#Cubs Baez expects to play soon

Javier Baez, who will begin the season on the disabled list with a sprained left thumb, was disappointed that he didn’t make the Cubs’ Opening Day roster, but expects to be sidelined for a short time.

Baez has been testing his thumb taking batting practice for two days, and said it’s passed all the tests so far.

“I haven’t played in a few days, so they want me to see live pitching,” said Baez, who hasn’t played in a game since March 20. “I want to see live pitching, too.”

He’ll stay in Arizona and continue his rehab with the Minor League teams.

“Whenever they have games here. I’ll be taking [batting practice], and taking ground balls,” he said. “I feel good.”

— Carrie Muskat


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Lamont you big dummy, don’t you go slidin into first base head first, yo big dummy.

Thanks for the reference to Fred Sanford and more specifically, Redd Foxx, an American original. Once saw him perform his stand-up routine in Vegas, and he broke us up, but not even a fraction of his act would have passed television censors. On a serious note, have seen 7:05 PM for the Cubs/Angels April 4th. Is that 7:05 PM California time, or is that Central or Eastern time please?

7: 05 California time jhosk.
It will be my first opening game in many years. Looking forward to it.

Aloha jasper- So excited for you too! The weather looks great in Anaheim, sunny and 79F! This is good for the young folks to get a start on the road; give them a chance to really come together (chemistry) before playing at home. I see after Angels its off to AZ. What I like about this opening schedule is that the conditioning that they have been going through and the healing of any minor injuries can continue in the warmer weather. Cause I am sure Joe will remind them and prep them as the majority of the month of April is in colder weather, even into May. I know jasper you bring up the cold weather often and that can play a role in how a team plays. I just hope the team can stay loose and ready as they should be another exciting season of Cubs baseball! Mahalo! PS: picked up a Topps Sonny Gray certified autographed card…

That’s a nice card you have there K,g. 🙂

Aloha delaware Cub and jhosk- thank you for the good laughs! I was very very young when Sanford and Son was on (towards the end of the show) but was able to catch reruns. I have a feeling in a “cerebral” way that Maddon and the team have a close and fun relationship, where folks have each others backs but can still joke and laugh about it. As well as to be serious. I just look forward to them having fun, does not mean they win every game but that the joy of the game is within them. Take care now. Mahalo!

Thanks for that, jasper. The Cubs` faithful will be wanting you to witness a victory for the visitors. Enjoy! Just learned today there is a baseball connection to the above show-biz performer. He borrowed that stage name from Jimmie Foxx. Also, he was born Jon Sanford and had a brother named Fred.

Aloha delaware, jasper, jhosk and folks! Well, it has been fun locally watching former Cubs playing like: Shark and Chris Coghlan. Coghlan hit some hard line-drives but folks like Duffy made very good plays. Also, Coghlan did a Zobrist-Baez tonight, he played 2B-3B-LF and did well. No errors on either side. The Giants have a tight infield with Belt-Panik-Crawford-Duffy. I know it is a prelude to when the play our beloved Cubs. Their outfield is also very good. Tonight Pagan was in LF, Span in CF and Pence in RF. Span has to learn the “layout,” but even when he got a late jump on the ball, his speed made up for it and the plays were made. Pagan looked great as well (last year he had health issues). Lastly, Peavy pitched tremendously, his slider is back. Again, they have a strong team (starting that is) but if one injury happens, they are not deep like the Cubs. So this will be interesting to watch and I cannot wait for the series here in May! Getting close! Mahalo!

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