#Cubs Minor League report

Monday’s games

Dan Vogelbach hit a pair of home runs and drove in four runs in Iowa’s 10-3 win over Omaha. Jake Buchanan got the win, giving up three runs over seven innings. John Andreoli had three hits. Shane Victorino and Taylor Davis each had two hits and two RBIs.

Tennessee lost, 2-1, to Montgomery. Rob Zastryzny gave up one run over seven innings and did not get a decision. Victor Caratini had two hits and a stolen base.

Myrtle Beach had the day off and returns to action Tuesday against Winston-Salem.

South Bend’s game was postponed because of rain, and was to be made up as part of a doubleheader Tuesday, weather permitting.


Dan Vogelbach is blocked from playing for the Cubs. He`d make a potentially effective DH with an AL team, I`ve seen suggested. It`s challenging for a major league club to win both ends of a doubleheader. The great majority of those are spilt, I`m told. Had Monday`s game not been rained out, the Cubs would have enjoyed the excellent likelihood of sweeping these struggling Friars. I see the home team winning two of three now. I have one caveat, however: had “Span the Man” been healthy during this series, the Cubs would have been in big trouble. (smiling)

Make that “split,” not spilt. Bryce Harper`s egregious conduct Monday evening is under review by MLB, I`ve read. Since players are expected to leave the dugout immediately after being tossed, why was he seen near home plate hurling expletives in the direction of umpire Brian Knight after the game`s conclusion? He deserves more than a fine, which will have little impact, as I suggested elsewhere. A one game suspension at the least is appropriate, but I doubt you`ll see that, as he`s been handled with kid gloves in the past.

Aloha jhosk- well I am going to do something I did not think I would plus it gives us something to chat about: A trade of Strop and Soler. As you know I really want and hope for the best with Soler but he is not producing and I do not see him making adjustments yet at the plate. The same can be said about Baez but his defense is much better than Soler’s. I hope Soler can get it going but I would understand if the FO decided to move him if he continues to play at his current level. Today is another one of them games I think the team as a whole has not played well, maybe they let down because they are the Padres; sometimes happens with younger teams. But Hendricks came back from that 1st inning and deserved a win today but not going to happen. This brings me to Strop. I am just sorry but have not been comfortable with him from the get go. Walks too many hitters, does not get ahead in the count and thinks he is just going to blow everyone away. As you probably saw, he came in to preserve a 4-2 lead for Hendricks in the 7th with 2 outs and the next think you know (yes there was a Baez error which I think he should have held onto the ball instead of throwing it), he gave up 4 runs, 3 on a dinger. Next: Sonny Gray is not having the best start to his year and I do not see the A’s getting to the post-season unless there is a huge turnaround but believe Gray’s season will turn around. I wonder now if the A’s would consider both Soler and Strop for Gray? Soler is signed through 2020. The Cubs would probably have to send cash along to cover some of his salary and possibly Strop’s too. Gray is arbitration eligible after this season and can become a FA in 2020. This way, the A’s have a young guy that they can work with, possibly become a DH/OF for them and then Strop for the season. So, you just trimmed down your roster by 1 player. At the end of the season, Ross retires so that opens up another spot too. Hopefully Szczur and Montero come back shortly. Anyhow, just thinking out of the box of some possibilities if a trade(s) occur. Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha jhosk- just add one thing about today’s game, it did not help that the team was 3-17 RISP, they could have scored more runs. Still, Strop did not hold the line for Hendricks and team. I understand that they cannot win every game but games that they should win, they need too. So, I hope this is a “teachable” moment and can learn a lot from this game and move onto the next game ready to play! Mahalo!

Did not see or hear any of today`s game, kg., but did pore over the box score and found it revealing. Is something we`ve been doing since age 8, if not earlier. Much of what you commented on about the game, I saw in that box score. You`ll recall I commented recently that Strop`s inconsistency is exasperating. He looked like a world-beater Saturday in that 8th inning, and today he faced five batters and retired no one, as each reached. I intended to mention Sonny Gray`s struggles to you, and you beat me to it. Monday versus the Red Sox he surrendered 7 earned runs in less than four innings, and his ERA is north of 6 for the season. {Btw, have you noticed that David Price has struggled mightily thus far, and you`ll recall we urged the Cubs not to pursue him and his outrageous demands this past winter? But I digress.} As for Soler, I am perplexed what to make of him. His apologists on here will defend him, and I`m willing to give him more time. My favorite lineup includes La Stella at third and Kris in left. Would have made more sense to me to start La Stella somewhere in the first game versus a right hander than in the second against a southpaw. But that`s why Joe Maddon is paid $5 mil annually, and no one cares what I think. I defer to you regarding Gray and a possible trade; I do not know enough about him to make an intelligent observation. Have we run off the other posters? That was certainly not my intention. I strive to be inclusive, and know you do as well. Where are they? Recall when I recently commented that Larry Bowa complained at the Sheraton Montreal that manager Jim Frey did not come out of the dugout to argue that close call at first base back in August 1984. Bowa`s exact quote was, “Where was he?” Now the optimum question is, “Where are they?”

Aloha jhosk- I just hope folks have not been “scared-off?” My wife said something to me that I thought was very profound, she said the “Millennials & younger Gen-X” folks are not into “writing.” One reason why “emails” have gone down in general but are on the raise in use between the “Silent & Boomer” generations. As I am sure you are aware, the younger folks use “truncated” grammar via text messages and on such sites as Twitter. It is actually very alarming because as awesome as technology is, in many ways folks are less social today; lack the skills necessary to interact with one another. And it seems when Millennials do respond it is in “snippets.” I do not know how many of these folks visit this site or not, they may be on other sites where they just chime in with a few words. I also think there are other stories in the news that I capture folks’ attention from all the viruses and diseases entering our country from the outside, which had been eradicated decades ago to of course an election year and let us not forget the NHL and NBA playoffs. I do hope that White is all right as well as Bruce in Brazil, Kenly, Delaware Cub, Judson, Jasper, Doug, Isabelle, Petrey, Mat B and so forth. Anyone I forgot I apologize. I am sure after the NHL & NBA playoffs finish there will be more action on Carrie’s blog! Take care now. Mahalo!

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