#Cubs lineup vs Brewers

What will Jake Arrieta do for an encore? On Wednesday night against the Brewers, the right-hander makes his first start since throwing his second no-hitter. Arrieta is 20-1 with an 0.86 ERA over his last 24 regular season starts. His only loss in that span came when Cole Hamels threw his no-hitter against the Cubs on July 25.

Arrieta has a streak of 24 quality starts in a row, second longest streak since Bob Gibson established the MLB record when he threw 26 straight quality starts from September 1967 to July 1968. In his start after his first no-no last Aug. 30, Arrieta threw eight scoreless innings against the D-backs on Sept. 5.

Miguel Montero is not starting. He was scratched from Tuesday’s game with a stiff back. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

La Stella 3B

Russell SS

Ross C

Arrieta P



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You mentioned that Arrieta’s only loss in his last 24 regular season starts was Cole Hamels’ no hitter on 25 July 2015. One interesting personal note about that game is that, even though I’ve resided in California for most of my life, I am a native of Illinois and have been a Cubs fan my whole life. I was in attendance at Wrigley Field for the Hamels no-no with a couple of cousins. We sat way down the right field line, lower deck. At the time, I recall hearing the Chicago sports media remarking on the fact that the Cubs had had the longest streak of games without having been no-hit; that, in fact, the last time they had been no-hit was nearly 50 years before when Sandy Koufax had thrown his perfect game against them on 9 Sep 1965. As it happens, I was at that game, too, having been taken there by my dad for my 17th birthday. As a result, I have come to believe that, given that one game was in Chicago & one in L.A.; that they were separated by almost 50 years; that the ownership of both teams has changed in interim; and that the announcers have all changed (except for Vin Scully, and he doesn’t travel anymore and wouldn’t have been at a Phillies game in any case), that I may be the only person to have witnessed both games…..at least as a paying customer. It’s possible that Billy Williams was at Wrigley for the Arrieta-Hamels matchup; but Banks and Santo are gone, and I’m not sure what other former players routinely hang around Wrigley Field these days. What do you think?!

Aloha George! I think that is cool! I only wished I could have seen Koufax pitch! My father speaks of him a lot and what he had to do to hone in on his game and that the second half of his career is completely different from his first half! I am sure Carrie will chime in if there are others such as yourself! I am looking forward to seeing our Cubs play against the Giants in May! Take care now. Mahalo!

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