#Cubs Szczur to DL

Matt Szczur was placed on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday because of a mild right hamstring strain and Ryan Kalish called up from Triple-A Iowa. Szczur was injured during a double steal attempt Monday night in the fifth inning. He was on third base when David Ross, who was on first, broke for second. Szczur headed home, then stopped as the throw came in and started again, which is when he injured the hamstring. He told the media in Pittsburgh that he didn’t think the injury was too severe. He underwent an MRI on Tuesday. Christian Villanueva was transferred to the 60-day DL to make room on the 40-man roster for Kalish.

Also, Jason Heyward was not in the Cubs’ lineup Tuesday for the second straight game, nursing a sore wrist.

— Carrie Muskat


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Ah, crumb!

Aloha Mat- hang in there. I am frustrated as well with so many of the folks falling to injuries: Schwarber, Montero, Heyward, Bryant and now Szczur. I remember jasper bringing this up last year and I fully agree with him, the cold weather is hard on ones body. You try to stay loose but in the cold anything can happen. I just hope Matt S can get past this soon as he has been an integral part of this team. I have been one to advocate for Soler but have had to to give Szczur kudos for both his offense and defense and base-running. Soler is going to have to turn it up because there are folks on this team that want to play. You take care now. Mahalo!

I`m sorry, but I`m not nearly as willing as some of y`all to give a pass to these players who are coming up lame. It was revealed last night on the ESPN broadcast that Szczur was destined to be a high NFL draft choice as a wide receiver, had he chosen that sport out of Villanova. Assuming Matt was subjected to the normal amount of punishment any college football player is, it has to have been far greater stress on his body than running from third to home plate, which is how he sustained his injury Monday night. Matt is fragile and too many other current baseball players are as well.

Aloha jhosk- I hear you. And I will say that today is very different than say 20-30yrs ago. I think I shared with you that we had Ron Cey’s son play on our collegiate team. I had already graduated but at the time was in the athletic department and was able to stay in contact with my coach/team. Well, even though Cey’s son was taller and leaner than his father, he played just like him! Small things did not get to him, he played through them. Now, of course if something were serious, then it is best to take care of it. I think jhosk because there is so much more “funds” in the game today, the investment being larger, we see things like the “100-pitch” count, multiple relievers no longer the 2inning save that you saw with Lee Smith, Mariano Rivera and so forth. I am not sure about the severity with some of the guys injuries, I do know that sudden stops, shifts in motion can do damage. I am not making an excuse for them, I just hope this is because it is the beginning of the season and will work itself out soon. Mahalo.

Correction: It was Marty Brennaman, the voice of the Cincinnati Reds, who recently asserted that baseball was becoming a game for sissies, and not a MLB manager, although I`m guessing many MLB managers agree with Marty, but are not willing to endure the repercussions from publicly expressing that view.

Yes, k.g. I see your point. I want to compliment you on some things you observed last week about David Ross. You said that, even though he`s 39, he does not have the normal mileage on his body that your average 39 year-old catcher would expect to have. You suggested that he would not likely even be active today, had he been an every-day catcher in the majors for the past 15 years. Agreed. He`s been a part-time backup receiver most of his career, and that`s a good thing if one is a present day Cubs` fan. I`m still waiting to hear if anyone supports my suggestion that David come back for another season. As for tonight`s game, I watched the Pirates` television feed, and those two commentators, Greg Brown and Steve Blass, gushed over the multiple outstanding defensive gems Baez displayed at third.

Have you ever pulled a muscle? Sometimes it’s just the wrong stress at the wrong angle at the wrong time. Then, if a player were to play through the injury, we would be asking “why didn’t he go from 1st to 3rd on that play?” Injuries in baseball can greatly affect performance. I played high school football and basketball and never pulled a muscle until I pulled a groin playing softball in my late twenties. I went on to pull my left hamstring so many times it still affects me today. I’d rather have any player take the time to recover from an injury like this than see him come back and perform at a least level.

Lower level not least. Smart phone ya know.

That’s absolute nonsense to say Szczur is fragile

Finally someone who is not averse to expressing an opinion. The sky will not fall if some of you others will actually volunteer an opinion occasionally. Have been trying to draw you out, but unsuccessfully, I may add. And if you decide to opine, do so strongly, not in a tepid manner the way Mike Pence did last week when he lukewarmly endorsed Ted Cruz.

Whatever happened to “playing through injuries?” That must be considered “so yesterday.” I don`t buy the current trends. The game is turning into one for “sissies,” as one of the MLB managers recently opined. He was referencing the new rules applying to slides and tags, and collisions at second base, but he could have been identifying many aspects of the game.

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