#Cubs lineup vs Nationals

Jason Hammel gets the start Saturday as the Cubs face the Nationals in Game 3 of their four-game series at Wrigley Field. The conditions are much different Saturday as the wind is blowing in and it’s chilly. Kris Bryant returns to third base. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Soler LF

Russell SS

Federowicz C

Hammel P


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Aloha Folks- give the team props today! As much as this was a gut-wrenching game to listen/watch these are the kind of games that build a team’s character! And there will be more of these games ahead. Hammel & Wood both had their struggles but thank goodness that Warren and Strop picked up the slack. And here comes ole Addison (Salamut!) coming through! No pressure on Arrieta tomorrow, this has been an amazing streak. By the way, any one concerned about the BP? It must be hard to stay sharp when your starters are giving you on average 6+ innings; a nice problem to have. Mahalo!

Quick follow-up, It was Richard (after Hammel & Patton) who held the line. I see that Warren had the “BS” and Rondon of course shut the Nats in the end. A team effort. I am sure tomorrow will have some surprises too (eg: Arrieta taking a pitch long)! Mahalo!

That game was satisfying. We need to get Heyward going, but this offense has so many weapons, Jason`s struggles at the dish have not been consequential. Joe Buck`s and John Smoltz`s comments about the “opt out” clause were as clear as mud. They never mentioned when that clause can be exercised by the player. Is it after his second season, third, fourth or when? Also, Cubs fans who read this blog know more about David Ross`s plans after retirement than Buck does. Joe commented that Rossy could very well choose broadcasting, but we know his goal is managing, something Buck never mentioned. Much was made of the fact that Rondon had never before pitched in four consecutive games, but he`s thrown precious few total pitches in those four contests. And if the manager is truly concerned about Rondon being overused, why in the world could not Strop have worked the ninth? He looked unhittable in the eighth, and it`s unlikely Pedro`s arm would fall off if he actually were asked to give us another inning. If Pedro struggled, then it could make sense to go to the closer. Where am I wrong?

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