobrist are your starters, then how many folks do you keep as backup? Baez can play both of their positions well. I mainly see La Stella at 2nd, maybe sometimes at 3rd. If no trades are made before opening day 2016 but the team is in the fight for the division come July, there is a good chance that a trade takes place. Well, I do hope that the WSox or Orioles sign Fowler so that the organization gets a higher pick in the draft. Take care now. Mahalo!

You brought up a lot there K.g. Of course its all guessing or opinions at this point and it will all play out at some point.
On Fowler, I told my wife he should have accepted the qualifying offer. As we know, he did not. That’s on him, he wont be a Cub, I have no sympathy for him. All the fans will miss, was his leadoff skills. Maddon will find the right replacement, I am sure.
The issue you bring up at SS/2B, I am sure Baez will be the main backup. There is also another name I have not given up on and I hope Alcantara comes to ST ready to recover after 2015.
Murton did sign a Minor League contract, but all of the sudden look at the OF’s on the ML Roster, to include invites of several more to include Almora. Very crowded in the OF all of the sudden.
The days of Sappelt, Bogusevic, Shierholtz, Gillespi, Hairston, Sweeney, Bonifacio, Kalish, Lake, Ruggiano and B Jackson are pretty much over.

Aloha jasper- Yes, sorry if I threw out a lot there. What you told your wife is exactly right. I know up until this past season no player had accepted a qualifying offer but a good agent would have said to Dexter, this off season will be about pitching then some higher caliber outfielders(eg: Upton, Cespedes, Gordon). But next season, 2016, the FA market will be low on outfielders. So, take the one year deal and position yourself for many more offers after 2016. Well, as you said, unfortunately for him he took a gamble and it has not paid off. My hope is that the Cubs do not bring him back and I will feel a lot more assured of that once another team signs him. I am sure you saw in Carrie’s new article about who the organization is offering invites to come to ST. I forgot about Almora and Alcantara. Two more that I would love to see at ST. We needed help defensively in the outfield and we not only have it but the team gained an offensive weapon in Heyward. So, as you mentioned, there are only so many spots that can be given for both the 25-man and 40-man rosters. Once ST starts, I have a feeling we are going to see some movement fast in regard to who is kept and who is let go. Take care now! Mahalo!

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