#Cubs vs Reds lineup

Jake Arrieta opened the Cubs’ series vs. the Reds with a no-hitter. What will Jon Lester do? Lester starts Friday night at Great American Ball Park with David Ross behind the plate. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Heyward RF
Bryant LF
Rizzo 1B
Zobrist 2B
Baez 3B
Russell SS
Ross C
Lester P


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Aloha Folks! Cannot take this success for granted and the team will play better competition in the future. Kudo’s to Lester another quality start. And for him to be a part of a squeeze play that netted a run, that was awesome. Feel for Russell, he is hitting the ball well but either at someone or a good play was made. I am sure more success at the plate is soon to come. Nice to see Ross enjoying this time too. Good luck today to Lackey and team! Mahalo!

Yes, sir. Aside from Lester, the most impressive aspect of the game for me was the textbook execution of those two suicide squeeze bunts by Rossy and Lester in the same inning. I watched the Reds` television feed and Thom Brennaman was effusive with his praise for the Cubs in that inning. The fact that the bunts came in consecutive at bats, and by the team`s battery, is stunning. I would think it has been a long time since anything quite like that has transpired in MLB, if ever.

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