#Cubs host ‘One Step Camp’ kids

Prior to Tuesday’s game at Wrigley Field, the Cubs hosted Children’s Oncology Services, Inc.’s One Step Camp, which provides children in different stages of cancer treatment with empowering, supportive, and fun experiences. Anthony Rizzo, Justin Grimm, and Adam Warren took time after batting practice to visit with the group, taking photos (and even some selfies), and signing autographs.



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There is a revealing piece in today`s `USA Today` on Jake Arrieta. Jake volunteers that some of the best players in the league are questioning if he takes steroids. I guess I`m naive, as this possibility had not entered my thinking prior to this. Jake has seen things on Twitter regarding players making roid comments, but he chooses not to cite names. When folk makes accusations, I want to see names. Let`s have transparency. If any of y`all are indeed on Twitter, and can identify the players who suspect Jake of cheating, we`d be much obliged if you`d step up. Also that piece reveals that Jake and his agent, Scott Boras, made clear to the Cubs this past offseason they`d like a seven-year extension. Boras claims the Cubs were not willing to talk more than three or four years. Also found it interesting that Jake has already broken two of those new Pilates machines in the Cubs revamped clubhouse from his strenuous exercise routine. {He spends three hours a day working out, and even works out twice on the days he starts. }

If you were to read Cubs.com, Arrieta addresses the topic as well. It’d be nice if folks read Cubs.com

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