#Cubs Minor League report

Friday’s games

Albert Almora hit a walk-off RBI double in the ninth to give Iowa a 3-2 win over Nashville. Almora also hit a triple and now is batting .333. Willson Contreras hit a solo homer in the seventh. Ryan Williams gave up one earned run over six innings, striking out seven.

David Freitas had three hits, including a solo home run, and two doubles in Tennessee’s 12-5 win over Montgomery. Brad Markey gave up one earned run over four innings. Carlos Penalver had two doubles and two walks.

Erick Leal gave up two earned runs over 7 2/3 innings in Myrtle Beach’s 8-3 win over Frederick. Yasiel Balaguert, Charcer Burks and Gleyber Torres each hit home runs.

Adbert Alzolay gave up two runs over six innings and Eloy Jimenez hit a two-run homer in South Bend’s 15-2 win over Lansing. Jimenez also hit a double and is batting .295.


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Did y`all notice that the umpire behind home plate today, Brian Knight, is the same arbiter whom Bryce Harper hurled expletives at in D.C. Monday when the Nats played the Tigers? And why is it taking MLB this long to decide Bryce`s appeal? He`s guilty, pure and simple. He deserves a week; never mind one game. (Knight did miss the call on the pitch to Espinosa, the pitch Harper protested, but that`s immaterial to this matter.) Bryce Harper is one of those athletes who has received nothing but praise and accolades for his achievements in a given sport since his teens and early adult years. He`s been surrounded by sycophants all these years, and has no inclination to actually accept responsibility for his actions. {Incidentally, K.B. has been subjected to those same high praises as Bryce for the past several years, and he`s somehow found a way to handle those beautifully. Isn`t that curious?}

Watched the pre-game report on the Pirates network (Root Sports) today, Saturday. The two broadcasters, one of whom is Greg Brown, devoted the first ten minutes of the program praising the Cubs and Jake Arrieta and expressing their impressions why it would be challenging for the Pirates to win today`s game. They apologized to the Pirates` fans for gushing over the Cubs and Arrieta and promised to discuss the Bucs in the next segment.

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