#Cubs Minor League report

Friday’s games

John Andreoli had two hits, including his fifth home run, in Iowa’s 9-4 loss to Tacoma. Jake Buchanan took the loss, giving up nine runs over five innings. Kristopher Negron had three hits and Willson Contreras had two hits and one RBI. Taylor Davis went 3-for-4.

Tennessee’s game vs. Biloxi was postponed because of rain, and the two teams will play a doubleheader on Sunday.

Gioskar Amaya had two hits and two RBI in Myrtle Beach’s 5-3 loss to Lynchburg. Amaya has a hit in six of his last seven games. Jeremy Null gave up one run over 5 1/3 innings. Ian Happ had two hits, including a triple.

Eloy Jimenez hit his third home run in his last two games in South Bend’s 7-5 win in 10 innings over Lake County. Matt Rose hit a two-run homer and finished with three RBI, and Andrew Ely added a two-run homer. Jimenez is batting .329 overall, and .484 in his last seven games. Adbert Alzolay gave up two runs over six innings.


This is encouraging news that Jason Heyward does not need to go on the DL, and is expected to miss just 3 to 5 games. We dodged a bullet, I suggest, as the man fell awkwardly near the wall or fence at AT&T Park when he made that remarkable defensive play Friday evening , a game which our man, k.g., was fortunate to witness, along with his bride, who`s a Giants` fan, but we`ll forgive her for that. (smiling) I`m more concerned ,at the moment, that we have to face MadBum Sunday evening. This man is one of the premiere hurlers in the game. This is a major challenge for our Cubs. We can defeat the Giants and MadBum, but we have to be smart. MadBum has a proclivity to “fly off the handle” over the smallest perceived offense, in his view. If we can somehow “get him off his game,” and perplex Mad- Bum, we may have the upper hand. It won`t hurt if we can get lots of knocks during the contest, no matter who`s pitching. Three run homers on our part will be more than welcome. Were Earl Weaver still with us, he`d approve. Trust me.

One more thing about MadBum. Please don`t look for him to be sent to the showers before the third inning is concluded. It ain`t part of his DNA. Trust me. We may defeat him, but it will be accomplished another way.

Aloha jhosk- Hendricks needs to be “on” tomorrow. I know that might put some pressure on the young pitcher but he has to go out there and pitch his game, keep the pace his, ball lower and inside the plate and get the ground balls; the team has very good defense. The hitters have to be patient with their approach at the plate, as you said MadBum can get emotional at times. Well, a patient hitter who understands the strike zone can hit Madison. Small ball early on will wear down this Giants team. Not saying hr’s are not a bad thing but small ball will get to them. Take “their” game to them on their turf then get out of “Dodge” and onto St. Louis! Go Cubbies. Mahalo!

Aloha again jhosk, I forgot to add in something: someone please make sure to inform Hendricks not to take MadBum for granted at the plate either as he can take you long too! I am sure he knows this. Take care! Mahalo!

Absolutely k.g. MadBum can rake. I`ve opined for years that Madison could possibly cut it as a major league position player, were he not a hurler. Perhaps a first baseman? If not, a DH in the AL? I do not think it`s a stretch. Did I ever mention I admire MadBum? I still want the Cubs to beat his brains out Sunday evening.

Aloha jhosk- yes, I think MadBum could have a nice career as a “hitter,” not saying he would be Babe Ruth but he could do some damage. I also wanted to apologize to you and others here for yesterday. I am normally very “up” as they say and try to keep things lite. I hope I was not patronizing in anyway. Sometimes I wish I did not have certain experiences with this great game, I think I would be a better fan. At the game on Friday even though 400+ feet from home plate, I was in my head calling balls and strikes; trying to observe the approach of batters and how pitchers selected what to throw. I remember when you all first welcomed me to Carrie’s blog a couple of years ago I made a conscious effort to just enjoy the team and the game, understanding that a massive rebuild was underway. I am sure Lester felt bad about yesterday’s performance, he had not thrown less than 6 innings this whole season. My wife is reminding me to enjoy the game and love the team, for which I do. I am only human and will have a day like yesterday from time to time. I felt for Ramirez being DFA as I had always hoped he would succeed but am happy for Szczur being back. I do not think anyone could have predicted all these injuries to the outfield and hope that the team can get past these and emerge stronger for it. Today is a big game. Take care now! Go Cubbies! Mahalo!

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