#Cubs Rizzo meets fans

On Friday, Anthony Rizzo met with Michael, a cancer patient, and his family, and treated them to tickets to the Cubs’ game against the Phillies.



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It really is nice to hear stories like this. It shows that he is more than a very good baseball player

Rizzo is in the win-win column! These kids will never forget the fun of Cub’s games and the kindness of one of their great players. Thank you Rizzo.

Well put, White. Did you hear about the Cubs winning their game today? I watched on the Phillies` Network and Tom McCarthy, the lead broadcaster, observed that Kyle Hendricks hardly worked up a sweat the entire game. Tom said our pitcher induced a lot of weak contact and had the Phil`s batters off stride all day long. That run the Phils scored in the ninth was tainted. I wanted Hendricks to pitch a shutout, as he has just recorded one in his career. The ball shortstop Galvis drove into medium right field to begin the inning was struck weakly and should have been caught. Heyward apparently lost it in the sun, and Zo assumed Jason would catch it, I am guessing, because Ben made no attempt to grab the ball. Both those boys treated the entire episode as a joke afterward. I did not and do not like that, as I knew if that run came around to score, Hendricks would lose the shutout he more than deserved. Did I mention this would have been just the second in Kyle`s entire career? In Heyward`s defense, McCarthy`s sidekick, Matt Stairs, commented that the sun in right field at Wrigley can be brutal at times. Stairs has experience playing that position at Wrigley. I reckon Matt once played for the Cubs, but please don`t hold me to that. (My critics will say I should be happy the Cubs won, and to forget about the play I just described, but guess what, White? That`s not me.) One more thing, if Nola starts the game for the Phillies tomorrow, we had better be prepared to confront a stellar hurler. He is much more accomplished than the Phils` starters we faced Friday and today. Enjoy the long holiday weekend, White, and everyone else, and please do not lose sight of why Memorial Day was designated a major holiday in the first place.

Upon further review, I see Vince Velasquez is going to start for the Phillies Sunday. What I typed about Nola pretty much applies to this young man. He`s pitched much better this season than the two teammates whom you saw the past two days. Vince was unimpressive in his last start versus Atlanta, but he has given Phillies` fans some sensational outings in 2016. You can look it up.

Velasquez came to the Phillies as part of that Ken Giles deal with the Astros, the one Mark Appel was part of. {Today`s starter Eickhoff came in the Cole Hamels` deal.} Velasquez is Mexican as is the Dodgers` 19 year- old Julio Urias who debuted versus the Mets last night. If Trump is given the opportunity, he`ll, no doubt, recommend deporting both.

Aloha jhosk, happy to White on here. I was so happy for Hendricks today; a complete game! This is not just a boost for the team but for him. Gosh, he has only given up 2 runs in his last two games/16 innings against good lineups. The team has to play well, because them Pirates are not letting up. Well, the Bay area hopes their b-ball team extends a series in Oklahoma. I will just watch the replay of today’s Cubs game. And to Eugene, yes we as fans are blessed to have Rizzo(s) on this team. Take care and Mahalo!

Aloha again jhosk and folks, Darvish is pitching one heck of a game in his first contest of the season against the Pirates! Gunbatene Darvish-san! Go Cubs! Mahalo!

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