#Cubs and Hammel vs Dodgers

Jason Hammel gets the start Monday when the Cubs play host to the Dodgers at Wrigley Field. Dexter Fowler is not starting to give him a day to rest a sore right heel. Manager Joe Maddon said Fowler was available to pinch-hit if needed. Here’s the lineup:

Zobrist RF

Heyward CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Soler LF

Russell SS

Baez 2B

Ross C

Hammel P



It was indeed a happy Memorial Day at Wrigley. Is it just me, or do the Cubs seem to have that “it” factor this year? They’re playing as a team; winning comes first; they’ve got each other’s backs/pick each other up; and there don’t seem to be any egos that get in the way. True? Sure there’s a lot of baseball left to play. But at this point, what’s not to like?!?

Judson, my thoughts exactly. Perhaps the best game all year, for the reasons you mention. And this, after a few recent shaky bullpen performances. Go, Cubs, go!

Aloha Bruce and Judson! Yes, kudo’s to the whole team. When I saw Hammel having problems on the mound I was thinking the worst at first and hoping for the best. It sounds like he had “cramps.” I hope that is all it is as he has pitched well this year. For the team to rise up and take over was amazing. Wood’s performance was tremendous. What a blessing that he understand his new role working out of the bp and embrace it! The rest of the bp yesterday was stellar as well and look…small-ball won the game! You take care now. Mahalo!

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