#Cubs Minor League report

Friday’s games

Dan Vogelbach hit a three-run homer in Iowa’s 8-6 loss to Round Rock. Drew Rucinski took the loss, giving up seven runs over 4 1/3 innings. Munenori Kawasaki rejoined the team, and drove in three runs.

Tyler Skulina gave up two runs over five innings in Tennessee’s 4-2 win over Birmingham. Jacob Hannemann had two hits and one RBI.

Trevor Clifton gave up two runs over 4 2/3 innings in Myrtle Beach’s 2-0 loss to Carolina.

South Bend lost, 10-3, to Fort Wayne. Ryan Kellogg gave up four runs over 4 1/3 innings. Ian Rice and Daniel Spingola each had two hits.

Injury update: Iowa pitchers Pierce Johnson and Stephen Fife were both placed on the disabled list, and Stephen Perakslis was promoted to Iowa from Tennessee. Fife was injured during his second start of the season against New Orleans on April 13. He was removed mid-at bat after pitching 4 1/3 innings of two-hit ball and has been diagnosed with a left side strain. Johnson was hit by a comebacker in the third inning on April 11. He faced two more batters to finish the inning. He’s sidelined with a forearm bruise on his pitching arm.


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It`s a pity Kawasaki had to be bumped back to the minors this week due to the 25-man roster limitation. He`s proved he belongs somewhere on a major league roster. Did you happen to see a replay of that sensational behind-the-back stab of a liner Starlin Castro made last night when playing second base for the Yankees? It`s worth a look.Trust me. Also, unfortunately, there was another instance of a fan being struck by a foul ball in the stands of a major league game. It happened last night during the White Sox/Rays contest in Tampa at Tropicana Field. (To be precise, Tropicana Field is actually in St. Petersburg, but I digress.) The victim was removed on a stretcher. {You must be alert at all times when there is action on the field and you are a spectator sitting in a vulnerable area of the stands during a baseball game.}

I`ve heard it said the Five-Thirty- Eight site has concluded that Steph Curry`s record 402 three pointers made this past NBA regular season is equivalent to a major league baseball player hitting 100 homers in a given season. Not certain what to make of that. Not sure I buy it. I want to hear your opinions. Too many of you have been conspicuously quiet of late. Your silence is deafening. Is Stephen`s record akin to a baseball player clouting 100 dingers in one season?

I can’t deny the interest in the Warriors right now, but please keep in mind, this site is designed for discussion re: the Cubs, not the NBA

I hear you. I stand corrected. I respect that you have the hammer. Does this mean we can no longer comment on the Blackhawks when they go deep into the playoffs or perhaps beyond? We`ve been doing so for years, and I don`t recall anyone ever being admonished for doing so.

jhosk the norm now for the NBA is 3 pt shooting,I think he broke his own record set last year,Jordan in his prime was really not a 3 pt shooter,most of his highlight reels are of him driving to the rim,getting fouled and free throws,sorry for not commenting more have just been busy with a new job,at least you included the home run reference in your above comment,kinda think that was alright,tough loss for the Hawks last night,got to see a Pelicans win over Carolina this weekend,absolutely beautiful day,game and win,Myrtle Beach looked good. Gotta go,shout out to everyone,Go Cubs!

Aloha Kenly! As jhosk mentioned it is good to see your comment here! I have to tell myself everyday it is a long season and just to see where they are right now is great but there will be those trying times as well; cannot expect them to win every game. It is exciting as they get to know one another more, play everyday together. What is amazing is that the “power” has not come around yet but their approach at the plate, patience is paying off dividends so when the long balls start going out, they will will be that much stronger. I hope the defense plays well tonight and that Lackey keeps the ball down. Take care now. Mahalo!

Is always a pleasure to hear from you, Kenly Cub. I defer to you when it comes to hockey, but I did read the Hawks finished 10th in the league in defense this season, and wonder if that could be their Achillees` heel in these playoffs. Seeing a Carolina League game is never a bad thing, especially when one`s a Cubs` affiliate. I expect both Lackey and Heyward to be booed mercilessly tonight. Given John`s proclivity to be emotional, it could get interesting.

Very impressive team performance tonight. Lackey is a bulldog. Love his competitiveness. So many things one can comment on. At least two outstanding grabs by Fowler in short right, Bryant`s defense at third, the communication between Montero and Lackey in that tense inning when Cards had runners on second and third with one out, and failed to score despite our botched run-down attempt. (What happened there?) Loved the two meetings on the mound between pitcher and catcher when Carpenter was at the dish. Fowler`s offense has been there consistently all season. Our big guns have not hit their strides yet, and still we`re 10-3. (The crowd got on Heyward`s case more so than Lackey`s. Did not anticipate that.) You all can mention other things, I`m sure.

Aloha jhosk- I was just thinking that I need to give Fowler kudos. He hit the ball hard and deep all 4 times. He made a great catch, I think in the 5/6th inning; got a great jump on the ball to right-center and hauled it in. Also Heyward had a couple of great catches tonight in right; he makes it look easy! Bryant had some nice plays at 3rd too! Lackey was great and for the first 5 innings no score (0-0) he really picked up the team and kept them in it. I mean, Leake and him were battling. You cannot tell from the final score how close it was. Leake pitched one heck of a game and just lost his edge in the 7th. Anyhow a great start to this road trip! Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. As we`ve been reminded by the author of the blog, it`s been all about pitching. Our pen has been lightly used to this point. Our starters have been stellar with their consecutive quality starts. Let`s enjoy that while it lasts. At some point that will cease, and the bats and bullpen will need to step up. I agree Leake was very effective for much of the contest, until he wasn`t. Lackey outlasted him. {Keep in mind, Leake was signed by the Cards to replace Lackey when John signed with the Cubs.}

Those grabs in right were by Heyward, of course, not Fowler. If you saw the game on ESPN, you saw the David Ross exchanges between innings and during the game with former MLB pitcher Curt Schilling. Those moments should have reinforced why David Ross is a team leader and is admired and beloved by his teammates.

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