#Cubs Almora OK

Albert Almora was feeling 100 percent better after having to leave the field when his back tightened up on Wednesday. The Cubs were doing drills on Field 1 and Almora was in center field.

“I told [coach Brandon Hyde], I want this last one,” Almora said. “It was a little blooper and I took off and as soon as I took off, I felt my back knot up a little bit. It happens. I feel good now.”

After receiving some treatment, Almora said he felt “100 percent.” His status was day to day.

“It’s just the wear and tear of spring, and early mornings, and getting stretched and stuff,” he said. “I feel great now, I feel better. I could go now. I play 100 percent now. Why do it? It’s spring, these games don’t count. It’s precautionary.”

— Carrie Muskat



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Almora could be so good, but the injuries, aches and pains is really becoming annoying. Everyone plays with minor problems everyday, the HOF players deal with it and become great.
Mr. Almora, Management is watching you, along with your team mates, they all need someone with your talent in CF on a regular basis without complaints of minor afflictions.
Wish I could explain this to you, toughen up, use your talent and play the game.
If your injured go on the DL, if not, don’t say anything.

Aloha jasper- I have to agree with you on this and it is not an isolated case with Almora. The whole culture has shifted. On my college baseball team we were blessed to have a former major league player’s son join our team; the father was an infielder, mainly 3rd base. Very tough player, I would hear stories of him playing through injuries (that would heal just fine) that many today would not. His son played with the same tenacity and it was great. I like Almora very much too and have hoped for his success but as you say, he is at a moment in his career where he has to make a choice because this team, organization is not what it was 3 years ago. Baez is hungry and wants to be an every day player and if he can make the shift to CF and keep his BA up that is one strike right there. Same with McKinney and even Heyward for that matter. Just because Almora was a high pick does not mean he is entitled to a place on the 25-man roster. He has to earn it. By the way, have you been reading all the stuff swirling around about Arrieta? Wonder if Boras is trying to “fan the flames?” I hope Jake can go out there and concentrate on his game and not worry about his extension. Go out there and make a case for why the FO should give him more years. He has to prove it like Greinke and Price did for so many years before they got their larger contracts. And I hope Jake can also say to Boras, look if I were still with the Orioles, you think I would have had the same opportunity as well as for you? I like Arrieta and hope for the best but we have to remember this is not a “single-player” game it is a team sport. Take care now. Mahalo!

K.g., sometimes you meet a person and you get that true first impression, that makes you feel like you already know that person and comfortable being around them.
Some of you may remember my story of my wife and I meeting Arietta last year? Long story short, I asked my wife not to bother him to no avail. She went up said hello, and asked for his autograph.
He took time to talk with her, sign for her, so I go to get her, apologize to Arietta for disturbing him. With a smile, he said. ” no its ok, I don’t mind at all”.
What I am saying is, Arietta has patience and a lot of it. We also know he is very confident, so I doubt he is in any hurry to sign a contract. Especially making 10 Million this season, why be in a rush? He is Patient, Confident and Financially secure forever.
Then you look at Theo/Jed, they are just as patient. So I doubt there is any hurry, especially as Theo is not even worried about his own contract. lol

Aloha jasper- thank you for sharing that story. Many times I feel that what we “hear” in the media is not representative of the person. And with an agent like Boras that can be very true. Arrieta is not the Shark. And I am sure that Jake if he has not already done so, has had a chat with Boras about what direction he wants to go in, not what “Scotty” wants. Well, very gracious of Arrieta to take time to talk with your wife. He had a good outing today! Take care. Mahalo!

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