#Cubs vs Dodgers lineup

Kyle Hendricks makes his first Cactus League start Tuesday when the Cubs play host to the Dodgers at Sloan Park. It will be Hendricks’ second spring outing. Here’s the lineup:

Baez SS

Schwarber LF

Bryant 3B

Soler RF

Victorino DH

Ross C

Davis 1B

Perez CF

Negron 2B

*Note: Tommy La Stella says he was pulled from Monday’s game as a precautionary move. He was bothered by a right calf strain during the day and hoped it would loosen up.

“It was just some tightness,” La Stella said Tuesday. “We’ll treat it as tightness, day to day kind of thing, and get out ahead of it.”



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Is that Taylor Davis at 1B?
I see Negron is at 2B.
Gotta enjoy Maddon’s lineups.

Aloha jasper, I was thinking what Doug said yesterday then saw Negron at 2nd and chuckled! Yes, give Maddon credit for keeping the guys on their toes. I hope Hendricks has a good outing today. By the way, did you see that Peralta is out for 2-3 months; watch the Redbirds ask the FO about Baez! Take care now. Mahalo!

That too is funny K.g. I asked my brother, a Cardinal fan yesterday, what kind of package he would give for Baez. His answer, we could get Castro from the Yankees much cheaper.

Aloha jasper, your brother may be right! I heard Hendricks had a good outing today. How was the play in the field thus far? Mahalo!

Aloha jasper and k.g. I read today that Peralta`s injury will create an opportunity for shortstop Greg Garcia, who also was the double-play partner of second baseman Kolten Wong at the University of Hawaii.

Aloha jhosk! Yes, you picked up on that! My father does not wish any bad thing to come to anyone, that would be Peralta. But he is excited to see the combination of Garcia and Kolten. By the way, I am glad that you liked the article that my friend’s son wrote for the San Jose Mercury News about Lincecum. I think the bay area has prepared itself for him moving on. My father thinks he should pitch for Seattle, that way he would be close to his family. Well, I hope for a better result tomorrow! Mahalo!

Ross with a HR & two bagger today.
Bryant with a HR, two hit & two RBI so far.
Hendricks excellent 3 IP.
Wood 3 IP, not so good, was hit hard, hit a batter, walked one, poor defense behind him. Faced 17 hitters in 3 IP. Another error behind him in CF and a another on a attempted DP.

I`m hoping Tim L. has something left in the tank, k.g. It`s more likely that the following adage applies: “Put a fork in him; he`s done.” I absolutely want that NOT to be the case; trust me.

What fun! Ross announces his retirement and apparently plans to go out with a bang! 😀 Hope he can keep it up for the entire season!

Bonsoir White. Ross is a popular guy in the clubhouse, no doubt. The MLB Network devoted an hour to the Cubs Saturday at spring training camp in Mesa. I hope y`all saw it. {The network is doing so with all 30 MLB teams.} If you did not, close to the end of the broadcast, Greg Amsinger posed a question to Jake Arrieta. Greg asked Jake if he were stranded on an island for years and could have just one teammate to endure all that pain with, whom would you choose? Jake found it easy to reply. Said it would be David Ross. {Btw, I`m pulling for your Oregon State basketball team to qualify for the `Big Dance.` I`ve heard it said if the Beavers defeat Arizona State in the Pac-12 tournament, they are assured a ticket to `March Madness.` I`ll be pulling for your team. Trust me. Don`t know if Joe Maddon`s Lafayette club has a shot this year. My hunch is they do not. Matt Szczur`s Villanova hoops squad is a lock The last time I looked, Nova was ranked No. 2 in the nation. This is my favorite sports time of the year. The only thing which can surpass `March Madness` for me in any given year is the Cubs competing in the World Series.}

Another intelligent conversation ender, your batting a 1000.

Hopefully La Stella stays strong this whole season because he’s just a great player, I just know it. And he can benefit the team SOOO much.

I hear you, Isabel. I`ve been a fan of Tommy since seeing him play at the college level at Coastal Carolina University which is very near to Myrtle Beach, site of the Cubs` Advanced A minor league affiliate. {Btw, did you know that our new right fielder, Jason Heyward, also once played for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans? The club was affiliated with the Atlanta Braves at the time, but I digress.} I`m impressed that you advocate for La Stella. I notice you admire Cubs` players who are not necessarily `high profile` performers. There`s one young man I have in mind whom I know you supported in the past, and is no longer a member of our squad, who fits that category. I reckon he plays for the Blue Jays these days. Did I mention I like your style, Isabel? One more thing, Isabel, did you happen to see that demonstration of power La Stella displayed early in Sunday`s game versus the Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick? He struck a ball hard to deep left center field which came ever so close to leaving the yard, and jasper was luckily in the sold out stadium to observe it. I look for knocks like that off Tommy`s bat during the regular season and post season, when the games will actually count.

Thanks for remembering about my boy Darwin Barney. I miss that guy, he would have loved the team, I know it. But yes I do tend to go for those “low key” players. Except for Kyle Schwarber, he was my favorite but when he didn’t blow up with all of those home runs. And I remember I told people he was going to be great and others said he would be traded sometime soon but look where we are at. I just have good feelings sometimes you can tell by how the person carries themselves. And thank god for Carrie because she helps with that. When she gives information about players or interviews it helps me see how they are as a person and you can just tell they’ll be great. And I did see that hot! I also remember that towards the end of last season when La Stella came back he started to hit really well, he proved himself right away. I liked that, he’ll be able to bring it when regular season starts

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