#Cubs Respect Bald event

Cubs manager Joe Maddon had his head shaved, as did a few of the players to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Edgar Olmos was one who took part. Here are pictures of the right-hander before, during and after.0305Olmos30305Olmos20305Olmos1


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Today`s Cubs/Snakes game is being televised by the MLB Network as I type. (same-day taped)

Its a pretty good game jhosk.

I read the game was sold out at Salt River Fields, jasper. You are fortunate to have been one of the spectators and to have seen Dex go deep in the third inning. I read that the complex represents the first MLB park to be built on Native American Indian land.

That is a fact jhosk and is the Spring Training home of both the D Backs and Rockies. There is a Casino/Hotel less than a mile from the Stadium.

Aloha jasper, save that money (instead of the “tables”) for some more bb cards so you can get them autographed! Mahalo!

New theory on BB card collecting K.g. Instead of buying packs upon packs hoping for an autograph, just go to shows and buy the certified auto cards off the dealers.
A week or so ago, I picked up Dylan Cease, Justin Steele, Gleyber Torres, AUTO Rookie cards of Heyward and Russell all for about a $100.
Getting a nice collection of AUTO’s before they win the WS and they all shoot up.
Also, waiting for the Cubs TV Station.

Aloha jasper! Wow, may need to talk with you about the auto cards! Did you get the 2011/2012 one of Russell that is a Bowman 1st card? Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- That is very interesting. So, I wonder if one or more of the tribes made a deal with the MLB to have a park on their land/reservation. Out here in SF, Giants fans are still waiting to hear how Lincecum did in his “try-out” for other teams. Here is an article that a senior friend’s son wrote recently: http://www.mercurynews.com/tim-kawakami/ci_29544488/kawakami-giants-tim-lincecum-must-part-company?source=rss Take care now. Mahalo!

Unless Lincecum needs some kind of surgery, maybe he just needs a new Pitching Coach. The guy was great, maybe just mechanics or maybe he’s stubborn and don’t want to listen.
He seems way to young to just lose it. Sometimes a change of scenery does help?

Enjoyed reading that well written column and agree with the writer`s conclusions, k.g. Lincecum had a memorable 9 year run with the Giants, and that $35 million Tim received for the past two seasons was a gift, and now it`s time for each to part ways. Can`t think of any pitcher I enjoyed observing more for most of that time. He may be just 31, but it`s an old 31, and is still a mystery to me how he generated that impressive velocity, given his slight frame.

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