#Cubs at Padres

Clayton Richard will make his first spring start and third appearance on Tuesday when the Cubs travel to Peoria, Ariz., to face the Padres. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Rizzo 1B

Schwarber LF

Candelario 3B

Baez 2B

Federowicz C

Alcantara DH

Kawasaki SS

Looking ahead, John Lackey will make his second spring start on Wednesday when the Cubs travel to Surprise, Ariz., to play the Royals.


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Hi, Carrie! Thanks for the great coverage. Is Kris okay, and Joe’s just giving him a rest?

I’m sure if Bryant had so much as a hangnail, it would be reported somewhere. Even regulars get days off during Spring Training, or at the very least are sent to work in the batting cage or play in a B-game instead of the regularly scheduled game.

If you pay attention to the lineups, none of the regular players are starting every day. It’s March, folks.

I don’t know anything about Bryant, but I find it interesting how much run Candelario is getting. Former high prospect who faltered. Then last year saw a rebirth in AA Tennessee. Hot last couple games, it would be nice to see him turn into a solid depth option in AAA.

Aloha Tyler, you can find a lot on Bryant and his quick rise through the farm system and debuting last April; just amazing. Now in regard to Candelario, I hope jasper will chime in as he had the pleasure of watching him in the AFL last Fall. He said Candelario was amazing; so nice to have another 3rd baseman! Mahalo!

Haha. Thanks k.g. When I said I don’t know anything about Bryant, I was talking about an injury as previously mentioned. I went to roughly 10 games last year with Kris in the lineup. And on Candelario, I saw him when he was in Kane County for a short time (when he was regarded as a good prospect). I hope he follows up with his hot streak here in the spring.

Aloha Tyler- You know, I was at work and I checked Carrie’s site and saw the comment as I browsed the site quickly. I said to myself afterward, I bet he was speaking about whey Bryant was not in the lineup but I also thought, what if he is a young person, newer fan. So, I figured I cover all the bases. As jasper said, competition is great and I am glad that Candelario is in this organization! You take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha Folks, Opps, I meant what Judson said, about competition. And, I have to tell you, that I am not listening or looking at what the “odds-makers,” are saying. I would also advise that to the team/organization. There is a lot of ball left to play! Mahalo!

I agree about depth at 3rd KG. Definitely a big plus. Just like bringing Fowler back at far less than his qualifying offer gives us better depth in the OF as well. I’m rooting for Soler to have a breakout year, and there’s nothing like in-house competition to bring out the best in a player. Here’s hoping for another solid year & that the sophomore jinx bypasses the Cubs! (Did you guys hear that as of this morning Las Vegas had the Cubs favored to win the WS? Too bad March predictions don’t matter in October.) Take care.

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