#Cubs lineups for Mon; pitching

The Cubs will play two on Monday with split squad games. Half the team will face the Rockies in Scottsdale and the other half will play host to the Royals at Sloan Park in Mesa. Here are the lineups:

At Rockies in Scottsdale:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler LF

Montero C

Davis DH

Alcantara 2B

Kawasaki SS

Vs. Royals in Mesa:

Zobrist 2B

Russell SS

Schwarber C

Baez CF

Victorino RF

La Stella 3B

Almora LF

Vogelbach DH

Negron 1B

*If you’re looking ahead, Kyle Hendricks will start Tuesday against the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw; Jake Arrieta will start Wednesday vs. the Indians; Jon Lester on Thursday vs. the Mariners; and John Lackey will make his Cubs debut on Friday vs. the Reds.


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Kawasaki or Russell? It will be interesting to see who wins the SS position when the season starts.

Really? Your kidding, right?

I have to agree with Jasper on this one. Russell is an incredibly gifted player. Kawasaki is projected as a backup

Just for discussion sake, I think Kawasaki will have a very hard time making the 25 man roster out of ST. I do hope he accepts an assignment at AAA and stays prepared.
After a long summer of intense baseball, when the Rosters expand, a guy like Kawasaki, with his personality, would be a huge morale boost in September.

Aloha White- Kawasaki is fun to have around for the team and I think as others have mentioned if something happens, injuries, he can be a back-up. So, it behooves him to stick around even if in AAA. Russell is a magician at SS. I forgot what game it was towards the end of the regular season last year (I think it was against the Cardinals) where it looked like a for-sure base hit up the middle in the 9th and he was able to get to it then dish it off to Baez for the last out and preserve the win. I had to watch that one over and over again when you look at the physics of the play, most folks that would have been impossible. He also had an earlier play in the season when at 2nd base where he saved Lester big-time against the Pirates: two on and I thought for sure a bloop single was going to happen and he was able to get to it and hold onto it. The other thing that I like about Russell is his level of maturity for such a young person, how he conducts himself, a real asset for the game. Well, there is so much talent on this team it is wonderful to watch. Take care now! Mahalo!

Just heard that LaStella is out of the game due to injury. Don’t know how bad the injury is yet.
That’s the reason to have a guy like Kawasaki, just in case or depth.

La Stella out with right calf soreness

Thank you Carrie, you were all over that one. Nice!!🙂

That’s my job

I think the real matchup to watch here is who wins the starting firstbaseman job: Negron or Rizzo?

Now that really made me lol.

Rizzo versus Negron for starting 1B position update: Negron holds the edge over Rizzo average wise thus far, but Rizzo holds the edge power wise.
Tough competition between the two thus far, just depends on what Maddon will be looking for to start the season. OBP or Power?

I concur with what y`all said about Addison Russell. He`s a `keeper.` I can recall Carrie suggesting we “keep an eye on Addison Russell” when camp broke in March of 2015. She saw this coming. I admire his demeanor. He`s `all business` when between the lines. The next time we see him have `a lapse in concentration` will be the first time. Without citing names, I think you`ll agree that has not always been the case with past Cubs` shortstops. Also, did y`all see that the MLB Network`s `Shredder` picked its top ten major league third basemen recently, and Kris Bryant finished second to only Josh Donaldson? That`s high praise indeed for a guy who does not even have one full season under his belt. Evan Longoria did not even make the list. Don`t you marvel at how reputations and evaluations of talent change rapidly at this level?

Just think jhosk, the Cubs have another awesome SS a couple years away. Their #1 prospect, Gleyber Torres.
Cubs also have the #1 Catching prospect in Baseball in Contreras. Watch out Montero come July trade deadline.
Fowler needs to keep playing well, because Almora and Eddy Martinez may be knocking on the door come July trade deadline.
Not only is it going to be interesting to see who makes the 25 Roster out ST this year, its going to be interesting several more years.

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