#Cubs Fowler OK

Cubs outfielder Dexter Fowler said he left Sunday’s game as a precaution because of tightness on his left side, and it had nothing to do with the bees that invaded Sloan Park.

Fowler said Monday that he felt some tightness in his side before the game, which was from crashing into an outfield wall. He led off the Cubs first with a home run, then was lifted defensively in the second inning. Jason Heyward moved from right to center, and the bees invaded around the third inning.

“My side was tight before that — before I even started the game,” Fowler said. “I figured I’d end on a good note.”

He was not in the lineup Monday to give him an extra day to heal.

“If it was something to worry about, I’d be worried,” Fowler said.

Fowler did get some razzing from his teammates about leaving the game before the bees arrived. Heyward was stung more than 20 times from the swarm.

“I told him it’s the cologne he’s wearing,” Fowler joked. “I said he’s got to switch it up.”

— Carrie Muskat


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It’s not fun getting stung by bees. http://bit.ly/1ZG962t

Spring training extends at least two weeks longer than it needs to. The Cubs and all the other major league clubs will be wanting to escape these final days of Grapefruit and Cactus League games without sustaining further injuries to their players participating in meaningless contests.

Aloha jhosk- was thinking about you. I can now say that I had your ncaa team winning it all. Boy the surprises that have happened! So, since I am out of it, I will pull for Oklahoma and Villanova, hoping one of them wins it. In the meantime, was talking with a person that is heavily plugged into the Bay Area Sports scene. He made a good point about this years Giants’ team: he said if they suffer one major injury, they are toast because they are not deep in the farm system but said the Cubs have so much talent in theirs that if God forbid something happened, someone could come up and fill the spot. I am hoping that the team can get out of AZ all intact and ready to go! Hammel had a rough last outing but hope that is just that, one of them games. Otherwise the starting pitching has been great this ST and the position folks are hitting! I am not sure if La Stella/Baez will be on the roster for opening day but have to say Kawasaki-san has made a strong argument to be there. Take care now and Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., Kawasaki is deserving, but is challenging to see how he will not be a victim of numbers, principally due to the apparent need for 13 hurlers being included in the 25-man roster. Was stunning to see a Tony Bennett-coached veteran team come unglued and collapse versus a mediocre 13-loss unit after enjoying a 16 point advantage at one point. Another reason it`s called March Madness. The Nova/Sooners game Saturday should be the more competitive of the two, and am partial to the Wildcats. But Buddy Hield is a revelation and the best single player I`ve observed this season. Have read Buddy did not turn pro after last season because he was projected to be just a second round choice. Aside from finding that incredible, it`s a lock that will not be the case in 2016.

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