#Cubs and Arrieta face Cards in series finale

Jake Arrieta gets the start Wednesday in the Cubs’ series finale against the Cardinals. First pitch will be 12:45 p.m. CT from Busch Stadium. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF

Heyward RF

Bryant LF

Rizzo 1B

Zobrist 2B

La Stella 3B

Montero C

Russell SS

Arrieta P

At 8-0, Arrieta is the first Cubs starter to begin a season with wins in his first eight decisions since Carlos Silva did so in 2010. The last Cub to begin a season 9-0 is Kenny Holtzman in 1967. That was the best start to a season by a Cub since Jim McCormick won his first 16 decisions in 1886.

Ben Zobrist, who turns 35 on Thursday, has reached safely in his last 30 starts since April 18. He’s the first Cub to reach safely in 30-straight starts within a single season since Bryan LaHair did so to begin the 2012 campaign. The last Cub to reach in at least 31-straight starts in a single campaign was Starlin Castro, who did so in 40 starts in 2011.



If memory serves, Ken Holtzman served Active Duty in the National Guard in 1967. He was only available to Pitch on some weekends.
I don’t know how many total games Holtzman started, but his only nune decisions, were all Wins.
On Jim McCormick. I tried texting my great great great Grandfather for some INFO on him, but did not receive a reply.

Aloha jasper, that is very cool! By the way, I have been concerned with umps in these games, especially behind the plate! Listening on the radio, it sounds like Arrieta got a little worked up on some calls that were missed. I just hope the team can score some more runs before this game is over. Take care now. Mahalo!

Aloha jasper, boy your family-friends must love Warren. He is having a tough series in St.Louis giving up 2 home runs in his last two appearances, including today. I hope he can make the necessary adjustments as the warmer months are just about here for them hitters. Take care now! Mahalo!

You are fortunate your great great great grandpappy is still with us, jasper. (smiling) We are going to be facing the Phillies this weekend. They are a team rebuilding, and yet they are winning during the process. That`s rare, and very different from the Reds and Braves. The Phils have a 24-year-old Venezuelan centerfielder who is second to only Bryce Harper in NL on base percentage. Odubel Herrera is the name. Herrera had three hits in the Phils` game versus Detroit Monday, and yet was benched by his manager, Pete Mackanin, in the seventh inning for not hustling when running to first base. Give Mackanin credit. He`s old-school, and we admire that. (I reckon Pete is a native of Chicago, but I digress.) Speaking of on base percentage, two of our Cubs` players were in the top five along with Bryce and Odubel when last I looked, Dexter and Zo.

Incidentally, Yasiel Puig was removed from last night game by manager Dave Roberts versus the Reds for not hustling on a single.

Aloha jhosk, you may know this already, Roberts is part Japanese. I am sure he has no tolerance for folks not hustling. I heard Szczur just had a great bunt single! Take care! Mahalo!

I had no clue that Roberts is part Japanese, k.g. Thanks for that. Did not see or hear today`s game. We are fortunate to have escaped with the victory from everything I`ve seen about the contest. I see from the box score that La Stella made two miscues. Not good. At least one led to some unearned runs, I`ve deduced. From the wrap, I see Tommy made an outstanding stop on a smash with the bases jammed, and the force at second ended the threat. Jake deserved his ninth win on a day when he was not his dominant self, given all the stellar outings which he`s provided us prior. Zo had another impressive day offensively, and I`ve been thinking he`s been our MVP to this point in the season, which is roughly 25% complete. But then I considered Fowler`s contributions, and am concluding each is a co-MVP, with KB not far behind. What do y`all think? I`m open to other suggestions and opinions. Am glad to know the Cubs have a day off Thursday before taking on the pesky Phillies who have no business being just two games behind the heavily favored Washington Nationals in the East Division of the NL. Talk about a team which has overachieved. That`s the Phillies, for sure.

