#Cubs Minor League report

Thursday’s games

Dan Vogelbach had two hits and one RBI in Iowa’s 6-3, 12-inning loss to El Paso. Carl Edwards Jr. threw two scoreless innings in relief. Juan Perez had two hits and a stolen base.

Duane Underwood gave up three runs over four innings in Tennessee’s 7-6 win over Chattanooga. David Freitas finished a double shy of the cycle, collecting three hits and driving in four runs. Jacob Hannemann hit his fifth home run.

Jeremy Null gave up four earned runs over 5 2/3 innings in Myrtle Beach’s 10-2 loss to Carolina. Jason Vosler had two hits and two RBI.

South Bend lost, 9-4, to Great Lakes. Bryant Flete had two hits and one RBI. Starter Adbert Adzolay gave up four runs over five innings. P.J. Higgins hit a double, drew two walks and scored a run.


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There is a special event scheduled for Citi Field in N.Y.C.tonight. Dodgers versus Mets. A 19 year-old southpaw phenom will take the mound for L.A. and will be opposed by Jacob deGrom. Julio Urias will be the youngest MLB pitcher to make his debut since King Felix did so back in 2005. Urias has dominated in 2016 at AAA Oklahoma City. Julio has been compared to a young C.C. Sabathia by our friend, Dan Plesac. The MLB Network will telecast the contest. This is must-see tv for any serious student of the game. Since the Cubs are playing a day game, fans will be free to watch tonight. {By the way, have y`all noticed that deGrom is not the dominating pitcher he was last season? Jacob is still very good, mind you.} Urias has been in the Dodger system since age 16. Go Cubs!

Aloha jhosk! Thanks for the heads up on this Dodgers/Mets game. My father would tell me about another very young pitcher, Joe Nuxhall(sp?) who pitcher for the Reds in 1944 at the tender age of 15! He was still in high school, then came back in earnest I believe in 1952. He was a broadcaster for 40yrs with his Reds after he retired from the game. I wish Urias well. Take care and go Cubs! Mahalo!

Yes, k.g. I recall Nuxhall as a broadcaster. I have read about Joe`s history, and believe part of the reason he came to the majors at that incredible age is because the war was still in progress, and warm bodies were at a premium. As for Urias, I`ve seen one report ranking him as MLB`s No.1 prospect, and another as having him No. 2. Guess it depends on who`s doing the evaluating. Today`s Cubs/Phils pitching matchup certainly favors our side.

Urias`s start was underwhelming. His pitch count became elevated in a hurry and he did not survive the third inning. Hey, he`s still a teen. Lester was impressive today. Barring any rainouts betwixt now and June 6, I expect to see Jon pitch in Philadelphia that night. If there is one rainout, it means Jake will start that night. I won`t complain. Trust me.

Aloha jhosk, excited for you. Hope it is not a long drive. I remember when I took a trip with my family to look at the Univ of Penn. I love history and one of the recruiters told me that there was a “Hawaii Club,” there. We drove by the old Veterans Stadium. A good friend of mine in high school that had spent many years in the area said it was a fun area for young folks, the South Philly region. I also thought if there I could get in many Cubs games! Thought I might end up there or on the East Coast but stayed out West. I hope you have a great time at the park and enjoy a cheese-steak for all of us! Take care and Mahalo!

My assessment is you made the intelligent decision to stay in the West, k.g. I`m ever so grateful you are part of this blog; were that not the case, I`m convinced precious few would read anything I write. [Btw, Penn is just one of many institutions of higher learning in Philadelphia with august reputations.} You have more than your fair share in the Bay Area, I might add, including the one where you were privileged to matriculate, and more importantly, it was more than blessed to serve you as a student. {Aside: I`m pulling for OKC to vanquish the Warriors tonight. If the series goes to a seventh game in Oakland, it`s a given the home team wins. Whichever of these two teams wins, LeBron and Company will have a major challenge, one Cleveland will not be favored to meet, if one listens to the prognosticators.} All that will make the Finals compelling.

Aloha jhosk- that is very kind of you to say. I am enjoying conversing with all of you here too! I looked at many places in your beautiful state. I have to say it was nice that my father was in collegiate ball because then he befriended many coaches of different colleges all over our great country including: Bucknell in Lewisburg, PA. Of course I studied the Philly area to learn about Drexel Univ/St. Joseph’s/Temple/LaSalle in addition to Penn. I know there are many more but those caught my eye at the time along with Univ. Of Pitt. I spent a lot of time researching schools all over because I did not know if I would have an opportunity to go to college. For some of my classmates, it came easy for them no worries but for me I had to work harder. I love to look at all the eras of baseball and the history because I believe like education, it builds upon itself. One can learn a lot from the past and implement that information for the future. Baseball in the early days had certain stats that are still relevant today and some new “metrics” have been added in the past 10-20yrs that really have assisted in the game. A reason why I was so happy when you and Kenly would bring up Maddon, his background and the possibility of him becoming the Cubs’ new manager. He blends very well old-school with new-school and we see the fruit coming forth! I love what I am seeing with the team after the hard road-trip because they are making adjustments and learning from mistakes which shows this is a team that can grow and learn, only makes them stronger! Well, I have to admit, I like you were rooting for OKC, they just fizzled out at the end but have to give the Warriors credit for hanging in. When you look at the “stats,” OKC won 3 out of the 4 quarters but that does not count, you have to finish the game which the Warriors did. This is what I also look forward to seeing more of as this Cubs team grows. You take care now. Mahalo!

Speaking of Maddon, did you see that very recent survey in which all thirty MLB managers were ranked? Bruce Bochy was designated No. 1 and Joe No.2. It`s worth a look. Comments are made regarding all 30 skippers and why each is ranked where he is. (My guess is you`ll agree the Giants` manager richly deserves that elevated status, given the championships he`s led his players to. I surely agree Bruce should be No.1.) {Aside: Klay Thompson is the principal reason why the Warriors prevailed in my view, along with OKC failing multiple times to execute down the stretch.} I have a minor correction to make to something I typed last night; Velasquez was unimpressive in his last outing in which he opposed the Tigers, not the Braves.

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