#Cubs Hammel, Heyward face Cards

Jason Heyward is back  in the Cubs lineup, and will play for the first time since he crashed into the wall last Friday at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Heyward will back Jason Hammel, who gets the start Tuesday night in the second game of this three-game  set vs. the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. It’s a 6 p.m. CT start and the game will be broadcast on ESPN and Comcast SportsNet. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

Soler LF

Russell SS

Ross C

Hammel P

The Cubs have lost six of their last eight games, scoring 22 runs in that span. On Tuesday,  they will try to avoid losing four straight games for the first time since the Mets eliminated them in the NLCS.

Anthony Rizzo was hitting .067 (2-for-30) with no extra-base hits in the last eight games.

If the Cubs win on Tuesday, it would be the quickest they’ve reached 30 wins (44 games) since 1918, when they notched their 30th win in their 42nd game of the season.



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Enough already with Soler. With this lineup the last four batters are almost automatic outs. Throw in Heyward and Rizzo we are in trouble tonight.

Sounds like the season is lost,oh well as Cub fans know there is always next year! Lets make sure the coaching staff and front office goes too,I really thought we had a chance this year,oh well, without much left in this season can I leave one last GO CUBS!!!!

Aloha Kenly! I know you are being sarcastic! I am curious though, you-Carrie-Doug might know if Soler still has options available? I am a fan of Soler, he may need some more work and wondering if he can go back to Iowa for a little while? Take cate now and Mahalo!

I’m sorry Cubs, I guess I was just frustrated when I posted earlier. I’m glad to see some of the slumping players come to life. Lets go Cubs.

This is more like what we expect, meaning a victory. Not necessarily by this wide margin. In fact, that margin is extraordinary. I was getting fatigued from listening to our manager explain why the team lost games. I want to hear him expand on why we win games. So much can be said about tonight`s game. What stands out to me is the fact that the Cardinals have committed 41 errors this season, a number which leads all of MLB. Hello? That`s very unCardinal-like. Is another example of baseball being an unpredictable game. Here`s another example: Chris Sale was rocked by the Indians in his start tonight, and did not survive the fourth inning, and suffered his first loss. Let`s hope something similar does not occur tomorrow with Jake`s start. I`m confident it won`t, and you should be too, but nothing should surprise you with this game. Have you noticed the Mets` Dark Knight has lost his effectiveness? Who saw that coming? The Marlins` Stanton is struggling. Wasn`t he given a $325 million contract not all that long ago? You can cite other examples, I have no doubt.

Aloha Ron, do not worry we are all human. I have to explain to my wife a Giants fan (they have won 3 WS in 5yrs!) to please show we Cubs fan a little grace as it has been over 100yrs since the last championship. This is a very good team that is learning how to work through “adversity.” I am hoping that this current period is one that is a turning point for the team and season. You hang in there, great win for the team kudos to Hammel for his pitching, Soler’s approach at the plate. Want this to carry over for tomorrow! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., Rick Sutcliffe commented on last night`s broadcast that Hammel made some adjustments in the off season and it`s apparent they are paying off. I mentioned the Dark Knight, Matt Harvey, is in jeopardy of losing his spot in the Mets` rotation, and the same is true of the Giants Peavy, whom the Cubs recently abused, and who`s starting today`s game versus the Friars and Shields. {Aside: you must have noted that our friend, Vogelsong, was struck in the face by a pitched ball in Monday`s game by the Rockies` Jordan Lyles. Ryan suffered several fractures in close proximity to his left eye, but luckily shows no concussion symptoms. We wish the Kutztown University product well.}

The changes Hammel made this offseason were first reported by me on Feb. 18 on Cubs.com. Doesn’t anybody read the site?

I apologize for either overlooking that fact, or never reading it in the first place. I promise to try to do better in the future, and want to express my gratitude to you for giving us the platform to express our views on this blog. That`s a privilege I consider nothing less than precious. Your contributions are invaluable. I especially appreciate all those details you provide on the prospects at all the Cubs` minor league levels.

Aloha k.g. not sure on options but I think Soler is a slow starter out of the box anyways,have heard many talk about his youth and having such a big upside about him,would not throw in the towel on him,one thing he could be is the extra trade chip to get that elusive pitcher needed,ala,now get this k.g. your man Sonny Gray,possibly Chris Sale,the main thing being that he has upside many other teams would probably love to have,so him being a Cub is a good thing for now,do not forgot about the playoffs last year too. Mahalo and once again Go Cubs!

Aloha Kenly, nice to hear from you! I would love for Soler to bust-out and secure a place on this team. As you said, the fact he is part if the Cubs is good. jhosk brought up Sale last year, that would have been quite a trade. I wonder if the WSox would let him go now? Gray is off to a slow start, maybe he comes at a discount? I love the season and hope the team well. You take care now. Mahalo!

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