#Cubs and Hendricks vs. LA

Kyle Hendricks gets the start Thursday in the Cubs’ series finale against the Dodgers. First pitch will be 1:20 p.m. CT from Wrigley Field. Here’s the lineup:

Fowler CF
Heyward RF
Bryant 3B
Rizzo 1B
Soler LF
Russell SS
Baez 2B
Montero C
Hendricks P

Ben Zobrist, who batted .406 in May, gets the day off.



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Aloha Folks- just wonderful to see Hendricks have a third great start in a row! And for youngsters like Soler and Baez do well so Zobrist could get a rest, along with the great play-defense. Mahalo!

Two more games and the season is 1/3 over.
The Pirates play tonight, even if the Pirates win, they will be 7 1/2 Games behind in the Standings.
The Cardinals are off today, so they are 10 Games back.
The Cubs are on track to have three players make the 100 RBI mark. Bryant with 40, Rizzo 38 and Zobrist 35.
Three players on track to Score over 100 Runs, Fowler, Bryant and Zobrist with Rizzo very close.
Team is tied with the Pirates for highest OBP in the NL with a .354 OBP.
Team ranks second to the Cardinals for NL RBI lead, 282- 272.
Team ranks second to the Cardinals NL Runs Scored lead, 293-284
Arietta with his No Hitter on track to win over 20 games.
The other four Starters all on track to reach double digits in wins.
Cubs Pitching Staff leads all of Baseball with a 1.04 WHIP.
Cubs Pitching Staff leads all of Baseball with a 2.60 ERA
Cubs Pitching Staff leads all of Baseball with Wins at 37.
Cubs Pitching Staff leads all of Baseball with a .199 Batting Average against.
That’s just a few bullets for almost the first 1/3 of the season. Now the weather warms up and the power becomes more of a weapon. Keep it going Team, its fun for everyone.

Aloha jasper, thank you for supplying us with those stats! I have to tell myself not to take this for granted and remember to enjoy the season and the game! I am glad that Maddon is keeping this team grounded! A good friend of mine from my area is taking his wife and son who just graduated high school to Wrigley tomorrow (left today) for the next 3 games against Az. He is in a situation like me: wife is from the Bay Area and a Giants fan, He and son are Cubs fans! So they are going to be in the stands for 2 games and the bleachers for 1. As jhosk mentioned above, most Cubs fans have had to endure the “long” drought. My friend’s son is an exception, as he gets to enjoy watching this current team. When my grandfather took me to my first game in the 80’s, the drought had been while since the early 70’s. I will always remember those 84′ and 89′ teams. Then in 1998, 2003, 2008 and last year. I know there were a few more years but 30+ years as a fan that is not a whole lot. And this years team can possibly do something that has not been done in over 80yrs and that is to win 100 or more games. So to you, jhosk, Kenly, Bruce who have had to endure for decades, Mahalo!

You deserve praise for citing all those stats, jasper. Isn`t this remarkable that we are supporting the team with the best record in all of MLB? You are one of those fans who did not come out of the woodwork once the Cubs became a force. You were there in the lean years, jasper, the time when it was a given the club would struggle,and would not be a serious contender that year or the one after that. I don`t forget. My memory is like a steel trap. It was you and several others whose names I have etched in my memory bank. Y`all are the true Cubs` fans.

Yes jhosk, no doubt there. Thank you for the kind words.

One more thing: Even the vines at Wrigley look great — at least on TV and on my computer screen here in Brazil. Last year, after the bleacher reconstruction, they were kind of scraggly. Speaking of long-time suffering fans, when I was a kid in the bleachers, there were games when the Wrigley Field upper deck was closed. That was because management, knowing few fans would show up, didn’t want to waste money on cleaning and ushers. Go, Cubs, go!

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