Final: Brewers 2, #Cubs 1

Miguel Montero had two hits and Dan Vogelbach drove in the only run with an RBI double in the Cubs’ 2-1 loss to the Brewers in Phoenix in the Cactus League opener Thursday. Travis Wood started and gave up one run on one hit over two innings, and Kyle Hendricks struck out four of the eight batters he faced.


Well, I guess we will have to get readier! 😀 Just one game – not to worry.

Aloha White- yes, they are just working out the ST jitters and getting them bones/muscles all working. 2-1 is not bad. I like that Maddon is letting folks like Wood, Richard, Hill, Warren have starts during this period as you never know during the regular season when you need someone to step in fill a need. Take care now. Mahalo!

What were the good points and bad points of the game in your opinion White?

Aloha White, I am sure you liked the results today! Russell, Ross, Zobrist, Baez and all the pitchers! Good game. Liked that Kawasaki-san had the team all wearing “hachimaki,” Japanese head-bands and signing to them, karaoke style! Gunbatene! Mahalo!

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Well Jasper, Sounds like you think this is a classroom and I just got called on. You did the same thing on another post and I felt no need to respond, nor do I now. I did not see the game today. I was at the hospital having an MRI for my MS. When I got home I checked on the game results and saw that we had lost. And, as I stated, not to worry. It was just one game. When I want to comment on good or bad points of a game that I have actually seen I will do so.

So readier is all you have and just one game?
Brilliant. I so look forward to your deep thoughts, opinions and comments White.
In fact, its like going to grade school again.
About the Hospital & MRI, I am sure that will get you some attention from a couple the posters and we will have to hear about it.

I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry and accept an apology I never received. Buzz off Jasper! I am tired of your bullying and I imagine others on this blog are tired of it too.

Cant bully over the net, if your intimidated its because your out of your element. Talk Baseball.

Please keep the discussion to baseball, and stop the personal attacks.

Jasper, teenagers have been known to kill themselves over internet bullying. You need to rethink that statement and knock it off. If you want to debate someone on the merits of an opinion that’s fine. There is no need to insult people.

I don’t want your forgiveness White, I just want to see you write about Baseball.
MatB, jhosk if ladies really feel bullied, they have hotlines you can call.
Hearing rumors of other teams interested in Wood. The problem is, what do the Cubs need? They are deep at AAA & AA. Think Wood would bring a couple very good Class A prospects?

Thanks for `stepping up,` Mat B. I totally endorse what you wrote.

Aloha k.g. Yes – We were “readier” today! 😀 Kawasaki is my favorite ! I am used to seeing him in Toronto. He will add his stellar play and fun personality to the Cubs. He is proud of his heritage. I like that! “Old Man” Ross made the play of the game! 38 is the new 28! Of course being in my 81st year anything under 50is still wet behind the ears! 😀 “Stringbean” Edwards better watch out – living in the “Windy City” he could be skyward at any moment. Good game, fun game,

Aloha White-san! LOL! You put a smile on my face! My father sometimes was called a “string-bean,” when he was in his “pitching” days! I love seeing folks play like Ross. I saw Ichiro 2yrs ago, when with the Yankees, playing a game in RF at the Oakland Coliseum. He was amazing! Making running catches, diving plays that folks 10-15yrs his junior were not making. Ross was always good defensively and I am glad that he still has it and can pass it onto folks like Schwarber and Contreras. Kawasaki is a breath of fresh air in many ways. For my relatives, many times the demeanor is one that is very “reserved, controlled.” So, to have him come along and show his enthusiasm for the game, his teammates and the fans is awesome. You take care, 81yrs old is a baby at the senior citizen home/center I volunteer at in SF Japantown! We have one resident who will be turning 113 this year! She said to me that she is slowing down a bit physically but her mind is so strong. Her 90yr old son comes to see her regularly. She told me the story when she and her husband left Japan in the early 1920’s to seek a better life in America, how when they entered the San Francisco Bay, there were no bridges: Bay Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge (those came in the 1930’s)! You hang in there now, the season is only a month away from starting and it should be an exciting one! Mahalo!

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