#Cubs Lackey starts vs Brewers

John Lackey gets the start Wednesday night at Miller Park as the Cubs face the Brewers in Game 2 of their three-game series. Lackey has a 1.96 ERA (5 ER / 23 IP) in three starts in May, after posting a 4.97 ERA in four April starts

Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

La Stella 3B

Russell SS

Ross C

Lackey P

*Jason Heyward is hitting .344 (11-32 AB) during his 11-game hitting streak. His home run Monday was his first with the Cubs — and came in his 131st at-bat — and also his first extra base hit of the hitting streak.



So, is Szczur going on a rehab assignment? I believe he is eligible to come of the DL today and I haven’t seen anything about him.

As painful as it is to concede, I must agree with Petrey10 that Heyward needs to be moved from the No.2 hole. And it should have been done a week ago or more. This guy has been very disappointing. Just one home run. He appears lost at the dish far too often. Rossy continues to impress. His play tonight is the one thing which stands out most amongst the position players. The pitching, both starter and relievers, at least thus far, has been stellar. Where`s the offense? Did I mention I love David Ross`s defense? Persuade this guy to wait until 2017 to retire.

Aloha jhosk, Mat B, Petrey and Jasper. Yes it has been a little hard this past week. The pitching has been pretty good. Gosh, Lackey has given up what 2 runs in his last two starts that were “quality” starts at that. I expected this because sooner rather than later, teams learn out your strengths and weaknesses. I heard a stat the other day that said if the Cubs are behind in a game after the 7/8th inning their record (before last night) was 1-9. That tells me something. One of the things that made the 2010 SF Giants so dangerous was that they could come back very late in games and win them. I know this will happen for this team, it just takes time. Having said that, I am not comfortable yet with Addison moving up the order a whole lot but agree with Zobrist in the #2 spot. Maybe Maddon tries Heyward in the fifth spot or even after Addison, depending on who is pitching and catching/Maddon’s lineup for the day. It has seemed to work well with Russell, how Maddon wanted to take the “pressure” off of him early so he had him in the 8th/9th slot(s). This might help Heyward as well, as I am sure he is feeling pressure to perform after signing his large contract. Thank goodness his defense has not suffered. The other person I am a little concerned about his Baez. He does not seem to know how to adjust his approach at the plate, yet. He is always swinging for the fences. When the team is not scoring runs, everyone has to think about getting on base. If they hit a hr, great if not walks/singles prove just as lethal. Baez has to understand he is not going to hit hr’s like Rizzo/Harper but that does not mean he won’t hit for power. Hoping they get the rubber game today so that the ride out my way is enjoyable! Looking forward to tomorrow’s game! Mahalo!

Offense is ins slump …. It’s ok. Things will turn around the sky is not falling. But please move Heyward to 5 and zo to 2… I’d be interested to know the real reason maddon is leaving him there. The geeks got to be telling him something.

I would have loved to seen that to start the season. I was hoping to see Fowler and Zobrist at the top. Both very nice OBP guys and Switch Hitters.
Would have made a rough start for any starting pitchers.
The, you go, we go guy is in abit of a slump. Hopefully all will be ok very soon.

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