Arrieta rewriting #Cubs history

0422JakePitchJake Arrieta is 20-1 with a 0.86 ERA (17 ER/178 IP) with 33 walks and 173 strikeouts in his last 24 starts since June 21, which is the best 24-start stretch in Cubs history. It may be the best stretch in Major League history. Baseball historian Ed Hartig points out some facts during Arrieta’s streak:

*Arrieta is the first pitcher in franchise history to win 20 games in a 24-start stretch, passing the 19 wins turned in by Rick Sutcliffe during a stretch that ended 1985.

*Arrieta has given up 91 hits in this stretch, better than the previous low of 92 hits in 24 starts by Dick Drott that ended in 1961.

*Arrieta has served up 20 runs, half of the previous best of 40 runs in 24 starts by Grover Alexander that ended in 1920.

*Arrieta has allowed 17 earned runs, nearly half the prior best of 33 earned runs in 24 starts by Hippo Vaughn that ended in 1919.

*Arrieta has a 0.86 ERA, far lower than Hippo Vaughn’s 24-game run with a 1.43 ERA that ended in 1919.


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