#Cubs Schwarber injured

The Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber collided with Dexter Fowler in center field in the second inning Thursday night, and had to be taken off the field on a cart. He suffered a sprained left ankle, and initial X-rays were negative. He was to undergo an MRI on Friday on his left knee, and the Cubs will have a better idea about how long he’ll be sidelined after that.

Both Schwarber and Fowler were chasing after Jean Segura’s fly ball into the gap in left center. It appeared that Schwarber got tangled with Fowler, and fell onto the warning track. Segura kept running, and was credited with an inside the park home run — his second home run of the game. He also hit John Lackey’s first pitch over the right field fence for a leadoff homer.

Schwarber was able to sit up, and eventually got to his feet, but needed to lean on Cubs athletic trainers for support. He could not walk off under his own power, and was taken off the field on a cart.

— Carrie Muskat


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Aloha Folks- gosh I really hope he is all right. I had just had to deal with a knee issue, funny it did not happen to me when playing ball. My surgeon said that really any one over 25yrs should not have their meniscus repaired if there is a tear/it is torn. That was my case, so they “cleaned” it up and I am amazed at my mobility again. I do not want to think the worst, I hope it is a bad sprain. But he has youth on his side and could have a tear repaired if needed. Let us hope for the best. Our prayers are with you Schwarber-san. Mahalo.

Yes, k.g. — Let us hope that Schwarber is back to breaking windshields really soon!

Aloha White, Amen to that! By the way, thought of you as our Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Matsuri) in the city begins this Saturday and continues to next weekend. Too bad Barney-san isn’t playing here with either Coghlan or Shark; he could enjoy some of our Teriyaki! You take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. It would be nice for Barney to be closer to home. Everyone is getting passports ready for Toronto which is a lovely city. By the way, that was some game in your city yesterday! I watched the whole thing – Pence was awesome! I saw Pence and Shark in deep conversation after his grand slam! 😀 Enjoy your blossoms!

Aloha White- yes that was quite a Giants game. Many here have speculated that the Giants are a formidable team but with one major injury they are in big trouble because they do not have the dept like the Cubs do. Well, wouldn’t you know that the Cubs would have to go into the reserves so early since Schwarber is out for the entire season. Our prayers are with him for a full recovery and for Maddon the staff for working through all of this. I have a feeling it will only make them a stronger team. Will enjoy the blossoms and hope you have a blessed weekend as well. Mahalo!

The genius just cost him the season. He should have been catching. Not everyone is another Zobrist.

Yes, because catchers never get hurt playing their position. The ironic thing is not playing catcher was supposed to help preserve his knees, as he wouldn’t have to squat and drive them into the ground or take a foul ball off of them playing LF. Just goes to show that once you step on the field, you can get hurt any number of ways. It’s just a risk of playing professional sports in general. It’s a shame that a freak accident had to end his season 3 games in, but don’t blame it on Maddon not having him play catcher!

That’s a ridiculous statement. Schwarber could easily have been hurt in a collision at the plate (think Buster Posey). It’s life, it’s baseball, and good teams are prepared to deal with injuries.

Aloha Doug & Carrie, very true. I knew the risk involved when I played, as well as my teammates. Stuff happens as they say and more often then people realize; just does not always translate into a torn acl/lcl. Folks should not disparage Maddon in regard to his decision to play Schwarber in LF. On the positive side because of Schwarber’s age/ youth he can have his injuries repaired and have a strong recovery. Including playing behind the plate. As you mentioned Carrie, Giants Fans will not forget that day when Posey suffered that tough injury which took him out but he came back! And a few years before him, how many remember a catcher for the Giants too..Mike Matheny (sp?). He suffered one too many defensive hits and had to walk away from the game. But today is the manager of the Cardinals. I am just as frustrated that Schwarber is out for the season but give credit to the FO for putting together a versatile team that can weather these storms. Gunbatene Cubbies! Mahalo!

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