Aloha jhosk- yes Robert’s father is American and his mother is from Japan. He was born in Okinawa, father in the military. He last played with the Giants and I think we gave him an award from the community. I also believe I crossed paths with him while he was at UCLA, in our division. Very humble “old-school” style. Well, as you said I hope the rest is good tomorrow to gear up for the weekend. It is amazing to see where the Phillies are after trading Hamels and letting go of Amaro. They did get some nice prospects back from the Rangers for Cole! Anyhow, I hope the hitting continues and can be more timely, consistent. Zobrist is a joy to watch and I hope his style rubs off on all of the young folks! Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, k.g., you mention the Phillies received prospects for Cole. They also received prospects for reliever Ken Giles, one of whom is Mark Appel. Cubs` fans will recall pitcher Appel was taken No. 1 overall by the Houston Astros in the 2013 Major league Baseball Draft. Kris Bryant was selected No. 2 by our Cubs, of course. Appel, a Stanford product, never pitched for the Astros. He`s now with the Phillies` AAA affiliate, Lehigh Valley, and he had a rough outing versus the Toledo Mud Hens just four days ago, meaning Sunday. Mark was given the hook before surviving the first inning. {Earlier this week I heard two commentators on the MLB Network question why in the world the Astros did not select Bryant No.1 rather than Appel. Isn`t 20-20 hindsight absolutely remarkable?}

Thanks j.J. I needed that,LOL.

K.g. jhosk, Kenly, I think Warren will be very good. The starters have looked great, as a group they have looked great going 5 or 6 innings. But look at the use of the Bullpen.
Exception of use is Rondon, who needs to stay sharp. Designating Ramirez and keeping Richard? Both seem to have lost their out pitch.
Still would love to see a few games dropping Heyward in the order and putting Fowler, Zobrist one two in the order. Look at those OBP’s.

Aloha jasper- I agree about Warren, I think he will be fine. I have to remember he was in the AL so he did not see some of these other hitters as often. Ramirez and Richard are tough cases. At some point will Joe Nathan be coming in? Yesterday the bullpen had to be used. I also like your idea of dropping Heyward for now. If only to see if runs can be manufactured earlier, get to the opposing pitcher faster plus it takes some of the pressure off of Heyward as he finds his rhythm. Take care now. Mahalo!

Yes, jasper. I heard Mike Lupica comment on the ESPN`s Sports Reporters broadcast two Sundays ago, or was it three? Lupica remarked that the Cubs all but gave away Castro to the Yankees. Lupica never mentioned Warren. I thought to myself at the time, “Hello?” I think that is one of those trades where each club benefited. The Yankees are pleased to have Starlin, and we are and will continue to be grateful for Warren and what he can contribute. As for Lupica, it`s more evidence he sometimes does not know of what he speaks.

Agree on Lupica jhosk, also throw most writers in the same category.
I was just looking at the NL STATS, OBP leaders. Zobrist ranks first and Fowler third.
That would have to be tough on any starting pitcher starting a game. The bonus, they are both Switch Hitters.

Yes, jasper. What you observed reinforces how fluid these OBP stats are. As of Monday or Tuesday of this week, Harper was in the lead in that category, and Herrera was second. Now Zo is in the lead as you`ve pointed out. It makes sense, as he`s been on fire this week. Harper`s high OBP is the result of all the walks he`s accumulated this season, many of them intentional. His batting average is pedestrian, close to .250. {Aside: jasper, have you noticed how Russell Martin has struggled this season with the Blue Jays? His batting average is below the Mendoza line, and his OPS is pathetic. You and I and other Cubs` observers remember very well how much the Cubs FO coveted him when he was still a Pirate, but on the verge of becoming a free agent. The Cubs were willing to make him a generous offer, and he opted to go to Toronto. We were unhappy about the catcher`s decision at the time. But now, I wonder how you feel. Perhaps we are better served with Montero and Ross and Contreras in the pipeline?} Did I ever mention I love what Ross contributes to this club?

Aloha jhosk, I was one of the folks that liked Martin at the time. I advocated for him or someone like him because of my understanding and experience with the backstop position. The Cubs were still in the rebuild mold (2014) but looking to make some big moves. I knew the importance and impact a good defensive as well as pitch-framer catcher would have with a younger squad. Martin is excellent in those areas. I thought maybe the Cubs offer 2yrs plus a 3rd/option to give the organization stability behind the plate and time to groom players in the farm system. Well, we know the story, he got 5yrs from the Jays. Glad the Cubs tried for him but did not offer what the Jays did. Ross is definitely an asset. Will be interesting to see what happens with Wilson and Kyle: who will be the backstop of the future. Take care now! Mahalo!

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