#Cubs vs Cardinals series finale

Kyle Hendricks will close the Cubs’ series against the Cardinals in a matinee at Busch Stadium. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Zobrist 2B

Rizzo 1B

Bryant LF

La Stella 3B

Montero C

Baez SS

Hendricks P

The Cubs’ 11-3 record through their first 14 games is tied for the second-best start in franchise history since 1900, surpassed only by the 1907 squad that started 12-2 (and 13-2 through 15 games).

The Cubs are the first team in the Majors to reach 11 wins, and are the only club yet to lose consecutive games this year.

Chicago is 7-1 on the road. It’s the first time since at least 1914 that the team has won seven of its first eight road games to begin a campaign.



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Aloha Folks- This would be a big game to pick up before going to visit the Reds! I see Addison gets the day off. Curious about Soler having the day off too, was it due to his defense? I sure hope he can work things out. Hope the team gets Hendricks some runs early. Mahalo!

Probably due to Martinez not liking lefty bats….. We are very lefty heavy today

Aloha Petrey, good point. I thought because Soler is a pretty good fastball hitter and Martinez throws hard, it was a good matchup. Hendricks is getting pounded and I am not sure if he lasts long today. Heard one of the announcers say he has not thrown inside to the Cardinals, all middle to outer part of plate. Hope they can contain the damage to give bats a chance. Mahalo!

We can`t win every game. Hendricks is our No. 5, and he right now is the most likely to be replaced by that elite starter we expect to acquire before the trade deadline. We discussed how Kershaw is regarded by most knowledgeable baseball observers as the very best starting pitcher in the game, and Jake Arrieta may very well be No. 2. But all this is subjective. Perhaps Jake is No. 1 right now. After all, who won the most recent NL Cy Young Award? (Did I ever mention that Chris Sale is not shabby?) { You`ll forgive me for digressing.} Those same knowledgeable baseball observers have felt for a long while that Mike Trout is the very best position player in the game. But now Bryce Harper is challenging that contention. Some very smart baseball people these days are arguing that Bryce has more upside than Mike, and that indeed Harper is the better player right now. It`s all very fluid, folks. If you disagree, I`d love to hear your arguments.

Aloha jhosk- Hendricks is another one that I try to advocate for. I think he can become a better pitcher such that he could one day be in the 3-4 slot. But one thing that holds him back is over-analyzing. Today he was not getting some calls, the strike zone was small. Well, as a control pitcher (as opposed to a power pitcher) he needed to make the adjustments. His pitches were middle to outer middle of the plate whereby the Cardinals could stretch out their arms. The first two games Lackey and Hammel both did a very good job of going inside on them. So for Hendricks this will come with more experience I hope. I am not giving up on him yet and hope he makes the adjustments now. Also, look at the hard balls hit that stayed in the park today: Rizzo could have had 2 dingers and what if Holliday’s knock stays in the park? As you said cannot win every game. I think Sale is good as well as Gray. We will see what happens as the season unfolds! But the Reds just did a number on the Rockies so they have to be taken seriously in this next 4-game series! Mahalo!

I hear you, k.g. I am absolutely not giving up on Hendricks either. I love that he`s an Ivy Leaguer who made it to `The Show.` That`s rare. I`ve supported Hendricks right along. I commented that right now Hendricks is the most likely to be replaced in the rotation, but much can change between now and July when that stud hurler is expected to be acquired. Perhaps Hammel will be the most likely to be supplanted at that point. It`s all very fluid, as I suggested. This time next season we could be talking about a third position player in that conversation with Trout and Harper. {It could very easily be a current Cub. I have someone in mind, and I`m thinking other Cubs` fans may as well.} Did you hear that Jake Arrieta hurled a no-no tonight? That`s awesome!

Aloha jhosk- I had read or heard on this past off-season that the Yankees were tracking Harper and hoping to court him when he gets to the FA market. Yes, I like Hendricks; a thinking person and hopefully can make the adjustments necessary to keep in the rotation. But as you say, nothing is written in stone and July could be full of surprises. I wish some of them 16 runs last night could be carried over for tonight, I just hope that the offense can score some runs for Lester today as he pitched a very good game in his last outing. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. When Harper becomes a free agent in three years, he`s expected to command the largest contract in professional sports history. Could be in the $500 million range, it`s been speculated. Saw David Ross interview on the MLB Network this morning, and he revealed he was challenged to wind down from last night`s excitement, and got precious little sleep. Since he`ll be behind the plate again tonight, Rossy may be functioning on adrenaline.

Aloha jhosk- yes, that is scary the type of contract that Harper may get! I hope Lester does not put too much pressure on his buddy Ross today! I mean he only caught a no-hitter, hit his first home run as a Cub as a catcher and ran well on the bases too! Mahalo!

Hey, Carrie, fans, a question: When I was a kid, back in the Dead Ball Era, when it rained, the umps waited for an hour or so. If it still was raining, and if the game had gone the necessary five (or four and a half) innings, they called it. Final score, time to go home. Now, they hang around for three four or five hours. Sometimes they pick up the game from where it was stopped, the next time the same teams meet. What in fact is the rule today? Thanks.

The rule today is to try to play if possible (obviously, no matter how long the wait). The grounds crew checks with the Nat’l Weather Service for updates and if there is a window, they prefer to wait rather than schedule a make up game

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