‘Schwarbered’ windshield to be auctioned. #Cubs

Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber accidentally broke the windshield of Peter Gesler’s car with a batting practice home run, but the busted glass was saved and will be auctioned off this spring for a good cause.

Schwarber launched the home run over a screen in right field on Field 1 at the Cubs complex on Feb. 17. Gesler was standing near home plate and watching the batting practice session when it happened.

“I heard it hit,” Gesler said Saturday. “[The players] were laughing and applauding.”

He didn’t know it was his vehicle until he went to the parking lot. Gesler then posted a photo on his Instagram account.

Schwarber suggested on Twitter that Safelite might be able to repair the damages, and the company did. Safelite took care of Gesler’s broken window, replacing his windshield in the Cubs parking lot. Schwarber did autograph the broken windshield and added “Go Cubs” as well, to the delight of Gesler, 62, a Cubs season ticket holder who lives in Denver.

The souvenir, which was to be put in a protective case, will be auctioned March 25 at a Cubs Wives event.

“It really belongs to the Cubs family,” Gesler said as he watched the team practice. “We’ve been met with such generosity that we thought this was the right thing to do.”

A long time Cubs fan, he grew up in Deerfield, Ill. Kenny Hubbs was his first Cubs hero. Schwarber might be a close second.

“Thanks to Kyle, [the Cubs] have all done stuff they didn’t need to do,” Gesler said.



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Let’s have a contest to predict how many windshields Schwarber will break this season! Winner gets his autographed bat. 😀

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