#Cubs Arrieta exits with blister

National League Cy Young winner Jake Arrieta was expected to throw 90 pitches Thursday night, but lasted just one-third of an inning because of a blister on his right thumb. Arrieta said the problem was minor.

Arrieta was matched up against the Giants and Madison Bumgarner, and the Cubs right-hander retired the first batter, then gave up four straight hits, threw a wild pitch, and walked two, including Brandon Crawford with the bases loaded to force in a run.

Manager Joe Maddon went out to check on Arrieta before Crawford’s at-bat, and Arrieta then threw three straight balls. Once Crawford walked, that was it. Arrieta gave up five runs on four hits and two walks over one-third of an inning.

Maddon said there is plenty of time if the Cubs need to make an adjustment regarding the rotation and Opening Day.

“We don’t want to lose him, we don’t want to miss him, but I don’t think it’s anything awful,” Maddon said. “I’ve had guys with blisters before and sometimes you have to back off a couple days to give it a chance to heal up and then be proactive in the healing process. Overall, I’m not hyper concerned now. It’s one of those things to monitor and give it a little rest to get it on it’s healing ways.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Later Jake explained what happened to his finger on ESPN, televised here in Brazil. He said it’s nothing serious, that Maddon and Bosio knew about it, and so on. Let’s hope that’s really what it is. Carrie, fans, another matter, seemingly trivial: What’s up with all these Spring Training games where both teams wear the same-color jerseys?
Any logical explanation, please? Thanks.

They are special edition Spring Training jerseys.

Just learned today that MadBum had an issue with Heyward at one point in that Thursday night game. Someone will correct me if I`m mistaken please, but Jason was in the box and glanced at Dexter who was standing on second, and MadBum assumed Heyward was staring at him. Then Bumgarner concluded the Cubs were `stealing signs` as I understand. {Keep in mind I just saw the replay of this incident today, the following day.} The bottom line is MadBum was out-of-line. Doesn`t he realize this is still spring training and the games do not count? I admire MadBum most times, but he was wrong in this instance. He has an edge to his personality which is very unattractive at times, and this was an example. I recall a game during the regular season in 2015 versus the Dodgers when Madison overreacted to something he viewed as egregious on the part of the opponent, and we said he was wrong to assume that attitude then as well.

Aloha jhosk- while at work, a friend of mine who had the day off was watching ESPN here in the Bay Area and he said to me, that MadBum got heated for no reason. My friend is an A’s/Giants fan. He said that MadBum read something into it, where there was nothing and as much as he likes him, he feels he wears his “heart” on his sleeve at times and needs to toughen-up/mature. I was lucky because this friend of mine was giving me the updates since I could not listen or watch it. This could be a prelude to an October series! You take care now and have a Good Friday. Mahalo!

There was a story on Cubs.com Thursday night, detailing what happened. It was a misunderstanding

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