A note regarding blog comments

I have repeatedly stressed to keep the comments civil, to avoid personal attacks, and yet they continue. Please focus your comments to the Cubs and to baseball. This should be a fun season, let’s enjoy it. Thank you.

— Carrie Muskat


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Hear, hear, Carrie. Thank you for the blog, and civility

Well lets not let the Cubs losing Spring Training record thus far, get us down. The good news is the Starting Pitching is doing well. The Cubs are walking a lot, just not hitting. When they do hit, its for Power, with two more HR’s today.
If they are still losing the last couple weeks and after the first cuts, I am positive Maddon will get their attention.


I agree completely! There is too much incivility in our nation, especially during an election year. What we can all agree on is that we love our team! We can have fun debates on lineups or strategy, but let’s have fun, not anger, be our tone.

It’s really a shame that this blog sees such frequent personal attacks. It’s like you said, Carrie, this is going to be a fun season to watch and the Cubs are the reason for this blog, not harassing frequent commenters.

Hey, fans. Please reassure me that what Len Kasper said yesterday on internet radio during the Cubs-Indians game is true: Spring training results are meaningless, the whole idea is to let Joe and the bosses take a look at prospects on a 60-man-plus roster, the Cubs had a bad spring training record last year, nothing to worry about, and so on… Thanks.

Aloha Bruce- I am glad you brought up the topic. I remember in the past, I would look at a teams performance in ST and see how that translated for the regular season. There were years where the team did great in ST and kept running then ran out of gas by the All-Star Break. I also remember the years where they did go to the play-offs and were in the middle of the pack or below coming out of ST. I for one am not worried about the w-l record at the moment. Joe knows that he needs to try things now and see what scenarios work best so that in the regular season when used again, the team is not flustered because they have been through it already. My coach used to say: “make the mistakes and adjustments in practice.” I do not think we need to worry. You take care now! Mahalo!

I absolutely agree with the Len Kasper observation, Bruce. I suggested something very similar last week, if y`all recall, and I did so during March of last season and the March before that etc. and so forth. Spring training results could not be more insignificant and meaningless. The games do not count. Once the season commences in April, and if the Cubs demonstrate a pattern of futility at that time, there will be reason for concern; but that`s certainly not true now.

Len Kasper is absolutely correct. Right now, they just want to see what they have on the roster

If the 7th inning on looks more like a game you’d see in Des Moines than Wrigley Field, then the result of the game is totally meaningless. I mean, what game that matters would see Jake Arrieta coming out after only two innings? Same goes with Spring Training stats. Just because a guy hits .350 in Spring Training doesn’t mean he’s the next Tony Gwynn. At this point, you’re just looking for the regulars to shake off the rust and get ready for Opening Day and maybe see who might be worthy of a bench or bullpen spot among the few roster spots that are still up for grabs. If Rizzo hits .150 this spring, no one should worry. If Alcantara hits. 350 this spring, no one should demand that he start at second over Zobrist on Opening Day. So don’t get too emotional over game results and stats in Spring Training, especially only one week in!

The expectations are high this year and the spring training record is causing some concern. In the end that record doesn’t mean anything and I believe the team will be ready when the bell rings. When you look at the talent and the depth of this team you can’t help getting excited. It has been a long time but the future is bright for many seasons ahead.

Aawww! Check out the Bleacher Report to see the adorable puppy named after Rizzo – the new addition to the Cub’s fan base. 😀

That’s great, but in the future I will delete references to other blogs. If you have any questions, email me at CubsInbox@gmail.com

Got the message. No questions.

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