#Cubs Minor League report

Sunday’s games

The weather interfered with all four Cubs affiliates games.

Drew Rucinski gave up four runs over five innings in Iowa’s 4-3 loss to Colorado Springs in the first game of a doubleheader. The second game was postponed because of inclement weather. John Andreoli had two hits, one RBI and a stolen base. Willson Contreras hit two doubles.

Tennessee’s game at Biloxi was postponed because of rain. The game was to be made up Monday night as part of a doubleheader.

Myrtle Beach’s game against Salem was postponed because of bad weather, and was to be made up as part of a doubleheader in early June.

South Bend’s game at Cedar Rapids was cancelled because of rain. The South Bend Cubs return home Monday against Wisconsin.



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Was Szczur hurt on the steal of home? I was outside mowing and I have no idea why he was removed. Never mind, they just said why on the TV broadcast.

Tweeter heated up after the report on Szczur. Matt Murton pulled from the AAA game before his first At Bat.

Murton is hurt.Waiting for an update

Aloha Carrie- I just saw your post that Kalish is getting the call. Would Murton have if not for this injury? Mahalo.

I`m thinking a principal reason why the Cubs ran on the Pirates Monday night and were aggressive on the base paths is because our advance scouts emphasized that point when they filed their reports on the Pirates. Advance scouts are some of the least appreciated folks in an organization. You rarely hear about them. You can be certain there are Cubs` advance scouts who are observing the Nats versus the Phils tonight, given Washington is our next opponent. When I opine that those scouts are unappreciated, I mean unappreciated by the fans. You can be certain the organization does not take those scouts for granted, especially when they are spot on, as was the case last night.

Aloha jhosk, jasper and Mat B: this is a test for this team. I am glad that Maddon and the FO are taking things seriously as you do not want to worsen anyone’s condition. At the same, how many reserves do they have? I know Iowa is pretty deep with players but at the same time you hope for a core out of your 25 to be present. I know the guys can do it; as many of you know, PNC is a big park a lot of outfield to play. I am sure Bryant can fill in for Heyward just fine and hope Fowler can help out Soler in Left. The outfield my concern for tonight and going forward. I feel pretty confident with the infield. Hang in there everyone! Mahalo!

As you were! Our scouts will be in Kansas City tonight to observe the Nats vs. the Royals. Please erase my reference to the Phils from your memory banks.

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