#Cubs vs Reds at Sloan Park

The Cubs play host to the Reds on Saturday at Sloan Park in Mesa, with first pitch slated for 1:05 p.m. Arizona time. The game will be broadcast on WSCR 670 AM radio. Here’s the lineup:

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler LF

Montero DH

Victorino RF

Federowicz C

Alcantara 2B

Almora CF

Torres SS

Gleyber Torres is the top rated prospect on MLB.com’s list of top 30 Cubs prospects.

Before the game, manager Joe Maddon, some of his coaches and some players will take part in the second “Respect Bald” event, getting their heads shaved to raise money for pediatric cancer research. That starts at 11 a.m. Arizona time. The players who have signed up include Albert Almora, Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, Kyle Schwarber, and Travis Wood.

Trevor Cahill starts Saturday’s game. The right-hander will most likely wind up in the Cubs’ bullpen this season but this gives him a chance to get stretched out.


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The guys who have their heads shaved may be very glad to have their Hachimakis handy! 😀 Good for Kawasaki!

I shaved my head for the cause, how about you White?

If I can be serious for a moment, something jasper is challenged to do, I suggest; that pitcher who was credited with today`s spring training win versus our Cubs, one Brandon Finnegan, is unique in the annals of both major league and D1 college baseball history. Finnegan is the only human being to ever participate in both the College World Series in Omaha and the MLB World Series in the very same season. That is one of those records which may never be broken, or, if it is, I suggest it will be many years from now until it is. Keep in mind, I`m not suggesting it is anywhere near to Joe DiMaggio`s 56 game consecutive hitting streak or Cy Young`s incredible total wins number, (wasn`t it 511?), but Finnegan`s achievement is unique in its own category.{ And by the way, these spring training games are insignificant, and have absolutely no relevance to anything. Please don`t get caught up in whether the Cubs win or lose. I think y`all knew that, but hope y`all do not mind me reminding you of that fact. }

Good one there jhosk, lol
How about Johnny Vander Meer’s two consecutive No Hitters?
How about Joel Youngblood’s two hits for two different teams in one day?
How about Fernando Tatis hitting two grand Slams in the same inning?
Do those compare with Finnigan’s feat?

Thanks for responding, Jasper. Those records you cited are anomalies or aberrations, and perhaps one can argue Finnegan`s record belongs in the same realm. Much good fortune and opportune circumstances no doubt play a large role in those records, most will agree. Heck, Johnny Vander Meer, for example, was a mediocre pitcher at best, one can argue. He had a career losing record, after all, and that was an era when having a losing record meant something, namely that you sucked. Today pitchers with losing records receive multi-million dollar contracts. (See Jeff Samardzija.) He`s not had even one winning season in his entire major league career.

That era you speak of jhosk, think of the Pitchers with hurt arms that could no longer Pitch. If they were Pitching today and had modern surgeries, there is no telling what they may have become.
I read on a book on Vander Meer has a youngster, he said ( if memory serves ) that he hurt is arm and it was never the same.

Those are probably good points you make, jasper. Perhaps Johnny could have benefitted from Tommy John surgery or something else. I`m pleased you have given me the opening to add something I intended to include in my prior post, namely that I`m very pleased Shark is pitching for the Giants these days, and not our Cubs. I wish him the best, but I`m confident our starting pitching will excel without him as the season unfolds. Am not saying we have all the necessary pieces at the moment, but am confident that will be true by August and September when it most matters.

jhosk as you know, I am not a Samardizija fan. All he seemed interested in his last couple years with the Cubs was his contract. Now he has that contract, we will see how he does.
As far as The Cubs staff, have you ever seen a Staff so deep in Starters? There is the starting five, of Arietta, Lester, Lackey, Hammel’s and Hendricks. Stretching out in ST, Wood, Cahill, Warren, Richard and Edwards. I am sure Edwards will be going to AAA. Then there was rumor today that there is a lot of interest in Wood by other teams.
Warren has been Pitching in the largest market, New York, in the toughest Division, AL East for three years, successfully. He is now in the toughest NL Division NL Central. He may really shock us all.
Best staff I remember the Cubs having and the deepest.

Yes, jasper, those you named we are, no doubt, counting on to be imposing. I had in mind a column written by Phil Rogers recently where he suggested the Cubs are likely to target a young impact arm, one preferably under control for multiple seasons, and to do so before the non-waiver August 1st deadline. He named more than 10 starters who are possibilities including Jose Fernandez, Chris Archer, Sonny Gray, and Chris Sale. Most of those names may strike one as implausible at the moment, but circumstances will change as we get deep into the 2016 season, and a trade for one of those boys, or perhaps another pitcher Phil cited, could be more realistic.

Aloha jhosk & jasper, you know who gets my vote: Gray! Mahalo!

K.g., Gray would be my choice as well. Its fun to look at the players in camp, wondering who makes it and who don’t? Of course they talk highly of everyone this time of year, unless they are injured of course. The Roster is so deep, we know Szczur needs to make the 25 Man Roster or a decision made on him. Villanueva was in the same boat.
No matter how good Alcantara does, he is going back to AAA.
It is just crazy how deep this Organization is.

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